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Joined: 11/23/2018
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I have used POF on and off for years with no success to show for it. Could you anyone point out any points that they may add to potentially make my profile appealing to women or at least more interesting or stand out.. Here is what I have currently. This is current as of 11/25/18

Thank you for any advice or suggestions. Criticism is also welcomed as well.
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24 (M) Disabled with Cerebral Palsy looking for advice
Posted: 12/15/2018 3:51:39 PM
Hi Ryan,

I would suggest deleting pic 1 and using pic 3 as the main. As it is the first alluring pic for someone that is potentially interested. If can get more pics of you out doing fun adventures in different scenarios will help also as will show you are fun and friendly.

I’m 24 (dont need to say it profile will say your age)

I’m painfully shy and quiet. (You are on a dating site need to come of your comfort zone. Its a turn off for people as shouts zero confidence before getting to know you. you are basically saying. 'pick me I am dull and boring.' I am sure you are not but let women make up their own mind about you.)

I don’t like Mac and cheese (Random statement. Maybe put it in convo starter and say something like. ' I am not a fan of Mac and cheese food, whats your biggest dislike food wise?'

It is pretty simple and I can sum it up in one sentence. (extra un-necessary content with how the profile is set out. Recommend deleting, no real biggy all the same).

p.s. I am open to dating someone with kids (can be discussed with a potential partner a lady that sees your pic and profile that likes you can talk to you about. Or a lady you chat to first with kids will know you like her and dont mind the kid thing. Just an un-necessary statement that can be taken subliminary wrong way like you are desperate. Again no real biggy but advise deleting.


The key is to be happy fun and friendly and people will warm to you. A lot of your profile list you can put in your interests and have one great paragraph that makes people wanna chat with you. Just as example:

But something like. Hi, my name is Ryan. Recently passed (such and such) exams and look forward to having a career in (such and such). Have cerebral palsy maybe that is why I like Limp biscuit. ( my niece has cerebral palsy so no offense ment just saying) I do not let it affect my life, happy to chat with you about it. Looking to connect with a good soul for a loving long term relationship.

Profiles are hard to write is trial and error. So fair play for what you have done and hope I have helped in away. Good luck. Always remember online is for down time still lead you life in the real world and find hobbies etc to connect while using online for back up. Happy hunting
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