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Joined: 2/10/2015
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Hello everyone,

After being on several dating sites on and off for the past 4+ years and having zero luck I’m wondering if perhaps the way my profile is configured is maybe the issue and I was hoping to receive some honest feedback (no matter how harsh).

I understand that my looks aren’t very great and in the online dating world where there are thousands upon thousands of other guys competing with others who have attractiveness it is very difficult to compete. That is totally fine...I understand that and understand why.

Anyways, I think the issue may lie within the choice of pictures and perhaps with what I write. I’ve sent many, many messages, but I extremely rarely get a fact almost never. I don’t think it’s my messages. I am someone who comes across very polite in my messages. I’ll introduce myself, I’ll recognize the other individual if they provide a name, and I’ll mention some information from their profile which I find interesting, something I can relate to, or wouldn’t mind knowing more about. I don’t use terms like “hey sexy” “hey beautiful”, don’t use slurs, don’t ask for nudes or reference anything to do with sex.

I would appreciate any type of feedback on my profile...what I’ve written, how it’s written, pictures (even comments on looks...don’t care if it’s positive or negative), etc.

Thank you.
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Seeking a Profile Review
Posted: 4/7/2019 7:40:14 AM

I suck with pictures and bio’s so...

Bad negative opening text.

I completed my bachelors in meteorology in December of 2019

Something isn't right. Correct to make accurate.

Your text then goes on and on about your education history, details a girl probably won't want to read.

Two notable details in your text: 1) the possibility of moving, and 2) living with your aunt. Because I'm older, I often encounter the situation of a girl who lives with her mom, usually taking care of the mom as an invalid. There's the privacy issue at her place because the parent doesn't leave home. She often says she can't leave home because she has to take care of her mom. Moving: someone who is near now will probably be farther away when you move. Good for people to know up front about those two issues, so I say keep them in your text.

Yes, photos are the main reason someone will view your profile, respond, write you first, etc. If your photos are an accurate portrayal of what you will look like in real life, then they should do their job of weeding out the people who wouldn't be interested and keeping the ones who might be. I will let other people comment which photo would be best for your main because nothing stood out as bad and I can't read the minds of gals in their 20s which photo they would like best.
Joined: 2/10/2015
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Seeking a Profile Review
Posted: 4/7/2019 10:38:38 AM
Thank you for the wonderful feedback. I will work to change things up. I think I am struggling what to write b/c the past 6* years have been nothing but school and work and I feel like I don’t even know what I like to do or what my interests even are. But I think think very hard. Thank you again!
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Seeking a Profile Review
Posted: 4/10/2019 11:06:00 AM
Do you have the beard now? If so use your second picture as the main picture. If you're clean shaven go for either the picture by the trophy or the one with your cat. Have your friends take pictures of you doing things you enjoy - preferably pictures where you are more relaxed and not posing. Go through them and choose a few of those that you think reflect you.

Online is going to be hard, especially in your age group. Try to get out and strike up conversations with women you think are interesting.
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