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Ladies, if you've ever been asked why you're single by men here are your answers:

I'm single...because...

The parents and community of boys tend to shun their tears; thus fostering angry, violent, and resentful men.

That a man is ousted as less than, due to his ability to care beyond himself for others, in the groups of men today; That he has to be compared to an imaginary standard, or he isn't worthy of being treated with respect and dignity and given basic human rights—whether he is ill, healthy, or disabled or just different than most people that doesn't have any adverse effect on the world at large.

That a man is expected to present himself with more than decent to consider himself worthy of attention from others that he didn't get when he needed it most.

The culture stresses that a man pay for dinner or open doors in certain cultures, when he doesn't have to and if he does...women can't see it for being just a nice gesture rather than an obligation.

Society teaches adults that they should get married, because parents don't want to continue caring for their children and see them as financial burdens instead of emotional investments that contribute to the health of the family and communities.

Men don't know any better than they did since they were 5 years of age. That they either actively deny it or remain silent because they feel guilty for not knowing something and feel embarrassed to try due to fear of failure to uphold a projected image of being "all right".

That men have to deny doing the right thing, because they can't figure out why their ego is hurt and why that matters more than being loved.

Society has put all of the responsibility on men for being in charge of positions where woman can do just as well.

Parents raise their daughters according to sexist principles then wonder why they grow up to be feminists.

Parents can't or won't teach their children the basics of how to survive in this world, without getting married to have someone compensate for their lackluster vision of what it means to enjoy learning and growing.

Society has commercialized sex as if it was an exercise without meaning.

Society has made sex, cheap beer and lingerie the staple of advertisements, movies, podcasts, and fliers for money at the expense of human dignity.

Society can't and won't embrace silence. That they cover all of their fears with lies and delusions they tell themselves in the form of stories and scripts in order to fit in and protect themselves.

The beauty industry has segregated women from women and men from women by stating one concept is better than the other. Has incited hate, greed, and jealousy to cloud their minds for them to do each other wrong beyond reason.

Society pushes men to pollute themselves by way of smoking, drinking, and eating unhealthy in place of buying expensive items to impress women and to fuel the economy and pay off an imaginary debt.

Parents and the community don't accept the individual as being unique and born with his or her own genius, so they never realize it. That everyone should follow a certain way of being and living their life, and to deviate from that is to different and a cause for outcry.

The people of the world have forsaken each other to the wild to be abandoned, betrayed, confused, and lost, and have made it the norm to treat each other as less than human beings.

Out of choice in a world that thinks a man who isn't living the American dream should hull his ass up in a car and die with it. I'm single because most men are still fast asleep inside themselves, hoping for the day when they would be embraced as human beings. Rather than just men for what they have or don't have.

I dare to think differently, and I should't keep quiet and feel sorry for it.

For treating myself better and for holding myself and the men who meet me to a certain standard of choosing who they want to be and to do the right thing for themselves, and others, simply because they can, want to and it feels good to do so. I'm single because I see clearly how sick and miserable the people of this world are that they reward evil rather than good deeds and poor everyone is.

So the next time a man asks you why you're single, you can ask him why it's not justifiable—given the above reasons—and why you feel you should and have to sleep, date or even have sex with them.

Ladies and gentlemen, you teach the men of today how to treat women. Please recognize this, take responsibility, and don't point the finger so readily at the opposite sex without first understanding the why behind the how come.
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