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Considering psychology is such a prominent science in modern day life, I find it surprising that so many people only see things in one direction or the other, good or evil with no defining middle ground. People are only open minded if they get the "OK!" from the rest of society. They refuse to look outside their tiny box of linear thinking.. There's so many things that we still don't completely understand and yet we throw judgement around so freely.

In my other thread I brought up the idea that rapists may be more likely to target women that dress to show off their parts. The hard press on that was that rapists are monstrous people that are set in their ways and will find women to rape no matter what they are wearing. In a parallel train of thought, pedophiles are thought of in much the same fashion; even though in reality; most pedos will never touch a kid.
The psychology behind it is always what is ignored. People are not simply good or evil, they are like most of us in that they deal with their own internal struggles on a daily basis.

We live in a society that is very judgmental and anti-social. Don't get me started on social media, it's easy enough to sling crap from behind a keyboard. But most people are afraid to talk openly in real life; this is a large part of the reason that many of us cocoon ourselves in social media to begin with. We are so afraid of being judged, because we know how judgmental we can be. At some point in our lives we were taught to be judgmental, to fear and be weary of people we don't know, that in large part is the fault of the media (News, blogs .etc), that superhypes any rare unique incident. "Women, don't go out late at night..." "hide your children" "monsters lurk everywhere!" "it could be your neighbor.." They literally make us afraid, even of the people that live around us. I remember a time before I was judgmental, as a small child I would let ants crawl around on me; I referred to things as beautiful, that I would now refer to as ugly. Innocence isn't something that's stolen by some guy doing PP touch on you when you're a kid; it's slowly sapped away from you by society as you get older.
In a roundabout way, it is many often the case that our fear of these 'monsters' is what brings them into creation in the first place.
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