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Joined: 8/15/2005
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It seems like there quite a few members of that so called "MEN HATERS CLUB" out here in cyber space....

just wanted to give you chance to really let off some steam. Its good to get rid of that negative energy BEFORE you start searching for a new man instead of making the rest of us suffer for some other ass*oles mistakes.

 Victor E.
Joined: 8/7/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/18/2005 3:50:49 PM
Yeah, those stupid rap videos and beer commercials aren't helping much either. What woman would want a womenizng drunk who sits in front of the TV watching football all day long. Not all us men are like that; some of us are actually decent people.
Joined: 6/5/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/18/2005 8:49:50 PM

women who 'hate' men (and vice versa) are usually pple who go into a relationship with unrealistic expectations......and when such expectations are not met then they sort of lash out at their mate......this of course starts a vicious cycle of animosity and dispair....there are other reasons such as abuse and cheating but there are usually clues to many such behaviors that often get ignored early in a relationship.......pple who are well adjusted can and will get over the bitterness, however those who are short-sighted will 4 ever remain in a hateful state..................also, i think it is wrong to assume that its always the man's fault that causes the bitterness in a woman following a break up!!!!!
Joined: 4/4/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/18/2005 10:04:58 PM
I don't hate women, I think a LOT of them are evil though. I do hate what a lot of men do to women. It sure makes it a lot harder to find someone, after they have had an awful experience with a man, and it sure seems there are a lot of them out there. All the abuse, verball/physical/mind games, one night stands, rude, non caring guys. I'm an honest good guy, but most women I meet, have had such bad experiences that they are always looking for anything to get upset over you about.

Single mother..stayed the night at my house many times. I go to bed late, wake up early, so in the mornings, once or twice a week, I'd try and go get breakfast. She was groggily awake, so I asked what time she thought she would be up, so I could have fresh, hot breakfast, or cook her breakfast, and have her morning coffee ready for her. She gets upset that I ask her that when she is trying to sleep, so I just went out and bought a dozen donuts. She wakes up, and all she does, is complain about there is no coffee. Didn't care I bought her flowers, didn't care I bought different styles of donuts cause I didn't know what she liked. I had planned to just go get her coffee as soon as she gets up, the store is 2 miles from my house, so 5 minute round trip. Yet she was so upset over that, I never did go and get that coffee. She didn't want me to, and expected me to already have the coffee in the house, cold, and she would microwave it. How the heck am I supposed to know that? I'm not a coffee drinker, I can't stand the smell usually.

I'm 27, and I think my best bet at a successful relationship is with a young woman, who has never been on a date, and never been abused by a male in her life.

Personal experience, as women get older, and find more men that are jerks, the harder it is for a good guy to even get a fair shot at a relationship.

 vastly amused
Joined: 7/18/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/18/2005 10:50:55 PM
We hate men, do we? Now, that really explains a lot to me!
Joined: 6/8/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/19/2005 1:08:19 PM
yourment - my world is absolutely nothing like yours. nothing
Joined: 3/2/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/19/2005 3:46:59 PM
honor I understand your post completely. You do make a valid point. As an older woman, I've been in several horrible relationships one a 10 year marriage to an abuser. I just grew up loving men and I still do. Not every woman wants to make the next one pay for what the one before did. if I'm upset about a relationship that broke up, I'll take a hiatus and spend time doing other things than dating a man. I've even told men that who asked me out that I just got out of a bad relationship and I'm taking some time off. Hopefully they'll understand and respect that. I like to remember the men who WERE good to me who treated me well and I was happy with. Bad memories are something you want to forget and not dwell on. I understand the way you think and in some cases you may be right, but every woman just like every man is different.
Joined: 8/20/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/22/2005 1:56:01 AM
Dumb question, I dont think women hate men if they did why would I be in this room?
Joined: 4/29/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/22/2005 4:17:43 AM

ALL women don't hate ALL men. I certainly do not...although men here like to ASSUME I do because I am outspoken about the trouble I have had with online dating.

I think that the ASSUMPTION that women hate men has created a HUGE problem for men. They start out with this huge chip on their shoulder and a paranoid attitude about all women. It would be pretty difficult to overcome that and have a normal "relationship".
Joined: 5/26/2004
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/22/2005 4:47:37 AM
I dont hate men. I do when they are stupid at times. As we are, are selfs at times.
Joined: 5/26/2004
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/22/2005 10:06:25 AM
Whos surpose to be joulous here ? Not me.....
Joined: 7/15/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/22/2005 10:15:20 AM
...'cause we live in Canada ? Hey,didn't we already apologize for Brian Adams?
Joined: 2/6/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/22/2005 10:43:30 AM
If women hate men what are they doing here looking for them?

Certain women hate certain types of men; just as certain men hate certain types of women. When the types that "hate" each other run into one another on the forums things can get pretty amusing.
Joined: 8/22/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/22/2005 1:03:38 PM
I don't hate men. Most women don't hate men. A few do. They're called misandrists.
Joined: 3/2/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/22/2005 2:46:51 PM
jeanc Hey, I don't know about you but that whole biological programming bunk I personally don't buy. Unless it's a lower animal it's NOT instinctual or programming for a man to have to sow his seed everytime he gets a lump in his shorts. That's what men supposed have the BIG brain for, to think and rationalize and make decisions with. These men who talk about sowing their seed takes them one step closer to the wild animal kingdom. Humans are supposed to be above that aren't they? Oh and women have brains too that we don't have to "submit" what an outdated and outmoded thought or idea. Some people were apparently born out of their time, this is NOT caveman days...UGH!
Joined: 3/2/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/22/2005 7:05:38 PM
lumpy I've followed a lot of jeans' posts and she is anything but. She IS an outspoken and cut out the bulldoodoo type of woman. Her words are direct and to the point with no room for "reading between the lines". Why is someone angry for posting a clear, concise opinion or viewpoint? That's the point of being here isn't it?
OT: Some women hate men, some women hate some men. As far as hatred of men being a female trait, I don't see it in the women that I know.
Joined: 4/29/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/22/2005 7:44:23 PM
A lot of the men on this site declare a woman to be a man-hater or bitter or emasculating or to need therapy if she expresses an opinion different than their own. God forbid women should have minds and an ability to express themselves honestly!
Joined: 8/10/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/22/2005 8:27:58 PM
Seems like you only have to read these women's profiles to get your question answered. I've been out of the loop for awhile and thought I'd sign up and have a look around and boy was I surprised. The fems start their profile with all the things they don't want! How negative and unattractive. Then they proceed to tell you what they're not going to take from a suitor. Boy, that encourages someone to reach out and take a chance. If, by chance you do go for it, well, the results are as unpredictable as are, frankly, the women on thse pages. I know I'm a perfectly okay person yet I've never been so insulted by another person in my life as I have by some of the fems on POF. You can't winh for lose with these crazy women. You're too this, that or the other. That is if they'll even bother to give you a reply. I've met some disfunctional fems in my time but I had no idea they had all come to POD. Must be some sort of new Cosmo self therapy thing, bashing me. Who needs it. A woman would do damn well to have me. The difference between me and these women is that I don't needsomeone in my life to hang my self worth on. Nuff said. Sorry I got a bit winded. I simply have no patients for assh*les.
Joined: 4/29/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/22/2005 8:47:56 PM
and trvlingman wins the prize for

people like to screw other people around

There is a lot of playground level behaviour on this site from both sexes.
Joined: 4/10/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/23/2005 3:49:17 AM
Funny....all this months at the forums and not a single lady bashed me......
makes me question do men hate other men............

Im on 20 plus persons favorites.....only 1 man.............................
yep they must have added me because Im their pet hate.......

Let the misandrists and misogynists slug it out.......the rest of you good citizens carry on.
Joined: 9/28/2004
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/23/2005 4:18:42 AM
OMG! I can not beleive how many people have me on there favs list!
Does not mean a thing to me ! Hells bells! I dont know most of them!!!
You however, youre on MY FAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Youre not my Online hubby(lol) youre not my freakish Fantasy!
Youre a true person who , I can toss anything too! LOL
Catch this LOVE!

OH YEA! ON TOPIC! I dont hate all men! I love real men! I just hate the men who thought, they could take CONTROL & TRY to make me live by His SO CALLED RULES!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL! Tell me I can not do something????????
Watch me do it twice ! Right in front of your face!

Live by your Daddy's rule," woman you better have dinner ready or, you better be home with a pay check for me to cash"
" I everything in this house"
ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are just a few reasons why SOME of us hate men!

guess what!
Not this gal!
I love any man that can HANDLE AN INDEPENDANT WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you tell me I cant do something, I will show you I can two or three times!
If you cant Handle that, Bye bye
Joined: 3/2/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/23/2005 6:21:14 AM
ozman Well it depends on what kind of women's profiles you're looking for? Any in your age group, I have many 40 something lady buddies here and their profiles are delightful. It's the younger ones as a GROUP, so it's a generalization, that seem to be edgier. If you're looking at the 20 to 25 y/o's then YEAH, but if you're looking in the 40 some group, they're a lot different. It depends on the age group you're targeting, so making it sound like it's ALL the women on POF...that's just WRONG. It's only the women YOU'VE looked at, and I'd bet to say that's a relatively SMALL sample of the 1/2 a million total members here, 2/3 of which are male, unless you've been REALLY REALLY busy!!!
Joined: 4/11/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/23/2005 8:30:35 AM
HonorPrestige, why did you assume she was going to cook you breakfast? I'm one of those people who do not eat breakfast as soon as I wake up. I have some water first, then OJ, then my latte, then a fruit and then an early lunch. Don't assume that everybody like donuts for breakfast, either.

Joined: 4/10/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/23/2005 10:29:22 PM
Quote ;What I mean by that is that I adamantly object to these antiquated attitudes that it's a woman's PLACE to cook, clean, take care of kids and "serve her man."

I totally agree........

It is amazing that in the 21st century such stereotyping exists..
i dont buy the genetic conditioning is just outmoded social conditioning.
Joined: 8/10/2005
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Why Women Hate Men ??????
Posted: 8/24/2005 7:21:34 AM
Beware the woman who wears her vagina on her sleeve. Hey, we all know that men are just "agressor penises," right? Say what they might about how much they "like" men, if truth be known, they do not. They (women who hate men) are always stuck in attack mode, searching for the slightest perceived transgression. Men are pigs after all. The nagging lack of self worth of these women prevents them from dealing with their "men issues," wherever they might have come from. Rather, they insist that men just want them "barefoot and pregnant" or are afraid of their strength and intellect. And, while this may be true for some men, for most it is not. If you spend your life waiting for the Indians to attack then some day you will see Indians. Evidence the fact jeanc is always here, ready to defend the down trodden reputation of all womanhood. A noble endeavor, to be sure, but indicative of of some deeper neurosis, I suspect. I am not "a p*nis" with ears," despite what my ex-wife would tell you. Face it men, once women perfect the multi-purpose vibrator / lawnmower, then our days as a sidecar to the real seat of power will be numbered.
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