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Joined: 6/3/2005
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my oldest daughter's father was actually a drug dealer. (i know, not the best choice).. he would justify smoking pot to me by saying that his mom and dad had smoked it in front of him all the time and that it didn't hurt him at all. but hey, he ended up dropping out of school, selling drugs, and currently in jail, but no, it did nothing to him....... lol....... it's a bad idea to smoke weed in front of your kid. it just tells them that it's ok to do that once they are older. don't do things in front of your kid, unless you are prepared to see them do it in front of you in the future..........
Joined: 4/4/2006
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single parents smoking pot
Posted: 4/8/2006 12:02:14 PM
I smoke on occasion but it was always a rule of MINE not to smoke in front of my x's kids as they were already phucked up enough to begin with and it's just not right anyways. Even as a teenager i'd never wear t-shirts with questionable logos such as jack daniels or cigarettes, etc.. because I had a much younger little brother who was exposed to enough crap at school, tv, friends parents, etc.. and if his big brother exposed him to it aswell it could influence him without even knowing it.
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single parents smoking pot
Posted: 4/8/2006 1:21:24 PM
drop me a line under flyingsaucers....a.j.
Joined: 3/16/2006
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single parents smoking pot
Posted: 4/8/2006 11:30:19 PM
watching the history channel about prohibition in the 20s, you see what a fiasco trying to prohibiting liquor was. it not only turned everyday people into criminals, -because of its lucrative benefits by smuggling booze from canada to the US, it created organized crime, and was responsible for thousands of violent deaths. -you would think we would learn from our past mistakes and realize regulation would not only dry up the illegal activity, but the taxes collected could probibly balance the budget. - i dont smoke the stuff. but i think were wasting our resources locking up people for years, just for smoking something that used to grow wild along the potomac river... -seriously
Joined: 3/16/2006
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single parents smoking pot
Posted: 4/9/2006 7:35:06 PM
since children look up to their parents. they will pick up any habits parents have, whether it be smoking, drinking, swearing or overeating. -to set an example you also must live by it.
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single parents smoking pot
Posted: 4/10/2006 2:05:26 PM
hmmmm...I know SOBER people that shouldn't have kids.....high you can fix; stupid stays with you FOREVER....
Joined: 5/16/2006
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single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/14/2006 6:49:52 PM
Does smoking put make you a bad parent??

My rebuttal would be that when a parent engages in a behavior that very well could cause them an arrest, and having the child removed from their care and custody, then surely they are a BAD parent. period.

In you are in the USA, let me quote a cop from one of our most liberal states when it comes to pot.......

message 23
It doesn't matter if you think it is no big deal, or not as bad as drinking....if you get caught smoking, there are major of which may be you could lose your child. I have seen it anyone who says that it never happens is speaking without knowledge. By using weed you are knowingly placing your parental rights at for what? A buzz and the munchies???? You gotta be smarter than that. And that will be the argument that CPS uses when they try to take your child away, "Well she used drugs knowing that she could lose her children. She decided her drug use was more important than her child.

Now the people that live in/and think it's legal in Canada...

Set the bong down and mouse click over to "YOUR" Justice site. It's also in French

A December 2003 Ruling by "YOUR" Supreme made a simple possession of crime which first offense carries up to 6 months.

Not sure what makes a GOOD parent or a BAD parent, but I would say breaking the law in which you could go to jail and lose your child (be it for a day week, year, whatever) has got to make the "BAD" list.

For the potheads useing the drinking arguement.

Yes, some acts of drinking carry the same results as losing your child when you cross the line of law breaking. (Drinking and driving, and public intoxication)

However, a case of beer in your car, beer in the frig, and drinking in front of your child are all legal. In fact in Maryland you can give your child a beer.

As for toxic levels....RIGHT... Everything in a large enough amount is toxic to the point it can case death, even water..YES WATER..It's called hyponatremia. A few years back a marathon runner died of it.

Medical studies clearly show both cause brain damage... Talk to any pot smoker that has been smoking for 20 years.....They aren't the sharpest tool in the box.

Yes Virgina smoking pot does make BAD parent.

 get REEL
Joined: 6/27/2006
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single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/14/2006 11:08:57 PM
oh oh
here we go again!
come on babe
lets go play with the choo choo's in the garage

Joined: 5/19/2006
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single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/19/2006 3:06:14 PM
Now the people that live in/and think it's legal in Canada...

Set the bong down and mouse click over to "YOUR" Justice site. It's also in French

A December 2003 Ruling by "YOUR" Supreme made a simple possession of crime which first offense carries up to 6 months.

Not sure what makes a GOOD parent or a BAD parent, but I would say breaking the law in which you could go to jail and lose your child (be it for a day week, year, whatever) has got to make the "BAD" list.

you are trying to convince menial pot smokers of the illegal aspect of participating in smoking pot here in Canada.....
these are the people that live in a country that the "Government" has implemented the first & only "Safe Injection Houses" in North America and gives out free "new" needles (along with the safe place and qualified people to help shoot up) to our addicts of much more serious & addictive drugs.....and you say pot smokers go to jail & loose their kids....give your head a shake and know our country before you start quoting obsolete, non implemented, oblivious laws .........think about it

disclaimer - I am not saying I agree or disagree with the above - It is just how it is on the West one goes to jail for smoking pot - and rarely for growing it either!

now some of you "back to the garage" and the rest back to your " sanitized rubber rooms"
me I'll be in the garden......................
Joined: 5/16/2006
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single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/19/2006 8:50:19 PM
Well I see all the kids are smoked up and yapping in the forums...

^^^^Funny is...stats show that over 90% of Hard drug users started with POT^^^

Tried to post one time for you all that are to lazy to learn your own laws in your own country. (That's for the Canadians that think POF in their site). The fact is in the US we have a couple of the 50 states that have more people then your WHOLE country.

Want to keep up with Canadian laws...try your own Justice Site for starters...

Canada Supreme Court ruling of less then three years is far from being " obsolete" , It was if fact an over turning of laws that DID NOT carry jail time for 15 grams or less.

As for free needles....LMAO.... They've been passing them out here in the USA for over 2 decades, and the Moron Mayor of Baltimore several years back made it a misdemeanor if you had less the 17 bags of HERION in your possession.

The laws quoted as for drinking were to be forewarned for the potheads that where going to jump on the drinkers.

Here is a rather interesting fact......The percentage of drug crimes are very very close in comparison to Canada to the USA . It's just we have 8 times as many people.

Facts are per 100,000 Canada will have 186 drug related arrest , as compared to 215 Drunk driving arrest( yea real Far apart stats...HIGH?? umm....I mean...HUH???...LMAO@U ) It's all right there on YOUR daily updated Justice site with maybe upwards of a 1,000 or more links.

All the Canadian facts are for the kids here on this thread, potheads at least at best.

So even if you dodge the 80,000 or so drug related arrest... Pretty much...

"USERS are LOSERS"........Words of Wisdom By Big Daddy Joe..

What amazes me that all my life I find Potheads that have pretty much did nothing real postive their whole life and managed to dodge not killing anyone or end up in jail tell me how great their life is .. a little pot never hurt anyone.

No solid job history , several failed marriages,children out of wedlock, Most of their friends are fellow smokers. Many in their 40's still renting a house.... or better with other family members. ..............on and on and on

AND the real KICKER.........."POTHEADS" ....Always justifying how there are so many more "Harder" drugs or that "Drinking" is a drug ,it's just Legal...

Facts are more then 1/2 the pot smokers are a drain on society one way or another, that the rest of the hard working society has to pay for ...PERIOD.

Of the 40,000 plus FATALITIES just in transportation accidents in the USA each year where the operator was tested for drugs............................over 1/3 come back positive for Marijuana.

So not only do potheads kill innocent people , they also kill their own brain cells.

Talk to pothead...huh??? Giggle giggle giggle!!!

Chrips good example are the potheads that post in the pond. To quote Colin..."I don't consider Pot a drug. from his **Smoking pot doesn't make you a bad parent.** THREAD.

You potheads can have the thread back... I'm gone..... Smoke up, and while it's so good and great...tell yourself why you hide it....wait tell everyones asleep, or away,...load your cars up with the dollar air frenshners..... go around spraying to cover the scent........keep your "stash" hide............etc ,etc, etc.

 get REEL
Joined: 6/27/2006
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single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/19/2006 9:34:46 PM
^^^^ WTF has he been smoking in his PIPE? ^^^^^^

who is this
J.erk ?
and what is he doing in the single parents smoking pot thread if he isn't one?

................................................get an escort
Joined: 5/16/2006
Msg: 38
single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/20/2006 7:03:45 AM
Yes Wrong-Guy fret not, even your personal emails will never make you the caliber of someone I would befriend. Also with the admitting of being a daily pothead wouldn't even let you or your other phoney profiles operate a $17/hour leaf rake for me.

While you choose whatever profile to use( I like the new one in Maryland LMAO@U), you speak loud and clear out of the same orifice...again...LMAO@U

to me you are just some lonely little dude from nowhere-ville USA,, you have no knowledge of pot smoking all

Side Note: Wrong-Guy I am within a 2 hour drive of more people then most likely live in ALL of Canada.

Yes, not being a pot smoker, my first hand stats are very limited. Since you like to google you can read my first hand stats. Try Mike Allen august 19th,1986...Essex Maryland. When a guy with pot and a bong in his truck crossed the line, and hit head-on and killed 2 teenagers fresh out of HS. My cousin and her boyfriend. Pothead murder received 10 years 5 suspended, and in the last 2 decades has been in and out of jail for other possession charges.

Then try Ricky Gates, Chase Maryland 1/4/1987 train wreck that blocked the only road into the same families neighborhood for 2 days while an AMTRAK train killed 15 people, 2 needed amputations to be removed and over 150 SERIOUS hurt. Ricky the Engineer seemed almost boasting as he told news papers, Time and Newsweek magazines about it was only a little bit of pot, and he smoked a Jay just hours before. I was personally there when he told the tv show 48 hours how " Everyone smokes a little pot", and cried about it being unfair he was the ONLY one that received Prison time. 5 years for each of the 15 deaths.. RAN CONCURRENTLY... (For you potheads that means all the sentences were 5 years)

Try another APG (Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Harford County Maryland) Summer of 1983 while working with construction company clearing woods to extended Government plane runway a bulldozer operator dumped a log on a worker that crushed his skull, and later showed to be positive for marijuana.

Do I need to go into more personal first hand stories of you potheads?????

Here's BDJ stats... ....

While I have been in a supervisors position most of my life, and also owned a rather dangerous business (Google my line of work and see how many people kill themselves or OTHERS) for almost 15 years now with State and Federal contracts, most serious injury on job site, back and forth on the road, or at the shop has been a few stitches here and there...

Hummmmmmmmmmmm........Wonder if NOT hiring pot smokers, and firing then if I so much as find them around the stuff ( Even " OFF" the clock ) has anything to do with my stats????????

While you freely admit to "Smoking your Fatty" late every night in the garage, sadly you are one of these A@@holes still high in the morning in the real world putting others in danger, while you snivel about looking for your third marriage.

For the other potheads that say they twist one up ONLY in the safety of their own home......PLEEEEEEZE. Just more lies you are telling the rest of the drug free world and yourselves.

That Wrong-Guy is not a Sunday Morning Sermon, just "Food for thought" .... try digesting this post when you get your Mary Jane Munchies

In closing glad to see you kids all came out to look like jerks in the forums on a Saturday night. Following me around on threads..(Now who needs a life???)

Submitted from a substance free mind.


Kid cuts herself as she drops a glass getting a drink of milk/water out of bed, of trips down the steps....Oh-Oh,Wheres Single Dad??????......Out in the garage getting HIGH!

..........\/\/\/ ..... Right On Crane Man .....\/\/\/..........
Joined: 5/19/2006
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single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/20/2006 10:10:15 AM
tree stumpy

Do you ever READ anyone's posts?
I read your posts & they seem to be just flames and nothing else that beget posts like the one I am typing right now!
Are you really so closed minded about "everything" and not able to ever type an original thought ?
Do you ever answer any questions or make a statement without a google answer?

To accuse someone of having multiple personalities-profiles (re the profile comment) where does that come from? Who would think of that unless they do it themselves?
That person from Maryland is probably not to happy to be assumed they are insignificant-non existent - so their post doesn't count?
I am real and a person from BC and I can also vouch for get REEL is a real person from BC too - I have met her! and she sure doesn't look like a pot head "guy" from Winterpeg!

Gawd I hate to have to respond to your BS - but man <--- good name) I just had to cause
I use to think you were mean but not anymore ................. are soooooo just plain RUDE !

Joined: 5/16/2006
Msg: 40
single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/20/2006 10:37:40 AM
^^^Here's an orginal thought^^^^

All my own.... Your post here is an A Number 1 reason you should not get HIGH.

What was all that gribberish and paranoia?? All the riddles.???

SO SO much information about all these other profiles???? Interesting at best. Such a need to come on here and put out ALL this other info about other profiles, as to talk FOR them...

In fact i don't think anybody cares how many FAKE (or not fake) profiles there are..Chrips do a thread search....Tons of them are found out about here as well as some you can so a search and find them on different sites.

Still interesting...and I stand behind my "Orginal Thought" Lay off the pot, and whatever other drugs you maybe using.... it shows....

Joined: 5/19/2006
Msg: 41
single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/20/2006 10:51:02 AM
here let me be MORE clear for your words

SO SO much information about all these other profiles???? Interesting at best. Such a need to come on here and put out ALL this other info about other profiles, as to talk FOR them...

here are YOUR words .... as you seem to forget what you post ....

wouldn't even let you or your other phoney profiles operate a $17/hour leaf rake for me.

While you choose whatever profile to use( I like the new one in Maryland LMAO@U), you speak loud and clear out of the same orifice...again...LMAO@U

that ^^^ is what I responded to (ALexa1981 - you just made a new freind)


What was all that gribberish and paranoia?? All the riddles.???

Who is high here ? (or have you forgotten your Lithium this morning Patty?)...what I posted was pretty clear and no nonsense and no riddles - - what kind of jesters dance in your head?
and this comment about me ?????

Still interesting...and I stand behind my "Orginal Thought" Lay off the pot, and whatever other drugs you maybe using.... it shows....

are you ever daft (B.arron D.aft J.ester)....If you ever read any of my posts on this you would know I have stated I have zero tolerance for pot in my home and I don't do drugs! goes to show you are incapable of absorbing even the smallest posts with out your finger on your google
Joined: 5/16/2006
Msg: 42
single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/20/2006 11:26:29 AM

Paranoia and NOW another one to add to the list of traits of the POTHEADS.


With maryland getting dozens and dozens of NEW profiles everyday, and the FACT I did not mention a name.....I see how you did zoom in on certain one...Interesting at best. Why would you go back and search info out on a profile...INTERESTING!!!!(Yea, I here ya talking the talking uh, girl? uh? whoever, it makes no difference to me as I stated when I FIRST posted )

I'd just enjoy a good thread debate/input with some chemically free kids, that don't name call...Jeeze.......LMAO

Now that it is a attention though. A profile that was created while a couple of the kids were Banneded. A profile that is a new one, with NO info, just to post in the middle of the night (California coast time for the POF clock) to bash BDJ in the same style...

Ya.. It walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...... It looks like a purple cow when you are high!!!!

Yea you kids have created a couple profiles I'm sure. Just like Colin contacted the girl in Montreal cuz he that she was me.....Even posted it in two different threads...

LMAO@U all or 2 or ONE, But if anyone really cared....

For the record, I find that people advocating illegal uses of drugs are ones that do so, not just for the fact that they have posted in POT threads that were deleted that they used drugs...


Actually 3 times Colin, if you read the Lab results...LMAO@U
Joined: 5/19/2006
Msg: 43
single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/20/2006 11:52:32 AM
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^thanks Joe
B.rain's been
D.eleted to resembe
J.acka$$'s A$$

no sense talking to someone that cant read or comprehend Honesty
 get REEL
Joined: 6/27/2006
Msg: 45
single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/20/2006 12:01:56 PM
get REEL got the same email from BDJ

OT >>>> Could it be possible that everyone that doesn't agree with BDJ is a pot head and
is "write guy" - conspiracy? paranoia? babbbling billies? hmmm/ who's who?

here is my email I received from the BDJ.....who's paranoid?

From: treemanbdj (View Profile) (View All Correspondence)
Subject: R U Serious???? Sent Date: 8/6/2006 11:08:23 PM

I'm starting to think you and him are the same..

If you are / are not... It's one wife? two? 3 kids?6 kids? 100k a year Publishing books / Or not? I don't believe ANY of the B.S. after He/ You posted Fake Doctored 20 plus emails that I was suppose to send on a thread Here, before it got deleted.

Emails other POF women claimingI'm them....Get Real.... That's why I'm thinking this is you...

You followed me into an Australian thread fro chrips sake....

WHATS UP WITH THAT???????????????

If this IS you colin you are a sick Puppy.

If it's not...Then colin is a sick puppy.

Care for some of the real Email not from POF??????


seems every thread he quotes is conveniently no longer available
interesting....sounds like a paranoid pot smoker to me!
 get REEL
Joined: 6/27/2006
Msg: 46
single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/20/2006 12:07:35 PM
oh and stop calling DUstine names and accusing her of untrue things - she is a real great parent and good person

one more
OT - parents that smoke pot or act like they do here is an

From: treemanbdj (View Profile) (View All Correspondence)
Subject: RE:RE:R U Serious???? Sent Date: 8/6/2006 1144 PM

Original Message YOU sent on 8/6/2006 1110 PM
excuse me
I am not a man
and I am not that guy
and I dont know him any more than I know you
you are weird

and dont harass me or I will report you

Nobodys harassing sweety, just stating facts,

Do whatever makes your boat float, Chatt or block or report , makes me NO difference,


 get REEL
Joined: 6/27/2006
Msg: 47
single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/20/2006 1:51:44 PM
nice poem that seems to relate
taken from another thread....

But I read though the posts
of the mentaly dead
and think to myself
their mom should have given head

........................................good day
Joined: 5/16/2006
Msg: 67
single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/21/2006 7:13:58 PM
^^^^ another reason you shouldn't be smoking weed so much^^^^

Colin, Wrong-Guy........

Dude, you can't even remember what comes out your mouth just 2 weeks ago...

Both these are your quotes that are still in the pond forums, not like one of those thread you kids ran in the ground and got deleted.

Number 1) *****Two Weeks Ago

Bum Me A Smoke.....
Posted: 8/5/2006 7:06:31 PM
i could give up tobacco in a second,, but my daily 420 ,, never ,in the past, sometimes that has been a problem,,


******Now today,

I smoke pot because i want to, i can go days even weeks without it, but when i have it i like to smoke it,

Number 2)

Stop Hot Boxing in front of the computer....It's clear that River Girl has different ear rings and different necklace in the pictures.

Number 3) Whatever you are on Dude you need to lay off, I can imagine the language you use around those little girls. You are forever calling people profound names. Of course doped up behind a computer screen you can do that, In the real world I bet you don't talk to adults like that.

You'd fine a foot deeper then where 'Dusty' the Hamster has been, talking like that in my house for sure.

As I said in the " Smoking Pot doesn't make you a Bad Parent thread" You started and you kids got deleted ........"YOU are in fact the best argument why people SHOULD NOT do drugs".

You know the same kids that followed me over to THIS thread that's almost a year old.

Guess the best thing you can do is think about your kids and get into a program of some sort. get a job, get a life............He11, get a napkin and wipe your face for chrips sake River girl is given you a Golden river all over your face, and it's looking rather to nasty for a "Fatty" to fix...

You post this morning you "HATE" me. in another thread......Dude, you really need to lay of the dope, I'm thinking you might be getting stuff south of the border the US boys spray with some nasty pesticides and carcinogens and such., before the dealers unload it on the streets.

Typed from a substance free home.

Joined: 5/16/2006
Msg: 69
single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/21/2006 7:37:35 PM
^^^^^Another Reason Not to smoke dope^^^

Hey, take note potheads, when I post in another thread, I don't call people names, and post with nothing to the topic whats so ever.

Check this thread out Bomb-bay,,,,I pulled it up knowing you kids would entertain us all.

Now tell us why it's okay for parents to smoke dope?????

Why do you think they call it Dope????

So, Bombbay/WG , whoever??? Thanks for allowing the non drug users a solid reason to stay off dope.

Want to get high? Try life, stop screwing up the kids that might have to run the world when we are old and gray.

Delete this thread. who cares. but it's nice how the Death sentence, pics of kids,pot smoking, just to name a few the same handfull that posted on this forum was on those.

For the record it is nice how you bad mouth people in emails, and suck up in the forums... or is that the "WEED" talking.

Please Note smoking weed EVERYDAY in the same house ....


Chrips Bombbay you don'y need your kid holding the carb on you bong with an oven mit cus you are hitting it so hard to """BE AROUND YOR KID"

Yea yea yea.... Post "It's Okay to have a jay now and then" Then back out and no no...I don't smoke... Whatever!

I'm sure you'll post some more that has nothing to do with the topic.

Joined: 5/16/2006
Msg: 72
single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/21/2006 8:33:31 PM
Well. boo hoo hoo. I take offense to someone who states they are subtance free, but seems to have a problem following an exchange of thoughts in the forums.


I have read, as have all of you, posts from a number of people that say they smoke weed just not around their kids.

Your offened by a rebuttal???

Again boo hoo hoo... I'm offended you stated not an ounce of truth to my post this morning....

Offended...try your post

bombay_martini on 8/20/2006 107 AM
Subject: single parents smoking pot
Message: Oh, I want to play too...

J.udge of all posters

Off topic 100% bash....Maybe you should run and report yourself...

Better Idea, Maybe you should walk out to the garage and smoke a Fatty with your either ego and Ms Larry, I'll watch the kids. Speaking of the garage.......I expect a post any minute


 get REEL
Joined: 6/27/2006
Msg: 74
single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/21/2006 9:00:05 PM
Why does he think its all about him?
Why does he think everything is about him?
Who is this guy/girl/Joanne?
Why does he need to be close to WG all the time?
Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near?
I think he is stoned a lot...must be a pot head ..that's how they think isn't it?
or it really is Patty Duke off her meds?
He even thinks any words starting with a B or a D or a J - are about him..self centered
I don't get it....but then if only I were a pot smoker would all make sense then
stop the paranoia psychosis

I'm thinking maybe he just has TMS....(and I don't mean tree man syndrome)

....... get Kleenex.......get magazine...............get a hummer please!
then it will all come together
thank you
 get REEL
Joined: 6/27/2006
Msg: 78
single parents smoking pot
Posted: 8/21/2006 10:17:20 PM
gon wreckin,

that says it all

....................................get fattie
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