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Anyone know how to email or call a human who works at POF?
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how to contact POF
Posted: 1/11/2019 6:18:49 AM
In all my years on and off POF the only contact that has worked at all was to email to:

But that email address usually only returned a canned message. It was followed up a few times by a personal response but apparently even that does not happen either any longer.

POF is still 95%+ automated with relatively almost zero human input. Markus Frind ran it 100% without one single employee until 2008 when he opened an actual office and hired his first employee. Up until then he used to brag about making millions a month in advertisement revenue for POF with tens of millions of active members worldwide while only working from his home/apartment just a few hours a week.

There is just a small handful of people (reported as 86 the last time I looked) at the headquarters that are still in Vancouver, B.C. With a stated 2.6 Billion page views a month and a listed 135 Million registered users, the staff of less than 100 cannot possibly keep up with customer requests so they apparently choose to ignore the user requests for help or assistance.

Think about it for a moment. 135 million user names and 85 to 90 people in the office. How many of them do you think are in customer service? Three? Five? Fifteen? Let us say for the sake of argument it is twenty (more likely 3 to 5 at the most). Now let’s say 50% of the 135 Million are inactive. That leaves 67.5 Million people active worldwide. Let’s further say 80% English Speaking, 10% Spanish Speaking, 5% French, German, Italian Speaking, and 5% other for the remaining of the nine languages POF is available in. If three customer service reps, then each one needs to fluently speak, read, and write three languages. Maybe 20 customer service reps could cover that. Maybe. Just responding to emails that would be almost 23% of their staff for customer service. With POF’s history and reputation of total lack of actual customer service I highly doubt they would have more than three customer service reps. And they do not reply to requests. Are you getting my drift? You are not going to get any help from POF staff to message the person who has you blocked, let alone removing the block.

POF must feel that losing a few hundred a week is not concerning since as many, or more, profiles are created every few days. Thus, a Customer Service is not necessary. Right?

OK, that is my Friday morning rant for this week.

Good luck.
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