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"Congratulations! You've reached a Conversation milestone. Conversations are message with users you've continually engaged and built a connection with. As you get into more Conversations, they will automatically appear in the Conversations Drawer"

I don't "GOT IT!". Not even sure quite what/where this "Drawer" is. When I hit the down arrow near the top of the messages screen on the Android App it says "All Caught Up!". If I hit "CHECK YOUR MESSAGES", it goes to my inbox, but the profile I was in 'Conversation' with no longer appears in my Inbox. I wanted to re-read the thread of messages that was apparently promoted to 'Conversation Status'.

To do so on the App I apparently have to go to the person's profile (perhaps from my "sent messages" tab where I can read messages I sent 1 at a time) and click on "Send Message".

Similarly, to do so on the website, I went to "Contact History", but there is no obvious way to READ existing messages. Once again, the non-intuitive "Send Message" choice was required.

Is it worth trying to make this into a slightly more coherent "Suggestion" to send somewhere official-ish?

Keeping 1 link for each 'Conversation' in the Inbox doesn't seem like it should be too hard. An alternative would be to allow people to disable the "Conversation Drawer". If I want to 'continually engage' with someone, I feel I should be able to keep them in my Inbox rather than relegating them to a hidden Drawer that is apparently not always accessible to me.
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