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I'm not a guy who is addicted to world events but I am aware enough about what is going on to feel uneasy. Its like angry clowns have invented some outlandish new kind of righteousness that runs on toxic lies and suddenly they are all over everything. I think that prairie farmers must feel like this as they watch dancing wind funnels coming.

It feels like the only moral or ethical ground that is left to us is to have no part in it. Canada has drifted so far off its cultural moorings that from where I'm standing , I can't even see Mt Robson on the horizon.

Our Prime Minister , apparently the illegitimate som of Fidel Castro (OMG - research the evidence on youtube and judge for yourself), capers around on the world stage blabbering about human rights but he acts like a witchpricker at home , correcting people for saying the most innocuous thing. 'Peoplekind' indeed. We're in trouble and I'm not the guy who can fix any of this.

My notion of how to deal with what's in front of me is to duck and cover. I want to put myself as far away from all this craziness as I can be. But when you look at this as an option , your options amount to running willy-nilly into the woods in the mountains. Maybe one could find love among the Sasquatch...

There ain't no runnin' from what's going on. Mostly there is just a feeling of hopefulness ; the dull grey kind that you get when hope is truly all you've got left.

In the proud tradition of the Hippie Generation , the present situation is the ultimate reason to put on your party animal. The fact that a shadow has been cast over us is just one more reason to crank up the stereo , yes?

The dice are rolling even as I type this contribution to today's festivities. I believe in addressing reality on its own terms rather than trying to distort it with my own will. I know that many (most?) people mount a pretense about the seriousness of today's reality. I'm not sure how that relates to reality.

Spirit will always be about making the best of something. And to make the best of a bad thing you need to actually know what it is. That's where you engage the strength component of your courage. Someone will go to the doctor today and by tomorrow they will have a brand new and quite personal perspective on this very subject. I think that someone in that situation would understand how positive and imperative it is to attach great value to whatever it is that we have left. That truth actually existed long before the wheel was invented. That is a better truth than the one that lives in my fears.

Nuclear war is on the table. Again , the face of death. And perhaps even worse than that , I am sitting on an A-list target. The bases at Esquimalt , Nanoose and Comox would all be first strike priorities. It would be an immediate imperative for any enemy to destroy them.

I'll bet you're thinking that this is an odd angle to take on a dating site. And I agree. However the situation that is developing outside our awareness or control is nonetheless developing fast. Its strange to be looking for love in the middle of all this upheaval but I want it anyway.

I feel like I've just been for a visit with a really sad and regretful doctor who sees what looks like dire things. Gulp!

Now , do I obsess about my prognosis or do I carry on in service to this puckish spirit that was installed in me? I'm not afraid of death and that spirit has been my salvation in all kinds of situations. I know where my loyalties lie. The truth is that I'm the most puckish when I'm threatened. I will be all of that until I am not breathing.

Here's some final puck.

I don't know how the global play will break , but if I hear those air raid sirens I intend to take a lawn chair up to the peak of my roof and sit there waiting for the wildest light show of them all. I'll have a glass of Jack's Redneck Holy Water in one hand and a big reefer in the other. I should probably busy up and buy the cowboy hat I need for that scene.

And that brings me to you...

That scene on the roof could be so much more meaningful if there was a lover sitting in a lawn chair beside me. If the lights go on in the sky while we're sitting there holding hands , I could feel content. There is something rather romantic about the idea of our glowing molecules being fused together and swept away into the stratosphere. This surely must be both the deepest and highest kind of radioactive love!

If we are indeed to be brought to last choices , this choice seems to at least offer scintilla of romance and solidarity. Until that time I think we ought to allow ourselves some wild kissing and some loud music...

You might want a cowboy hat too. We don't call them cowgirl hats anymore. Even worse if you call them cow-woman hats. Should we just call them cowhats? Anyway , you might want to look for one if you want a hat blended with your molecules. The stratosphere is extremely cold and who knows how long we'll drift in the jetstream...
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