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I decide to create this thread to let any or everyone to write about issue, concerns regarding dating on this site or people that have contacted them being rude. I find that people most people on this site are not here for what it was designed for. That comment applies to both men and women alike. So let's chat about any issues your having trying to find a date or dates that went wrong.

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Complaints and concerns
Posted: 10/24/2018 5:43:42 AM
I have an issue. I've been on this site off and on for over 9 years. I have never met anyone from here, much less have a conversation lasting more than a few days. That is IF you can even get a woman to reply back.
I have found this site to carry the most ignorant women in the province. Heres an example. One of the times i was on here for a lengthy time ... i sent out over 200 messages in about 2 months to women and not one reply back. You might think i was some smartass ignorant person but no, i was and always am polite. What does this tell you.

Its really too bad Craigslist shut down the connections section. I had much better luck there.

Since we are here i have another question, In alot of womens profiles the question asking if you have a car .... why would anyone answer, "prefer not to say" ? Very simple question, i dont get it.
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Complaints and concerns
Posted: 1/10/2019 8:31:09 PM
Well, your profile is not available to view and I don't get the car question's yes or no.
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Complaints and concerns
Posted: 1/25/2019 11:53:14 PM
my huge concern about this site is the scamming thieving 2 faced idiots that make fake profiles from other countries adding me to their favs list that have no interest in that man then sucking him out of some money scam. about 5-6 few years ago i got a email from some girl i knew that wasn't her real picture. out of boredom i messaged her back and just played along with her scam. she wanted my email so i
sent her my email thinking she cant do nothing to me. well i was totally wrong! well after the second email she sent me she totld me all about dome validation certificate if i wanna meet her she will need to see i purchased one. now i know for sure this is a scam! after i sent her a email politely saying i changed my mind im not into paying for a chance my POF account that was tied to that account disappeared.. the sad thing is you cant contact anyone , and POF has done****e squat on how to correct these scammer they cant even keep the nudes pics of the sites now. this site is terrible now since they got rid of the sex side of POF they
just migrated to the decent side. well there is hope but i very much doubt that markus will do anything about it since its been 20 years now. he should validate each account with a phone number this would not only ensure a real person per account but cost these scammers money for being stupid and getting caught.
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