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Does anyone have any tips or tricks to help lose fat/weight or for waist training?
I'm 158cm or 5'2" and 62kg or 137lb. My bmi is about 24.8 so like bordering on overweight.
I used to weigh about 30lb/14kg more but I lost it through eating better and more PA.

Now I want to lose weight to do cosplay and go to conventions but I'm finding that my measurements are more in line with XL sizes for costumes as they're made in Asian countries which are generally smaller builds. In Aus my dress size is size 10 or 12 which is about a medium. Also I obviously look like I have some excess fat.
So I'm aiming to lose about 7kg but I'm not sure how to go about it and most importantly, maintain it.

Nutritionally I'm going to have Vitasoy lite soy milk + vitasoy lite non-sweetened almond milk as my calcium source plus 1 Pauls kids yoghurt tub (daily). Calcium is pretty important to me. I've been avoiding Mcdonalds completely, from about 2 weeks ago. Also avoiding potato and confectionary/chocolates.

In terms of exersize I try to go to the pool when I can and to the shops. I think I need to be going on runs and doing atleast 1-2 hrs of cardio with jogging/HIT mixed in daily. Just need some ideas on what is best?
I think I'm on the right track because I've lost a few kgs (6-7lb) over the last 6 months.
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Help losing weight and waist training?
Posted: 10/20/2018 9:06:44 PM
It's mostly about clean eating.

I'd weight lift doing barbell squats if you can, and other resistance training. I think you should just skip the jogging, and concentrate on HIIT. Some abs work like russian twist might help a bit overall

No major calorie deficits over extended periods or the body will try to cling to its fat resources. I'd avoid white carbs. 1800 calories a day is your intake to have a 200 deficit from 2000 so add 200 deficit plus what you burn exercising is a steady loss.

Too aggressive and after a few times bobbin up and down you'll have stretch marks through that, and ever see people that look ill after dieting? Yup to aggressive. If you do want an aggressive diet then I'd use the military diet. I wouldn't do it week after week though. Maybe in the final straight. I've done it. You will be hungry.

Concentrate on sweet potato, veg chicken etc. Don't avoid good fats as you will feel fuller. It was demonized so they could fill us up with sugar products. Water is great for helping with hunger and great for skin etc. Drink 5-10 mins a glass before a meal to feel less hungry.

Other random tips
*Sleep Properly
* Prep meals in advance for a few days.
* Melon or strawberry for a sweet tooth.
* read labels for hidden sugars
*Use small plates to deceive yourself psychologically.
* No low-fat yogurts. If low fat then likely got something added in its place.
*If it isn't in the cupboard then you need to go out for it.
*Got a craving then try to eat first then if it still there then have it.
* Don't deny yourself completely. It's futile.

I hate dieting :)
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Help losing weight and waist training?
Posted: 10/22/2018 6:28:18 AM
Hey thanks. I found this good ap called BodBot I have been using. It plans workouts for me, including warm ups and cool downs and is so customizable. Today I did; warm up: 8x2 forward leg swings, 8x2 reach roll and lift, 8x2 split stance pec mobilization with staff. Then main workout: 8x3 deep squat, 8x3 kneeling push up, 8x2 assisted bodyweight squat, lateral arm shrugs, 8x3 external arm rotation, 25 carioca. Cool down: 25secx2 overhead tricep stretch, 25secx2 standing quadricep stretch. Then extra stuff I added seated groin stretch, side leg swings, overhead reach and mountain climbers.

I'm small so I eat about 1400 a day I think, without trying to count it. My waist is 29-30 inches but years ago it was 34 inches so I guess I lost weight lol. Hopefully I can lose another 5 inches.
I also have a ap called Heart Rate Monitor and at relaxed resting it is 75 and after exersize for a few hrs its about 90. I noticed since September I seem to of lost about 1kg or 2.2 pounds. I think this whole year I have lost 3-4kg.
At this point I would be so happy just to hit under 60 like. 59... so like a few kg.
I fully expect it to take a few months though.
Help losing weight and waist training?
Posted: 11/3/2018 4:25:31 AM
Consuming calcium should be plant material. You need to read the calcium paradox.
Dairy will make you fat. Dairy and calcium supplements are not going to maintain bone. Exercise with weights will benefit your bones.
Eat loads of veggies, fruit, beans, and eggs.In that order. Eat healthy fats to lose belly fat. Coconut oil, flax oil, avocados and olive oil.
Maintain an alkaline eating program to not lose bone mass and lose weight. I lost about a hundred pounds and have kept it off 16 years.I do not have osteoporosis.
I eat breakfast at 10-11 and my last meal is about 6-7 pm so get that much needed daily fast 5 days a week.
No meat, dairy or sugar of ANY kind 4-5 days a week.
Read labels of ingredients if buying canned food such as beans, tomatoes or salsa. Most have sugar in some form.
Exercise is not the key to weight loss, what you eat is. I didn't exercise other than walks until 80 pounds came off.That took about 11 months.calories are not the issue, what the calories are is. Cardio is not fat burning, aerobics, where you can breathe or still talk/sing, will burn more fat.

Add Ginger, cayenne, and garlic to as many things as you can and coconut oil to rev up metabolism.
Ginger fresh grated is a good tea w stevia to sweeten.

No diet foods or soda.

If I can do it, anyone can. You need the correct information and just stick to it.
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