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Joined: 10/18/2005
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Mind blowing sex? I guess that would be the sex that makes your legs shake afterwards, the kind that makes parts of you tingle that never tingle on their own. The kind that you think about exclusively for the next 2 hours. Nothing else enters your mind, and you have an almost visible aura of pure bliss.
Joined: 8/12/2005
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Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 10/24/2005 4:05:45 AM
whats this sex thing?
Joined: 8/12/2005
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Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 10/24/2005 6:13:46 AM
@ smpackage
Thats what I wanna know too
Joined: 10/8/2005
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Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 10/24/2005 7:54:27 AM
masturbating outside during a hurricane?
Joined: 6/10/2005
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Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 10/31/2005 10:11:01 AM
Once I was having marathon sex with my ex of three years...
so , she was on her back and I was doing my thing from behind but I was sort of grinding, not really in and out. I decided to turn her over but I never pulled out so she puts her legs on my shoulders and I started pumping faster and she was like I think I'm a bout to blow .she's like I gotta pee so she jumps up and runs to the bathroom but comes back and says I didn't have to pee so we start again same position and she says she feels it again and all of a sudden she gushing with this water out of her cooch and she's screaming and hollering and it wasnt pee she said it was the hard orgasm she ever had... that was the day i fell in love with her
Joined: 10/15/2005
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Mind Blowing Sex...for $2000, Alex.....
Posted: 10/31/2005 10:27:55 AM
'What is : "Toes curled to your Ankles, and Eyes crossed so far that you can see opposite EARS!???"
Generally..Lasting Over an hour..with Both partners having Multiple O's...and you have to DEBATE on whether or Not to continue!!!
You are so 'INTO' each-other, that you become *One Being* . . . Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigghhh!!!!
-BTDT!!!- . . Wanna do that again!!!
Joined: 9/11/2005
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Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 10/31/2005 5:46:16 PM
Wikster said it pretty good...and after the mental connection is there, when you touch, you're just so totally into it, into each other and into the moment, that every sense is heightened; coherent thought doesn't exist; no touch is out of bounds because you both feel free to try anything simply to please your partner, and you know your partner will accept it and give as well; not caring about your love handles or wobbly bits, actually loving when the other person touches's the only time I can really say I'm totally in the moment, not thinking about anything else, not worrying about anything, not caring if I have to be somewhere, or if people are coming over, in an hour, lol...and it's pretty rare to find someone that one has the chemistry and trust to share that when you have it, you don't let it go, because it's all, the physical and the mental, simply the best ;)
Joined: 10/5/2005
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Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 11/14/2005 8:33:54 AM
and when are not in tune (body ~ mind ~ soul), alcohol would help
Joined: 5/25/2005
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Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 11/14/2005 8:44:48 AM
aww man I WANT SOME !!
Joined: 5/25/2005
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Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 11/14/2005 8:48:16 AM
awwww how sweet ok you win lets go have some mind blowing sex
Joined: 5/25/2005
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Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 11/14/2005 8:56:59 AM
ok Mr . Lion i have very high expectations of you , better not let me down .
Joined: 7/30/2004
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Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 11/21/2005 6:53:00 PM
when your eyes squeeze shut as you climax and you cant help but to make a funny face. all the air rushes out of your lungs and your entire body just slumps over, completely relaxed. you feel waves of pleasure and your legs shake and tingle. and when you try to walk, you stumble all over the place.
Joined: 11/22/2005
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Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 11/22/2005 9:01:33 PM
Mind blowing sex is like the kind you have with someone and you never forget and it constantly replays in your mind throughout your life.
Joined: 12/4/2005
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Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 12/5/2005 11:39:30 AM
well when you learn, you can come and teach me ;)
Joined: 8/29/2005
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Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 12/5/2005 2:58:59 PM
it leaves the mind spent and the body both .....even the slightest touch after mind blowing sex makes you tingle .......wish more was achievable of these situations......thats what we all seek on here in our relations to come
Joined: 11/9/2005
Msg: 92
Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 12/5/2005 3:58:13 PM
well its purely mind blowing that I have had sex at all

Joined: 9/14/2005
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Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 12/5/2005 4:19:17 PM
If I have trouble seeing, thinking, and speaking clearly for a half hour after and am too weak to walk for a full hour.
 Lord Temujin
Joined: 12/13/2005
Msg: 104
Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 12/14/2005 6:03:55 PM
Any time kitten...tend to do this most of the time women just have to get more patient...let the pleasure build and then rip through you like a broken damn..otherwise its just normal..8sighs and then shrugs* gotta help me to help you my little kittens.
Joined: 11/9/2005
Msg: 134
Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 2/20/2006 10:00:35 AM
Any sex of any kind would be mind blowing

Did I tell you I was banned from the local Chinese produce store for learing at the watermellon
Joined: 3/7/2005
Msg: 137
Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 3/7/2006 7:52:25 PM
A mind blowing sex for me would be with someone who is very pen when it comes to her sexuality and let's me make love to her for a long long period of time in a hotel room where there is no noise or distraction around us except music. And then would let me lick her shaved **** for a long long period of time and make her all wet and wild so that she would ask me to **** her and then she would ride me on the couch.
Joined: 7/28/2004
Msg: 138
Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 3/9/2006 9:00:57 PM
Mind Blowing Sex is so damn HOT....INTENSE...and PASSIONATE.....when you almost feel like you levitate off the bed.....or floor.....or dresser......or (you get the idea)..hehe

Mind Blowing Sex is when you feel this strong ...sexual.....animal attraction for someone...whether in love or not(but usually felt more strongly when in love)...
and you want to just devour them from head to toe.....and several very ...HOT spots in the most intense look deep into their eyes...and YOU KNOW.....that they feel EXACTLY what you are feeling.....OMG.....if this ever stops I am gonna it again.....LMAO

when you are alllllllmost there......and you stop......damn...who is that screaming? realize it is YOU.....and then you cum....hehe....after which you both toss a quarter over.....WHO is gonna sleep on the big wet spot.......???..LOLOL.....

Mind Blowing Sex is when you cant get enough.........and you keep sucking....**** fall asleep......with him still inside you.......wake up......and do it all over again......LOL.....

My personal favorite...Mind Blowing Sex.????.....

.........Our Souls Touched...........(and it felt sooooooooo damn good)....hehe

Ladies......if you have never felt as if your Souls Touched.....then dont marry him...!!!!
Joined: 8/30/2006
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Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 2/5/2007 5:56:13 PM
After reading all this, I think I need a very cold shower.
Joined: 8/18/2005
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Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 2/5/2007 5:57:45 PM
Can I share it Tarika ?
Joined: 8/30/2006
Msg: 148
Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 2/5/2007 6:00:25 PM
Hahahaha You will have to travel far!!!
Joined: 10/5/2005
Msg: 159
Mind Blowing Sex
Posted: 2/15/2007 12:10:38 PM
If I am speechless it's mindblowing

There are other ways to restrict speech that doesn't involve 'blowing' the mind
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