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Joined: 8/31/2005
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So I'm getting to know someone and oh yeah, I think he is very attractive by his pics and what a cute personality but interesting enough, I run into him later on on my own IM and he changes his pic to someone else. hmmmmm....interesting..........questioned and the man I like is asleep this is his room mate..huh, ok, so I'll believe that for a moment but then the man that is his room mate pops up on another IM at a dating site and low and behold when I start questioning him....the IM closes and so the story go's on and on with the man that I thought was a hunk being kind of missing most of the time. What belief does that leave me with except..hmmmm maybe part of this guy that I liked is not exactly on the up and up? hmmmm......curious isn't it and it seems as though I've bumped into that a few times now. My question to the "costume wearer" would be...why? What can you possibly gain from this? You can not meet someone if you are putting up a phony picture, I think they might see the what is the thrill? To see if someone that you think is attractive might fall for you if you looked different? That is so sad to me. Many people, including myself could fall for people that others might not see as attractive. It's more the heart than the face.
Has anyone else had this kind of experience and how do you feel when someone fakes you out with their picture? It's happened to me quite often and I am growing weary of it.
Joined: 3/8/2004
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 12:48:39 PM
He probably dosn't know the biologicle differences between men and women. Cause if he did he would understand that it dosen't matter what he looks like. It's his personality. It's how much masculine energy he exudes. Because the femanin is drawn to the masculiine.

When you're ready for a strong man like me hit me up.
Joined: 8/29/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 12:51:20 PM
Hi beautifulowomen4u,

Don't let it get you down, it happens on both sides, but I think the site is still a great place to meet people and chat with others from all over the world.

Joined: 8/2/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 1:12:04 PM
I agree with country
Joined: 8/13/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 1:23:12 PM
..... till they got a date...... and than????
Generally not that important!!
They could be real but when you date you meet some freaky somewhat!!!
What about the text??? Is that real???? I have my doubts!!!
I date and go from there!!!
Joined: 8/2/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 2:21:37 PM
If a guy wants to meet you in a dark bar, late at night..... and you walk in and
he's sitting down, with a big coat on and a hat..... chances are......
he is shorter than he says and a few other things.

That happned to me once. I pretended I was there to meet my girlfriend...
and I was sorry but he had me mixed up with someone else.
 Heart Bandit
Joined: 5/3/2003
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 2:35:01 PM
I just don't understand why someone would have someone elses pic on their profile. To me it means that this person is starting off on a lie. And for those whose pics are of themselves but from eons ago....what's the point? You would only find yourself with a lot of explaining to do which is not a good way to start off. It is after all an act of deception.
Joined: 10/2/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 2:35:06 PM
LMAO rainbow!!
Joined: 8/22/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 2:41:20 PM
We should have everyone take their pics with a copy of that day's newpaper, sort of like a hostage picture. That'll clear some of it up. Of course, they may take a picture of the supermodel who's their roommate with that day's paper, but what are the odds?
Joined: 3/17/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 2:41:38 PM
Wait a second, now, I thought we weren't supposed to be so shallow.
Joined: 9/7/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 2:45:22 PM
Your 51 and you like someone with a roomate? I thought you were in collage are something from reading, until I looked at your picture. Well I would just say if the person can keep putting up new pictures at a drop of a hat, then they are who they say they are. If you know they have a camera. have them write something you tell them on a peice of paper, and have them hold it next to their face, and take a picture of it, and send it right then, give them 10 mins to do this. It don't take long to send one as long as the site isn't having proublems. If they can't send it, no biggy, but after the next time they change their picture, say it again, and if they find a reason that they can't then, I would say you had been had. People that like you wont mind proving its them.
Joined: 5/6/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 3:18:33 PM
sorry, i only read a portion of your message and figured "blond" why read the rest! LOL
 good n plenty
Joined: 9/19/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 4:27:21 PM
You guys are talking like your entering a contract. lighten up !!
I know nobody wants to be mislead, it's not fun, so let them have it with both barrels !!
And hopefully they will never do it again !!
Joined: 10/16/2004
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 4:54:17 PM
i'm just trying to erase my other forum messages!
Joined: 10/16/2004
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 4:54:34 PM
Joined: 10/18/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 4:58:39 PM
Easy solution here.. start dating the fugly guys! At least we dorky ugly guys are honest!
Joined: 2/14/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 4:58:55 PM
ok i guess i ahve 2 points one she asked why would he do this and what would he gain. well knowing how shallow most women are no matter how much they deny it. dont get me wrong looks always matter to everyone, physical attraction is a must. im just tired of women claiming they dont. anyway he prolly thinks the only relationship he can have is one over the internet where he can never be truly seen. and since noone will respond to non picture profiles, hmm more proof taht looks dont matter huh, he puts up a random one of a better looking guy. sometimes just having great conversation with someone is enough to keep ppl going. and thus my other point is if you noone picked up on it. personality is important but stop lying to yourself, everyones may have different standards but everyone has standards. so pls stop claiming looks dont matter. you wont convince me until you show up dating someone like sloth from the goonies. then ill believe your the one person in the world that looks truly dont matter.
Joined: 7/26/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 5:14:23 PM
Fake pictures have their place
Joined: 8/31/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 8:50:49 PM
Good lord people...sounds like I'm on trial here again. First of all, the blonde thing....get real, you know I'm a brunette with a creative hair stylist. So don't put me down for hair color because most women are any hair color that they wish to be now days...doesn't really matter and my cousins are true blondes and guess what, I'll betcha 10 to 1 thier IQ can beat yours all to hell buddy...

Now, would a woman date someone that was not that attractive. YOU BET!!!! I have many times and one of my ex's well, hope he doesn't read this because I would not want to hurt his feelings but let's just say, all I heard about from people that knew me was, why? He's not very attractive. I thought that they were very shallow because I thought that he had a great personality and beautiful eyes. He was sensual and romantic and to me he was simply gorgeous. Do looks matter, certainly, especially on line because this is kind of a one dimensional world and all we have to go on is that initial responce to that picture that we see as a representation of the person that we are considering getting to know. So we have a small profile and a pic. If they pop up on an IM, and we choose to speak to them, well, it's really pretty much personality in my oppinion because if they grab me with the first few sentences and I enjoy the chat then the pic becomes much less important.

So what was the subject about? Was it about me being blonde, therefore supposedly stupid? (good lord, do people actually believe that less pigmentation in a hair follicle equals less brain cells in a brain?)

Was it about women being shallow therefore only moved by the appearance of a man?
( are you serious, take a look around buddy....most of the time it is loyalty to a guy that has captured their hearts it is not always with their appearance that a man can capture a womans heart...wish you could see my dates and ex's, granted, some ARE gorgeous, some are deffinently not and I enjoy who's being shallow here..because

The subject is that the problems exists where people are misrepresenting themselves and the discussion topic is just that...I mean how fair is it for anyone to post a pic that is 15 years old which I have had happen to me with a couple of my dates. It was disappointing because I went to see the person that I had been chatting with and had become accustomed to the way that they supposedly looked and got there and low and behold it was not them. Not only is it a bit shocking but it's just not fair. I may have gone out with them anyway had they started the relationship with me with their own pic anyway.

So lets stay on the subject and for those who dislike me because my hair color is blonde...well go start your own thread for those who dislike blondes and think that they are stupid. You can title that right next to those who don't like people because they have a different skin color or a different religion or a different sexual preference or a different culture or maybe freckles..whatever
Joined: 10/29/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 9:03:39 PM
The ones I look at carefully are the ones with a picture of a person that is scanned into a fake background. These are usually scams.
Joined: 10/18/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 9:31:14 PM
Makes me wonder.. now that I thought about it.. if maybe let's say he emailed ya.. you didn't reply.. then created a profile with some other dude's pic, and opened the line of communication to "show you" that you'd like his personality. Not condoning it.. but offering it up as a possiblity.
Joined: 8/31/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 9:49:08 PM

Well not understanding the rules of the game to begin with.....I actually tried to respond to each email that I received and I think most women get quite a few for some reason on these dating sites, anyway there have been a few times when I have not responded. When I was overwhelmed and only had the time to read rather than writing back, when I was in a very very bad mood from writing on the forums and didn't think that I should write to innocent people or when I overlooked someones letter to me. 95% percent of the time I'm very good at responding. I feel that if someone takes the time to write to me then I should answer one way or another so I do not think that it is someone that has been entirely rejected as there have only been a couple that I have done that with to my knowledge and made it clear that I would not participate with their desires. I figure if I don't hear back from someone then they have moved on to greener pasture as there are a zillion women in here and let's face it, I'm not the best.......I don't think I am the object of his affection I think that the one that I mentioned is doing this with many women. I just don't get what jollies someone would get out of this...I just don't. I mean, pictures like the one that you have with your head falling off, that represents your sense of humor and shows that you actually have a sense of humor and that is understandable and in a way an art form not a misrepresentation of your appearance, that's I hope that no one thinks that is why I started this's the ones that misrepresent themselves on purpose. It's just not fair to the rest of us.
Joined: 6/11/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/29/2005 11:31:33 PM
Joined: 8/31/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/30/2005 12:07:58 AM
best comment yet...LOL....I agree!
Joined: 8/31/2005
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Fake Pictures
Posted: 10/30/2005 12:55:52 AM
Woe...they do that? lol
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