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I'm for stem cell research. Embryonic and umbillical. Women who don't want to be pregnant can/will abort, and I would much rather see those aborted fetuses go toward helping save someone's life than to just be incinerated.

I'm torn on the cloning issue. Mainly because I haven't taken time to really research it or understand it.
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stem cell research
Posted: 7/6/2006 8:15:13 AM
There are appox 400000 Frozen embryos....fertility clinic's...

They are not going to be implanted....

Think meat. Hmmm...instead of critters being raised in pens, etc, how about a slab of beef in-vitro, constantly growing, and the meat being shaved off of it as needed? Save on space, and could cause beef prices to remain stable. Little chance of diseases entering the foodchain this way. Could be done with pork, chicken, whatever.

Soyant Green is people!!!!!
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