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So you're a handsome Prince and you've got this glass slipper. Your plan is to find find the woman that it fits and marry her , yes?

Sounds reasonable...

A quick trip to your local shoe shop and you find that your glass slipper is a size eight. That should narrow things down. Perhaps the helpful shoe clerk can give you some idea about how common is that size.

Then there is the marketing angle where you sell this premise of this contest to all the women in the kingdom. Luckily they are conditioned to hearing ridiculous BS from horny royals so this is going to sound like a plausible idea to them. When a crown is up for grabs women are apparently willing to dismiss the value of love in marriage...

Your father the King , is OK with all this because women commonly select lovers for their shoe size and what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the royal gander.

We'll just gloss over the pumpkin coach , the mousey footmen and the fairy godmother because there is just too much complicated explaining to do about all that.

Palace security isn't exactly world class in this story so they apparently see no problem with members of the royal family being involved in this kind of public exposure. Metal detectors and bomb-sniffing canines have no real role in a kingdom where unlicensed pumpkins are out careening down the roads driven by rodents in tiny uniforms.

The fact that there are a quarter million women in your kingdom with size eight feet is not as much of a logistical problem as one might expect. In fact , the first size eight woman trying it on gets the prize and the rest don't even need to be fitted. They ostensibly go home crying. You'd probably want to deploy several thousand security personnel with water cannons at the fitting venue to deal with the rioting that will inevitably erupt over who gets to be first to stick her size eight dog into that glass slipper. The only certain outcome of this gathering is that you know that your next Queen is going to be some kind of a bodacious ass-kicker.

If this story is putting stretch marks in your credulity , you have to wonder what we're doing here on Pof. In our own fairy tale , men and women alike are all out in boats fishing for lovers. That sounds oh-so reasonable till you start asking yourself about just what it is that they are hoping to catch.

If the women are all out here sitting in boats , why am I drowning all these poor little worms?

This search for love always seems to be a deal where there are credibility gaps that you'd have to measure in light years...
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A shoe-in for love...
Posted: 2/1/2019 6:46:24 AM
and men baiting hooks to catch the whale of a sleeping, hard-working pure-barefoot troyian rapunzel lost princesses- on their boots, and oxfords with gilded soles to wake with a kiss
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