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Once it was Britain that was the global power. Now it’s the USA, and keeping POWER whoever has it after a time become obsessional for those that have the position to exercise or influence it.

Once those that exercised POWER had a vision, whether dreams of wealth for all, landing men on the moon, a better world, but those faded a long time ago, and a failure of any form of vision has concentrated some minds on retaining their POWER at any cost, despite the evidence it has failed to motivate people. This failure of vision was the seed of the Deplorables, BREXITEERS and Yellow Vests and others. Its germination demonstrates that people globally recognice the existing failed ideologically driven practices of POWER. The transfer of wealth from the people to the powerful minority. So we have a social divide between those with no moral position against those with a moral position, both it seems with TRUTH on their side.

But POWER lingers on, playing the anthem of Endless Debt makes us richer!! This is now seen as a joke. Prosperity for all has not happened, and just creating money and debt with no limits is obviously not real wealth, just asset markets. So every time POWER print money, assets and stock markets continue to go sky high.

POWER has the solution, its simple, using the mass media to Stop what they now label as POPULARISM, as it’s a threat to elections, and power retention, despite there being no vision. those that hold the POWER just keep on regardless. People now see though the ideological mask of replacing moral values through prosperity for all. Did the resurgence of religion, nationalism and sovereignty seed from this morality vacuum?

In 2008, when the biggest financial fraud of all times was exposed, instead of changing the rules, the frightened and blackmailed political elites, sided with the banks against the people and just created a new pile of debt, sending economies into a coma, where there is no real growth, just more debt to produce growth. The result is an increasing number of people do not have enough money to survive, which was the point the Yellow Vests and others are trying to make.
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