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Joined: 10/5/2018
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Hi all,

This girl I used to work with for around 8 months(I was sort of her boss) with in London went back to home to Sweden about 3 months ago. We always got along really well in London and we went on a few trips together around the UK. We could always joke with each other and could we could have a conversation for hours without a break. I really enjoyed her company!

We talked about me visitng her in Sweden before she left so I went in September and visited her while staying at her mothers home for a week about 3 weeks ago now. We had a great time doing lots of touristy things. Also did a trip along with her mum aswell! It was during that time that I began to really like her more than a friend and develop feelings for her. I tried to be all gentlemanly possibly impressing the mum more than her but I don't think I expressed to her that I had feelings for her as... well... I am English.
I have arranged to go on holiday with her again in 1 month to Mallorca for one week and am hoping to see if I still feel strongly about her.

My issue is whether I should be direct and tell her how I feel during the holiday and if so when during the holiday? I do not know why but I have a feeling she does not feel the same way about me and sees me more as a friend as she is still using dating apps like tinder and she is quite open with me about previous relationships. I talk to her quite frequently over text messages, sometimes on a daily basis or every other week.

I am the kind of person who is best to just get things off my chest rather than let them bottle up inside me and drive me crazy even if there is a chance it could ruin our current relationship.

I look forward about any advice

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Fancy my friend
Posted: 10/13/2018 4:56:11 AM
Don't do it in Mallorca! I'm assuming you'll be in separate apartments. But still, it will likely make the holiday super awkward and make her feel very uncomfortable if you profess your love for her and she doesn't feel the same way.

If you want to get it off your chest speak to her on the phone or Skype or something, well before the holiday. At least then you will either know where the boundaries are, or have an amazing holiday if she does feel the same about you.

Good luck
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Fancy my friend
Posted: 10/13/2018 1:02:16 PM
Would you say this is something you can do via a text or better over phone?

We normally talk every now and then via text
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Fancy my friend
Posted: 10/14/2018 11:34:01 AM
You already posted this in another forum. It may behoove you to do a search on your topic or stay with one forum. It's against forum rules that nobody really has to follow. There are no moderators so...this forum is like the movie "Animal House". Everyone who posts and ask questions in Ask a Girl still has the mentality of a kid in high school or frat boys.

Grow a set, be a man, and express your feelings. Do it with confidence. Be straight forward. Tell her you expectation and what you have to offer. Put your cards on the table already.

Don't go after her like your following you c*ck. Go after her with your heart. Put the big boy pants on and be the kind of man she wants to "fancy"!

Just Do It.
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Fancy my friend
Posted: 10/19/2018 10:21:17 AM
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