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In this forum you may only create threads about having your profile reviewed by others.


  • If you're NOT ASKING FOR YOUR PROFILE to be REVIEWED - your thread WILL BE DELETED. This forum is not a platform to just rant or make general observations about other people's profiles.

  • This forum is not for the sole purpose of picture reviews - it's the whole profile! here on POF and not elsewhere.

  • Have You Recently Updated Your Profile and Want More Comments?
    DO NOT post a new thread every time you make a change to your profile within days of each other, but rather, continue to use your original thread. Click on your My Forums link, (or HERE) in the upper right, to locate your old review thread and reply to it stating you've made changes and would like further opinions. If you cannot immediately locate it from the results of My Forums - then refine the search results to only within the Profile Review forum.

  • All requests for a review cannot exclude anyone from reviewing it or only ask for a certain segment of the users to review it.

  • Threads that are started to just specifically rate your picture will also be deleted. Ask to have your entire profile critiqued for written content and ask for suggestions as to how to make it appealing.

  • Do NOT hijack other's review threads, If you want a review, start your own thread.

  • Please note that you are asking people for their opinions on your profile, responding to honest criticism by flaming your reviewers will be dealt with accordingly.

  • Do not post someone else's profile to review it.

  • Don't bump old threads - it's pointless if the thread owner is no longer on the site .

  • No Joke Review Threads - Period.

  • lastly, if you're not going to take any constructive critisism and simply argue with the reviewers, then your thread will also be deleted.

Before you do ask for a review, have a read of the following threads as they can be very helpful.

Click Here --> Profile Writing Tips

Click Here --> Further Writing Tips

Click Here --> Online Dating Guide for GUYS

Click Here --> Online Dating Guide for GALS


Granted, there may be posters who cannot spell, have little grammatical prowess, are completely socially dysfunctional and unaware, and may be aggressively offensive and unreceptive to suggestions - but this does not give you carte blanche to reply in the same manner. The Acceptable Use & Posting Rules and Forum Posting Guidelines are very much applicable to everyone here.

Just to be clear, profile reviews are meant to review the profile content ONLY. This is the profile review forum.
NOT the user review forum. Yes! There is a difference.

If you are reviewing a profile, comments like: loose weight, get an education, move out, etc are considered off topic because it is not addressing the profile content, it is instead addressing the users lifestyle, etc.

A profile review should offer advice that a user can fix immediately to improve their profile.

As with any part of the site, there will be no tolerance of posting styles that include any of the following, but not limited to Flaming, Flamebaiting, Trolling the User or:
  • Belittling anyone;

  • Direct Personal Flaming / Insulting them;

  • Adding any snide or condescending quips in order to goad and incite further degradation of the review;

  • or
  • Replying to a flame, rather than reporting it;

  • Making any posts that are non contributive;

  • Blatantly off topic chatting;

Understand the difference between a direct personal insult and saying something they wrote or a picture of theirs sucks - One is personal, and not permitted and the other is opinion. However if that's all your review amounts to without any helpful suggestions - tread lightly.

New users and posters should feel welcomed and genuinely helped, not belittled to the point of closing their accounts. Not everyone has a thick skin and "get out of the kitchen if you can't take the heat" is not an acceptable excuse for anyone's unacceptable conduct. Know your audience and tailor to their needs, within reason.

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