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In support of gay marriage, I have an idea for a box office movie starring two or three homosexual couples who, as strangers, all meet each other for the first time one summer weekend, as mutual time-share holders to a secluded high tech cabin in rural Washington state.
A trannie stalks them for two days and nights in this present-day slasher flick. The often outrageous and overly funny antics and banter of the homosexual couples will bring comic relief and feminine vulnerability to new heights in this present day rendition of the classic slasher films of the past. Don't miss one minute of the new genre of horror in "Someone's at the back door. "
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Idea for new movie
Posted: 7/8/2018 9:06:19 PM
I watched a film about some people in space, a hetero couple and two other men. They were supposed to save earth but were too late and ended up as the last survivors of the human race.
Anyway the only woman died and one of the other guys turned into a woman because...idk why...but theory was it was so the human race could survive. The other two men ended up fighting over the right to rape her, didn't even consider bothering to seduce her for a 3sum or anything, and the most rapey one won and she had twins. She killed her rapist before she had them. The ending was some reading from the bible for some reason.

It was ok. Yours sounds better because it has funny bits in it, there was no comedy in paradox alice at all.
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Idea for new movie
Posted: 7/10/2018 2:37:03 AM
haha. I hope you didn't pay much or anything at all for the space regret movie you watched! Maybe they were Mormons from Mars or offense to the queer, unabashed, hard working people from that religious sect...I am ignorant in much things.
I was just fooling around with my kiddos father one night and teasing him about his gory, beloved horror flick fascination (the real world is scary enough to me without the added sight of gallons of the inside parts of the female flesh in bright red fluid form, being splashed all over my T.V. screen, should I choose to watch one with him on the rare occasion that I don't have a choice because it's his house I'm hanging out in). I told him that those types of flicks are well received by people because it preys on womens vulnerabilities for being a weaker sex...and it gives men chicks naked bodies and action and blood and holds them spellbound to the I said it wouldn't be so great to watch if he had to watch men in the women's roles in a classic slasher film and I cracked the f*ck up over this thought and I was rolling on the floor from laughing so hard and had him in stitches too...funny as* idea, but also a truly relevant and unexplored genre in the big movie Industry...i think women would go crazy over it!
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