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Joined: 5/18/2018
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Plenty of Fish - DevOps and IT Security Team,

Within the last several months of utilizing both your desktop site and mobile application, there has been a large influx of pornographic advertising profiles; some of which containing illegal child pornography that will blow up my phone and email with messages containing the disgusting photos.

This usually incurs between the hours of 11pm and 7am.

I would behoove your DevOps team to quickly drill down the security vunerablities allowing both to be exploited and quickly implement stricter security posture to prevent these occurrences, else you risk the integrity of both your brand and loyal customer base.

As you know, once Facebook rolls out its dating interface for users, you will be fighting an uphill battle to achieve needed future ad revenue. Don't allow this to be one more mishap on an already growing plate of competition.


A loyal POF customer since 2008.
Joined: 9/14/2015
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Really?? Child pornography??????
Posted: 6/17/2018 7:06:59 AM
As to your accusation of child pornography. CALL THE POLICE!! CALL THE FBI!! CALL RIGHT NOW!!! Report POF for being complicit in the dissemination and distribution of child pornography.

I have been on and off POF for more than ten years and I have NEVER, let me repeat, N E V E R received anything close to child pornography from any POF mail.

You might be a ten year loyal customer but you obviously are new to the forums both reading and posting. That is painfully obvious by this post for a multitude of reasons. Some of which include, but are not limited to:
1. There is a plethora of threads and posts with complaints about this very issue – less the child pornography part -over the last year or more of your ten year loyalty.
2. POF administration abandoned the forums years ago. Long before “Markus” sold the site to the Match Group. Nobody from POF pays any attention to the forums outside of the event forums. That fact too is continuously pointed out in posts.

POF doesn’t give a rat’s ass or else they would have gotten on top of the issue over a year ago.

You state this has been an issue “Within the last several months”. This has been an issue much, MUCH longer than that. Besides, this profile you are posting from is just short of one month old.

I realize that you may have had numerous profiles but your post claim of being a ten year loyal customer would hold more water if your profile creation date was more than a month old.
Just saying.

Joined: 9/14/2015
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Really?? Child pornography??????
Posted: 6/17/2018 7:56:41 AM
I could not wait for you to read my post and call the authorities. I have forwarded a link to this forum page to the appropriate authorities to investigate further.

If your claim is not a fallacy and you want to do the proper thing and follow up, here are links to agencies:

Rockingham County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division

Virginia State Police

FBI Crimes Against Children (CAC)

The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program (iCAC)
Joined: 5/18/2018
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Really?? Child pornography??????
Posted: 6/17/2018 10:17:26 AM
I greatly appreciate your efforts. This needs to be stopped immediately. These ads are being sourced from somewhere, and their IT team will need to thwart them. There always used to be fake profiles since I have been a member; however, this is much different now.

Unfortunately, when I reported the incident last night to POF, it was not an incident of child pornography. On the few occurrences that I did witness them, those profiles were removed from POF the next day. This has not happened in a while as majority of ads display regular pornography accounts attempting to gain money for their unworthy cause.
Joined: 5/18/2018
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Really?? Child pornography??????
Posted: 6/17/2018 10:31:46 AM
To clarify, this profile is new, yes. However, others I had in the past when I was looking to date, were deleted. I have not been on the forums for years. I cannot remember the last time, and with that being said, I cannot remember my credentials for the account that was used to sign in during years past.
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