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;) once upon a Time, like 10 years ago, now
eYe FiRed the X grrr. eYe was ready 2 make up 4 lost Time!
A lady, eYe used 2 call my friend, had re-met, a guy, from her childhood. She didn't want 2 go on a date, alone. eYe agree, take a buddy! eYe agreed 2 go on a double kinda blind date, with her & him & his mate.
Turns out, this blind date 4 me, was 4 the Big Valley Jamboree Kick-Off Party, in Camrose, AB. Cool
eYe decided 2 wear my gorgeous beige dress length trench/kinda rain-coat. My friend wore a short black leather jacket. Whatever 2 me. She was like, are U wearing that?!
eYe did.
Turns out, his friend, was drunk as a skunk, 2 start, & very handy! 2 fast. eYe was SO offended, & NoT interested in his intense & numerous advances . . 2 intense & dense
LiKe he would just NoT trying 2 grope Me intensely! 2 get away from Him, eYe started by climbing onto a picnic table bench. eYe pretended 2 be focusing on the band, on stage! While my other vision was focused on avoiding his advances!! eYe ended Up on the table! Dancing away! Playing air instruments! While eYe juggled my one beer, two water, hands full.
Weirdly, eYe was able 2 dance, & play air instruments, all nite long . . Thankfully . . Dodging a nasty blind date! While my friend enjoyed her date.
Highlight 4 Me:
When the band, on stage, pointed me out as their air band person!
Turns out, eYe was surrounded by security, & others, being entertained by my graceful dancing! Sweet
Joined: 2/10/2018
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;) Tablle Dancing at BVJ/ Best Blind Date
Posted: 3/4/2018 5:07:06 PM
BiG Valley Jamboree has grown into an awesome country concert Time
eYe got the opportunity, 2 go again. Another kick-off party! Special anniversary party!
eYe invited a friend 2 go with me. Like a reunion.
eYe bought 2 awesome pairs of sandals ! Sat in some gorgeous wood furniture! B4 eYe got 2 the beer side.
Little awkward toting 2 bags of shoes plus! Hey. The sandals were SO gorgeous! At an affordable price, 4 my one nite out treat! eYe did not take them round trip & leave them at my room. That nite. eYe carried them everywhere 2 start.
Every time, my gf & eYe tried 2 sit down, at a picnic table . . We would be hissed away. We walked along & tried, here & there, 2 rest, in a seemed like, open space. We were trudging along, joking about, if we would find a spot, or keep goin round . . As we arrived, at another picnic table area. Again, the hiss, from the locals, kinda thing! eYe roll my eYes, sayin 2 my gf, lol, let's move along, again . . This dude stands Up & says, NO! U all don't have the rite 2 tell these gals 2 move on! & How rude of U all 2 try!
We got 2 stay. Gud. eYe was ready 4 beer time!
That dude was really nice 2 stand up 4 our rights!
Bloody well. As eYe got 2 pause, & catch my bearings! eYe realized eYe was back at my table dancing table! Cool & weird!
Turns out, a storm blew in that nite. We merged into the mosh pit 2 stay warm
& took the school bus back 2 our beds.2 FuN sorta
Ended up leaving those gorgeous sandals, in Costa Rica!
That's another story
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