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When a dog is happily barking and chasing a car down the street , you can bet that they aren't thinking about what happens if and when they actually catch the car. They get all carried away with chase-fixation to the point where they are perhaps in over their little doggy heads.

Have you thought about what you are going to do when you finally catch me? Whatever it is , I hope that it involves constructive effort of the sort that promotes my flowering well into winter. I'd like to have that effect on you too. We all know when we're in bloom because we see ourselves reflected in the eyes of our lovers. I think that that is one of the nicest views of ourselves that we can experience. I like the idea that we should be some kind of growth medium for one another.

I don't expect to win your heart by just standing around doing glamour shots. I intend to lay down a winning program that makes me indispensable. I want to know what makes you tick and what it takes to keep you ticking happily. My program for you is already underway ; the scribbling I leave here most mornings is offered as an invitation to you. If you think of it as incitement , all the better. I just hope that you see that I am capable of attenuating myself to the emotional gears that spin inside the mystical clockwork of couplehood.

But just as dogs are ultimately always dogs no matter what breed they are , I am really just a dog like all men. But you may find that I am an agreeable sort of dog , like the ones that are sought out for service. When my kind of dog goes across the Rainbow Bridge , it wouldn't be uncommon for their human to slump despondent on their grave and refuse even raw meat.

You've dreamed of a man with the soul of a sparky pup and right now you are standing in a heavenly shaft of light , yes? Will there be walkies for us? Bark , Bark!

No doubt you would like to find acceptance , trust and productive attitude just as much as I would. And I don't think that loyalty or respectfulness ought to be considered as mere accessories either. Maybe we can work it all the way to utter devotion. Let's leave that on the table as a possibility.

If you think that you might be able to hold your own with me , brush the crumbs off your skirt and skip the makeup. Light up that grin . grab a handful of snausages and see if you can get me to do some tricks! For two of them I'll Sit-Up-Pretty and let you wind wool on me.....
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