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The Current State of PoFPage 1 of 1    
Long time subscriber here. Cancelled. I have zero intent on resubscribing as of now. This is an open letter.

Your website is constantly riddled with bots. I have had to disable notifications on the app because of how many bullshit notifications I get from fake users. It's honestly pathetic, I'm okay with some, I expect it. But seriously? I easily get 10 bullshit notifications a day about a bot that wants to meet me.

It gets worse. If, god forbid, I open the app or go to the website. You know, to use this service, I get 20 notifications for the next 15 minutes. I assume its because I show up more frequently. Maybe you prioritize currently and recently active users. Maybe the bots are filtering by user activity. If I actually used your app like I used other dating apps, log in randomly throughout the day (e.g. on the crapper), I would easily get 100+ notifications from bots. So, to summarize, I get most of the notifications I get are bullshit. I get more notifications per day than any other dating app/service I've tried. And its all bullshit. If I use your service, the bullshit literally grows by an order of magnitude. It gets 10x worse. If I don't use it, I get crap. If I use it, I get even more. Real great incentive.

It feels like you're trying to actively push away users. But no, it's ok. Don't bother trying to add any sort of bot detection, please keep messaging me about token sales! Don't worry about the fact that most of the messages I get are bots, or you pushing some sale on tokens or some shit. Don't worry about the fact that many, if not most, of my matches are bots. Including many, if not most, of the one prioritized and placed on the top. Same for ultra matches. Oh, someone viewed me? Bot. Ooooo! Someone added me as a favorite! Let me use this premium only feature to check. Bot. Meet me? Bot. Your new feature of recommended profiles on the mobile app? First time, 3 real users. Wow! Next time? Three bots. Next four times? 1 real user 11 bots. I was also not remotely attracted by the user you recommended. Physically? Nope. Doesn't really fit my "type" based on any of the messages I've sent, profiles I've favorited, meet me-s I've swiped right to, etc. Chemistry? Not filled in, so it wasn't that. Interest? She has two, no overlap. Relationship intent? Nope. Within preferred distance? Nope. Maybe they somehow recommend based on the bio? Here let me quote it for you, at the risk of making this post super long: "Ask" Oh great another one of those.

There aren't plenty of fish in the sea, just bots. So, so, so, many bots. And hookers. And "girls who sell nudes and videos through snapchat or other means", aka "girls who receive money in exchange for producing pornographic content" aka pornstars. I love porn and pornstars, but I thought I was on a dating website. It seems instead, I am on a weird Turing test/a la carté porn/escort mixture that is labeled a "dating" website. Maybe thats ok? Well, the bots taking the turing test fail miserably. If I had to guess, a drunk 12 year old who watched a youtube video coded them in order to get money for Fortnite skins. Because really, thats the only person they'd convince. A drunk 12 year old. The porn is overpriced, it doesn't have sustainable business model, varies drastically in quality and offers little to no customer support. Same for the escorts, except they do have a sustainable business model. Oldest profession and all that.

Tangent, I blocked marcus's (markus? who really knows or cares?) profile, why do I still receive messages about token spam? If I block a user, can they still message me? Thats some shitty functionality...

Speaking of functionality, your site is woefully inadequate and out of date. The UI, the UX, the functionality, all are bad. Examples off the top of my head: I have to go to my profile, then edit profile, to change my email. Not the huge button in the top right that says account. Where I might go to change my email, logically, or subscription. Except you reroute me to either my mobile device or to paypal depending on how I've payed. Pass the buck. Make me deal with figuring out how paypal hides automatic payments. Hint: click the gear. Settings. For auto payments. Not reachable from seeing the charge in summary or activity. Also stupid, but you're not paypal. You just use that to your advantage. I'll address the app issue later, let's finish with the site. Having to scroll all the way down to add a favorite is dumb. Your image hosting quality is terrible by 2019 standards. Your interest search rarely works. When it's not a bot, matches seem completely random and arbitrary. Ultra matches, same. Much like the new "recommended profiles" feature that I mentioned earlier. I'm sure if I used your website for 20 minutes I could think of 100 more.

Maybe that's ok if your app is good? Except that you have to use the website to do important things like, change your email, cancel subscription, contact support, etc. Cancel subscription? I thought you sent me to the app if I had a mobile subscription set up? Huh? But the app tells me to go to the website? Yeah you mean go into itunes or the google play store and figure out where subscriptions are managed to cancel it there. I got way ahead of my self. I said, maybe thats ok if your app is GOOD. It's really really really not. Being generous, it's at best generic, uninspired, lacking in functionality, and designed without the user experience in mind (UX). Content can make up for this, but as we've seen, it's hidden by a sea of shit. You don't beat a dead horse, but I'll stop beating the carcass of a dead fish bots are huddled around slowly devouring here.

If the world's ocean's looked like this, we would have colonized mars long ago. It might even have pushed us to develop intergalactic travel.
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The Current State of PoF
Posted: 3/10/2019 5:28:22 AM

The site Owner/Staff/Administration or Volunteer Forum Moderators reserves the right to remove any threads, postings or profiles that are not conducive to civil behaviour/discussion or only serve as to incite forum disruption by knowingly uttering aggressive and unwarranted remarks or actions against the site.

My usage of vulgarity is for emphasis. You hear plenty of worse things on your average netflix show, so probably not aggressive. I dare say my remarks are warranted, as I've paid you money for nearly 4 years at this point. But I would be biased, as I made the remarks and I also spent money.

Please take the advice to heart and make changes.

If you take the route I expect: deleting this thread and issuing a warning... do me a favor and dole out the harsher punishment listed above. Delete my profile. You'd be saving me 5 minutes, because if you delete this thread I will. Did I say 5 minutes? It'll take me 20 to figure it out based on past experience with site and app alike.
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The Current State of PoF
Posted: 3/10/2019 6:58:17 AM
Feel better now?
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The Current State of PoF
Posted: 3/11/2019 5:03:15 AM
I’ve had the same experience. This site has definitely gone down the crapper with the out of control bots. Sadly, nobody cares, nor will they do anything about it.
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The Current State of PoF
Posted: 5/4/2019 5:56:23 PM
I first experimented with online dating in the 1990s. Pre-iPhone / Android, I spent a fair amount of time here at POF and a few other online dating sites that didn't require payment to search, view lots of profiles, and send at least a decent # of messages for free. Back then, I preferred POF for the # of users, forums, and the fact that they seemed a little less "pushy" about premium memberships.

In my few forays into the "post App" world of online dating, I, too, have been impressed by the precedence of paid porn / webcam site shills. I haven't tried many other apps yet (or paid for premium membership at any), but so far POF doesn't seem appreciably more infested than what I've found elsewhere.

I do agree that there certainly seem to be some design and usability issues.

I just had a bunch of messages disappear into some sort of 'Conversation Drawer' that seems to be inaccessible. Perhaps when a new message is added or another message exchange gets arbitrarily promoted to 'Conversation' status the thread will be viewable again. I may have moved on by then though.

On the plus side, the conversation was with a real non-bot person that I actually met up with today, so at least it isn't totally impossible ;).

--Bill aka "JB" the "SpaceSquirrel"
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The Current State of PoF
Posted: 5/10/2019 5:05:19 AM
Every dating site has bots...many of them are created by those that run the site. That's how they keep you hooked. I get "Someone wants to meet you" emails weekly. I've contacted some of the people with real profiles only to be told they never even looked at my profile. POF sends them to keep you coming back...BUT so does Match (their owner) and Zoosk and Ashley Madison (it's not only for cheaters) . The only site that doesn't that I know of is EHarmony.
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The Current State of PoF
Posted: 5/11/2019 4:48:53 AM
I came back here after a long time away - and in the past two weeks I've received a little over a hundred notifications. I believe 100% of them have been spam, and it's a complete waste of my time.

I'm not actually sure there even are any legitimate users in my region; I haven't found any profiles that don't look like bots, and most images can be easily found using a reverse image search.

What's the point? I'll be disabling my account shortly after this message.
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The Current State of PoF
Posted: 5/11/2019 10:24:19 PM

I've contacted some of the people with real profiles only to be told they never even looked at my profile..

They don't have to look at your profile, to send a meet me message. They don't even have to click yes.
In the meet me part of the site, they see a picture, your age, and your location.
If they click the maybe button, you get the same email as if they clicked yes.
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