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Joined: 1/26/2019
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I'd be grateful for any advice on my profile.

I haven't had a single girl message me first in the 3 weeks I've been on here. And my reply rate is very low.

Perhaps I haven't made it clear what kind of girl I'd like to meet. Someone who's musical like me (or who appreciates that I am), career focussed and ambitious, who will communicate with me in an honest way. Looks aren't too important, as long as I'm taller. Similar interests always help. I've listed plenty.

Any advice about the pictures? I've pretty gone for; recent selfie/face picture, full body, activity, picture with dog, and other activities.

Is my profile too text heavy?

Thank you
Joined: 10/26/2018
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Posted: 2/18/2019 2:16:51 PM
You could use some better photos. Only the main one is decent. The text is too long in my opinion. You go on and on about music. Stating that looks arent important is a little silly. Dont kid yourself, looks are important. You want someone that looks good to you.
Joined: 1/26/2019
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Posted: 2/18/2019 2:22:25 PM
Fair enough. Could you offer any suggestions for what kind of photos I could have instead?

Yeah I could do with chopping it down. Making it more concise.

With looks, honestly they're not that important to me! I don't have a typical type.
Joined: 2/3/2009
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Posted: 2/18/2019 2:45:26 PM

Tall, dark, and handsome? Long hair and bulky!

You're a nice-looking young man. I'd change that headline to something more positive that doesn't call negative attention to your weight or long hair. I know you probably meant it to be funny, but it really comes across as if you're insecure and fishing for a compliment.
Joined: 1/26/2019
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Posted: 2/18/2019 3:28:03 PM
Oh right. I never saw it that way. Thanks for the feedback.
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