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where do you fall in the ying/yang scale?Page 1 of 1    
little fun test can help decide where a complimentary offsetting match or meshing within the general population, and how broad or slim pickings to find your yin to yang your meshing complimentary partner. shedding light on ease difficulty partnering may be.
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where do you fall in the ying/yang scale?
Posted: 4/12/2019 3:59:47 AM
How do you manage to dream up this bullshit? It has nothing to do with Yin and Yang which is based on opposites, also called dualism. This a straight forward persnality test and knowing your own results is not going to allow anyone to know if somone else is a match mesh or any other bullshit you're spewing.

It's niice though that you picked a topic that wasn't erased from the internet for your convienience. However I will suggest you shove your Yin up your Yang.

Here is table of your results (scores are between 0 and 4). The percentile is what percent of other people who have taken this test you score higher than.

Trait Score Percentile

Narcissism 0.7 --------- 1

Narcissism is an egotistical preoccupation with self. Narcissism is an egotistical preoccupation with self. Because of all their experience with maintaining their self image, people who score high for narcissism will often appear charming but their narcissism will later lead to extreme difficulty in developing close relationships


Machiavellianism 1 - 3

Machiavellianism is a tendency to be manipulative and deceitful. It usually stems from a lack of respect or disillusionment for others.


Psychopathy 0.9 - 3

Psychopathy reflects shallow emotional responses. The relative lack of emotions leads results in high stress tolerance, low empathy, little guilt and leads them to seek extremely stimulating activities, resulting in impusivity and a disposition towards interpersonal conflict.

I guess it confirms what i thought, I'm not evil just crazy.

Oh, I almost forgot to congratulae you for almost using English
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where do you fall in the ying/yang scale?
Posted: 4/12/2019 6:35:10 PM
Exactly so in dating, each person would take the test and a person, scoring on the opposite side of lightness or darkness of the dark triad would be a good complementary pairing or those flowing within your dark triazone it could be a mesh of Personality .

Because the test measures only your position, above or below, 50% of the tested population. above being more darker triad(often we say negative yet necessary for success) .And an individual scoring below 50% of the possible population would be considered on the lighter side(we call positive) most people have at least some of them.
it's Just away to figure out where you stand or fit With the average human being . now if you score 99% above The average human being on those triads you're probably not a great human being .Consequently falling below 99% Would probably indicate you may be unsuccessful and a tad delusional of reality.
The complementary pairing yin/yang would be that person scoring in a similar opposite on the light or dark side as you. Such a pairing could offset both Peoples' propensities towards the negative aspects of self. (fairy tale mind Ignoring reality)Or too much cynicism(general dislike,superiority, trust of others)those with similar scores could probably get along well, meshing. .

If you wanna make some big negative ugly thing out of it, up to you . The research sight is right up there, i just offered my opinion of a personal utility for a research study. To post any topic you must have something in the body of it. Its fricken fun, but create an argument,
Here is table of your results (scores are between 0 and 4). The percentile is what percent of other people who have taken this test you score higher than.
who are you referring to english major? pretty sure those are not my scores?
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where do you fall in the ying/yang scale?
Posted: 4/20/2019 4:06:04 PM
Psycho-babble but like all social sciences based on a scientific basis, using scientific methodology to authenticate something similar like horoscopes, also based on such methodology.

So what does anyone want to know about anyone else when it comes to the game of relationship intimacy, and we all know relationships are based on relating both in the bedroom and the boardroom. But why rely on contrived fakery?

People rely on crystal ball gazing which again is does by a so called expert? Answer because we do not have a clue about each other and what people are really like. Dating sites are evidence if one needed any that people are crap at judging each other, as all on such sites are proof they got it wrong...possibly again and again. So why not buy confidence, a bit expensive but with some anything might work. If proof of people with a lack of REAL personal confidence were needed, then consult the experts, who despite their professionalism, are just like you and I crap at judging people in their own private lives. Knowing the theory of everything and the practicality of nothing can cost a fortune, or worse ones time, the most precious gift life offers us all.

I like to know how well a person knows themselves and a social gathering over drinks or a meal can provide detail as to every area of there lives, from how they make love to how they do their work.

Insecure people are naturally selfish, although professionally they can mask such traits. Selfish is self absorption as opposed to noticing and contributing to other's happiness, not just it suits them or they want something.

So seeing what people really are and not what they like to pretend they are or project in public is something I suggest no one dares to bother with. It put you off people, stops you having an affair, or even starting one. So psychometric testing like all the other such practices, where selling hope at a price wrapped in disguise of certainty at l;east gives you something to initially talk about positively and later on talk about negatively. It fills in the time for doubters, making them feel more confident, a bit like a cripple finding a stick so they hobble and thus go places.
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where do you fall in the ying/yang scale?
Posted: 4/20/2019 8:38:36 PM
Doesn't cost anything Nobody saying or telling you to use it to predict the future Or predict what somebody's like. There is no cost for that little test. It's actually an experiment and I guess that's the cost, Donating 2 minutes for a general search of knowledge . And your wonderful introduction: the positive side to your whole post? psycho Babble and how it's like fortune telling provides confidence blah blah blah . Exhibits The level of confidence, boardroom skills, as well insecurity . ???So What did you show me about those skills ?Do you think I would be interested in having a drink with you? Not Claiming Any interest on your part with me. I'm just saying you Speak of those things as if you understood them? then you dis OLD Which clearly POF is OLD? So while you may have misplaced frustrations others do not .If that being So This is the positive message you are trying to send ?What would be the negative ?

And dating sites are what they are It's a way to meet people in a generally tech based society. I dare say some enjoy it some do not. .Many just use OLD as a way to have quality others quantity. In the USA meeting people in public places Is no longer safe Smart or convenient. Not only are we extremely rushed for time Combined with a culture of fear for strangers??? walking through the grocery store, try to get somebody to make eye contact it is very difficult (usa). So the cashier's will speak to you and customer service service people will speak to you . If you are out in society alone, you are alone. And most people carry around a cell phone so they are never really truly alone .At times the experience is different People will reach out to you And you will reach out to them and the interaction actually happens But most times :failed connection .We can't be bothered with an actual physical human being umless we are being paid to deal with them Or we have chosen to spend time with them

Now, Other social -cultural gatherings or groups provide people of similar interests. Most often they are married, in relationships or have people they came with to avoid interacting with strangers, because in lacking confidence or feel alienated don't want to be alone someplace public. While cultural social event Have not provided me with any days I have met many good friends .
And in the bar the usual social place of America past, one meets, People who are either drunk or getting drunk. The friendly ones are often Seeking to be adulterous, searching for other drunks? If you enjoy dancing may be lucky enough to find a bar with music and a dance floor . We take friends W/us to dance. As i said to go alone basically-unsafe .
However ,going to dancing bars with a young crowd totally embraced by strangers. However, appealing, I am not going to Have Sexual relationships with 20 year old men I did that in my 40 s
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