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What are good local places for a first date, and what are good local places to eat ?
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Good Places to eat, and good places to take a date
Posted: 11/3/2005 1:51:46 AM
well it all depends on what part of NC you are in...if you are in the Lexington (triad) area, a nice place to take her would be to a lil place called Christo's, its a cute lil pizza joint with class and in a historic building with all kinds of neat lil things on the walls to talk about and a lounge upstairs...if you are in Winston, it absoloutly has to be Texas Roadhouse, Willie Nelson's lil slice of heaven I have come to fall in love with...see their website for more info...lets just say its very interactive!!!but guys be nice if you go there keep your eyes off the cute waitresses in the skin tight jeans
Or Kanpai, one of the best Japanese Steakhouses I have experienced

For something else just stop by a local hotel or gas station in any city you are in...most people who are from the area you are in can recommend something that may not be advertised but may be a hole in the wall only locals know about.

Good Luck if you are looking
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Good Places to eat, and good places to take a date
Posted: 2/19/2006 4:36:03 PM
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Good Places to eat, and good places to take a date
Posted: 3/11/2006 5:48:47 PM
If you're looking for something different in the Greensboro/High Point area, there's a nature reserve on Penny Rd. near the intersection of Greensboro Rd. in High Point. It's labeled on most maps (and mapquest) and is easy enough to find. They've got lots of great, quiet walking trails.
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Good Places to eat, and good places to take a date
Posted: 7/31/2008 12:02:14 AM
Natty Greene's in Greensboro has a great atmosphere. So does McGuires right around the corner. I am a hiker, so Jumping-off-rock in the Uwharries is a good start out hike. Good views and mid-level hiking.
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Good Places to eat, and good places to take a date
Posted: 8/10/2008 6:54:02 AM
If you are in the Kinston area then two of the best places are " the broken eagle" and the "chef and farmer" either one is a great date restaurant and a gem of the town of Kinston NC. Price is commensurate and service/atmosphere is much better than expected.
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Good Places to eat, and good places to take a date
Posted: 8/19/2008 9:35:11 PM
In the Wilkesboro area, a good place for a first meeting is Brushy Mountain Smokehouse. This would good for anytime but if you are looking for an easy, comfortable, and very public atmosphere, this is the place. It is usually pretty busy and the food it great. they also have a creamery so that you can have ice cream afterwards,,,best ice cream I have ever had. I love this place.
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Good Places to eat, and good places to take a date
Posted: 10/23/2008 3:16:10 PM
ok the charlotte and surrounding areas you have a crap load of great places i have ate at many of them...

me i don't take a first date to somewhere to fancy usually its just to much of a commitment for someone but i will still list them...


131 Main on east blvd (there is also one on RAE Rd in the mathews area) this place is a great place there iron skillet corn bread and clover honey is out of this world. they do not own a refridgerator or freezer everything is brough in fresh daily most things on there menu are under 25$

Villa Antonios on south blvd and woodlawn next to the waffle house
you are looking at a 150$ meal for two after a bottle of wine.. but this is the best itallian in charlotte most things are 35$ and under you can have a fairly cheap meal for about 90$ if a cheap bottle of wine and no apatisers or drinks...

Fiammas on Park Rd (next to Ru' Sans)
Thee 2nd best itallian place to eat in charlotte some say first i think they are tied! about the same prices as villa antonios a little different atmosphere and thats where villa takes it..

Melting pot in the university area and also on kings dr (or rd)
Great for a date i think a 4 course meal takes about 3 hours to eat the fondu is awsome and being able to feed your date and have a good time and alot of time to talk.. for there 4 course meal you are looking at 100$ with out drinks oh and for the best dessert get what i kindof made up one time there i call it SNICKERS! get the caramel choclate fondu and add peanuts oh so yummie....

Lavecias on 6th street near BRIXXs pizza
Great seafood nice enviroment i have not been there in sometime... but if my memory is correct most things are under 50$ on the menu...

Ruths Chris on tryon in the uptown area

HUMMMM STEAK!!!!! don't bring the viggatarian here!!!!! and i hope you just got paid cause you can easy have a 2-400$ check here i do not recommend for a first date unless you just think this person is that one!

Radcliffs on tryon and MLK
i have yet to be here i always have wanted to go BUT... i always end up somewhere else... but from my undertstanding its a great little carolina cussine place with a 40$ and under plate...

Mcormick and Shimicks (SP error)
there seafood is also very good but its a chain reasraunt i don't really care for chains just like ruths chris but there food is good the atmosphere is nice most things are under 60$

Carpe Diem on elezabeth ave
OMG!!!! just like carpe diem means Seize the moment
i love this place there food is really really good with a nice variety of food to choose from on the menu most things are under 50$ the atmosphere is awsome as well

there are many more and i could go on and on but i would rather list real date places...

300 East on east blvd is a great place you can have Romantic inside or kick back and relax on the outside there pork bbq sandwich is banggin and the usual is good too actually its all good... fairly priced about 25$ or less for a plate

Big Daddy's in the dilworth area on east blvd this is a great burger joint with about 12$ burgers on the menu but great place a little noisy though...

The Penguin on thomas street off central ave
great place to eat look at your ticket without drinks being about 25$ max no joke...
a little busy a little noisy but great place for a nice good food meal..

Thomas street tavern on thomas street off central ave..
Good food but for you youngsters like im not... lol ok under 21 you can't go in aftyer 7 i belive.. kindof sucks but yea so don't bring the kids along...

Interpezos on central and loise
Great little itallian place for a meal for two you are looking at about 30$ there Lasgenia is off the hook both veggie and meat... great atmosphere not upscale like with low prices just a kindof cool atmosphere

Parma in harrisburg go down 49(university city blvd) till you come to the CVS Pharmacy on the left take a left at the light it will be up about 1/4 of a mile on the right great place most things on the menu are under 15$ I LOVE THIS PLACE !!! great portion sizes unless you are a starving ethiopian you probally will not finish your meal here and you will have a great midnight meal or lunch for the next day when you leave... they have my most favorite itallian dish here Penne Ala Vodka this is off the hook if you have never had it i highly recommend it

1300 Southend Tavern on south Blvd on the right when leaving uptown in the old Lance Blding right past Nikkos great place a buddy of mine Jeff is the owner i think the most exspencive plate is 26$ most are under 15$

Plan B on east blvd in the dilworth area sucky food GREAT DRINKS!!!!

Coffee shop of my choice is Carrabu Coffee in the dillworth area on east blvd it has the best atmosphere of any coffee shop around..

alright lets hit the sushi scene i will throw a few out

NIKKO's this is probally the most exspencive its on South blvd on the right when leaving uptown before Park rd
great atmosphere the sake is warm and the food is great... when's sushi not though... ! but you are looking at a 50-70$ sushi night

RU Sans on pard rd next to Fiammas
Great sushi as well i kindof liked this place a little better then nikkos but thats just me...
40-60$ sushi bill though

Sushi 101 one in the southpark area another in the university area and another somewhere i forget the GPS is great to have though
Good sushi small little place nice atmosphere about a 30-50$ sushui bill

OK so after the dinner what bar to goto...

Well my honest opinion is...

Tutu Mondos on south blvd and east right across from the Mcintosh blding
great drinks free pouring about 10$ for a tall drink awsome atmosphere

Garden and Gun Club on hamilton street in the new NC Music Factory district take graham st going towards 10th (or away from BofA stadium) make a left on Seaboard what is right after going under 277 take this all the way down follow the road to the right it will be on your right there is free parking here ( great music very upscale dance club with 3 nice bars

FIEST (also called HOM (kindof like HOME)) great upscale bar and dance club this is on 5th and church i do belive...

there are plunny of other great places but these are my top 3 where your usual young crazy kids are not at and its a great atmosphere to talk about things i hope this list helps everyone out some .... now i need to get back to work
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Good Places to eat, and good places to take a date
Posted: 7/23/2009 5:48:28 AM
in university area in charlotte - (near the hilton) theres a few good selictions to choose from and what makes it better you can walk around the pond before dinner and have an acutal conversation or after if things work out
then theres always midtown sundries on david cox great place to shoot pool if you just want to be yourselves
but theres also lots to do around concord mills or northlake mall
just so you break the ice before you break the wallet
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