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Joined: 2/22/2019
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Hi, I put a good effort into my profile (I feel) and it doesn't seem to be catching much. I don't even get many responses to my well crafted and thoughtful messages. I'm aware of all of the 'pitfalls' of online dating and why women are very picky in general but, c'mon...

Anyway, helpful tips or advice would be appreciated.
Joined: 5/13/2014
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Posted: 3/3/2019 11:11:20 PM
Photos make a big difference.
Your main photo has too much glare.
Third photo is obvious selfie, too dark and blurry.
Fourth photo, just no, but nice smile, try to get that in a non selfie clean shot.
Fifth photo, NO, no kids, delete.
You need a head and shoulders shot, smiling. Like the one in uniform, keep that, but use a current smiling shot for your main.
Joined: 12/30/2017
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Posted: 3/7/2019 3:49:08 PM
Agree work on the pics a little bit. Better lighting/color and instead of selfie shots, have a friend take some pics outdoors, at events, at work or active in what you enjoy doing...allow women to see you engaged in what you have worked so hard to achieve.
Joined: 6/15/2018
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Posted: 3/7/2019 5:01:50 PM
I like most of your pics, just not the one with the hand. I would definitely date you. I liked your profile. Do you honestly not get a lot of replies from women you message?
Joined: 2/24/2019
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Posted: 3/14/2019 5:47:25 PM
I agree with comments a good first pic to get people looking. The pic is good but not as a main pic it is not striking enough.

I like your profile but feel you ruin it at the end paragraph. Say what you are looking for but not by music brand. I know you say jk but will viewers see it as that esp if hate that genre. I see women post how they are looking for tattooists or bearded preferably so I switch off. If looking for someone that likes your music taste then sure be confident with it just recognise habe a smaller following.

good luck
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