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Joined: 2/25/2018
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Hi, I've recently come back on POF after a break. I've updated my original profile but I'm not really getting much interest. I've sent messages out but funny seem to get responses so any tips or constructive criticism would be gratefully received. Thanks.
Joined: 7/20/2014
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A profile review please?
Posted: 9/3/2018 4:25:45 PM
The (accidentally?) risque header may be too much for some guys.
Why no full length casual shot?
"In no particular order" should be removed from the Interests field.
Add a favourite band/group, holiday spot, comedian.
Delete everything before .. "I feel lik a ..." Get to the good stuff. This ties in nicely with your closing.
There's a lot of 'not' in the profile. You're not a princess, you're not looking for... Instead, why not go with what you are/want? You can obviously use humour well, go for it!
At 50, many guys will see you are willing to go 10 years younger but only 3 years old. If I were a 52-yr old guy, I wouldn't waste time on someone looking for a guy 10 years younger. Why not remove the age restrictions and filter through your inbox?

Good luck!
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A profile review please?
Posted: 9/4/2018 10:41:28 AM
Thank you for your reply. You make a lot of fair points which I've taken on board. I've tweaked it a bit more which will hopefully help. Much appreciated,
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A profile review please?
Posted: 9/4/2018 1:14:03 PM
Eating out could mean "buy me dinners out" to some guys. Might be better to say what kind of restaurants you like, and list it after cooking.

This is too negative. We all want emotionally stable. But people who aren't don't know it. You just need to observe them for a bit. The line about conversation sounds snarky. Remove the entire thing.

Looking to meet someone who is emotionally stable with a good sense of humour and capable of holding a conversation that consists of more than two words. Definitely no hook ups, one night stands, or swapping pictures of body parts so if that's what you're looking for, good luck with your search.
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A profile review please?
Posted: 9/4/2018 9:25:01 PM

Like your humor and you appear quite interesting. On the profile text, second line is kinda cute, but sounds a little petty. ‘...ego boost, and such...' We are all bombarded by images to select of ladies (in our case) who have the merchandise and want to show it. I don’t need you to tell me you are not desperate, I didn’t assume you were. But, raising it...sounds defensive. However, from the earlier drafts, this is much improved.

I’ll add another whack at ‘restrictions.’ Blow them out. Nobody has to know you are not interested in men over 55, but would date those in their early 40‘s. You get emails from men who are too old, or you’re not attracted to, or have attitudes you don’t like...or WHATEVER, every site online has a simple solution. Delete block, works everytime, I used it on a daily basis when I was in the hunt. On this system, there are some subtle things you can do to raise awareness of your interest in them. Favorite guys you like, that may prompt them to email you. Of course, they can ‘remove’ you...which is what I’ve done as well, all part of OLD.

Overall, you sound like a fun and lively person. You remind me of plenty of women I meet in my neighborhood at these ‘MeetUps.’ We have great conversations (even if we differ) but the reality is, in true confessions, I don’t want to date most of them. Many men in their 40‘s particularly childless, are not looking to older woman, with children for their ‘end game.’ However, that doesn’t mean they won’t entertain rich/rewarding relationships with the same.

I’m not big for this slogan, but it might apply here. ‘Enjoy the journey, not the destination.’
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