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I am wanting everyones views on suicide over a broken heart. Your thoughts matter. Give your own advice about this subject....
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/10/2005 1:14:20 PM
Suicide it the easy way out for everything. I should know. I went through a 4 year phase where I was suicidal. It takes alot to get away from that, but it's possible.
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/10/2005 4:01:39 PM
I think it's sad and pathetic to rely on someone else for complete self worth and happiness- once you are dependent on someone else for that,you give them a lot of power. It can be scary to be on the other end of that relationship- where you know the depend on you for so much.

Maybe they think it's easier to commit suicide than to work on being a stronger person and start over in the dating world. There's no excuse for committing suicide- I think it's a selfish act and an easy way out.

I think people should love themselves too much to even want to hurt themselves!
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/10/2005 6:07:39 PM

Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem.

There's always another love waiting around the corner - possibly the love of your life :)

these are some of the most awesome words you will read....and obviously from one awesome mind.....
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/10/2005 7:17:11 PM

Ah, Jazz homie is looking for attention again.

And apparently has never taken a psychology class in his life
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/10/2005 8:26:48 PM
I am very sorry to hear about your brother i know it must be real hard on you right now and if there was anything i could do to heal your pain i would. I feel so hopeless at times and yes the thought does cross my mind to end it but, i keep living for both of my daughters and i consider it as her loss not mine. The first time she left me i tried to do it and took 20,000mg of pills and was put in the hospital and had too look into my daughters eyes and explain why i tried to do it. She just gave me a huge hug and cried in my arms and told me she loved me and she always would. I cried with her and felt so ashamed of what i had done and for tearing her little heart out. I know a guy who is talking suicide and i don't know what to tell him except what i went thru. I am asking this forum for advice so i can get some tips to maybe help him in someway. And, there might be somebody else reading this forum that needs help to get passed what they are thinking of doing. But, i will keep your family in my prayers over the loss of your brother. My advice is foranyone that is thinking of doing thereself in is to surround yourself with friends and people that love you and don't spend to much time alone because that allows you to sit and think of things that will depress you even more...
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/10/2005 8:47:30 PM
Decainaru: I do understand what you are saying but. there is people out there that is calling out for help and will do it without a second thought and i wouldn't want to be the one that put the knife,or pills in there hands and told them to go ahead. I know that there is people out there that just wants pitty and wouldn't do anything but, like i said there is some that is really depressed and just don't know how to deal with the feelings that they are having. And, until you have a masters degree in phycology i wouldn't advice anyone to do what you did to the guy you was with. And, if you ask me he is better off being away from you. Your nuts....
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/10/2005 10:52:54 PM
True love, here is a point for your friend. Suicide over a broken heart? Suicide over anything? It should never happen. Every life has a purpose and everyone a reason for being on this planet. Every thing we do affects the lives of others. If you take that away, the life you were meant to be beneficial to in this world may not survive if you take away the chance of your influence. It may be a family member, friend, or someone you may even have not met yet, but you are here for a reason, and never should take the place of God or fate and try to take control of your own destiny. Hope some of these tips do the trick- good luck with your friend, and I pray you are successful.
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/11/2005 7:21:00 AM
I HAVE SURVIVED THREE SUICIDES of people close to me. All were related to a broken heart. When I was only 17 y.o., I caught my boyfriend in bed with someone else, so we were over. Three weeks later, he committed suicide and supposedly wrote in his note about it all being over me. (I never saw the note. Only going by what I was told.) 2 1/2 yrs later, my father attempted suicide, when my mother was divorcing him because he had multiple affairs during their miserable marriage. HE ENDED UP LIVING IN A VEGATATIVE STATE FOR 11 YEARS! IT WAS PURE AGONY FOR OUR ENTIRE FAMILY SEEING HIM LIKE THAT. To make matters worse, he did it on Father's Day, two weeks after I got married! It is STILL a painful, permanent legacy in the family. It still hurts me to this day that my dad is not alive to be a grandpa to my child. Plus, I have the burden of explaining my father's actions to my child. I know they would have adored each other. To top it all off, a few years later, my best childhood friend (knew her for 25 yrs.) committed suicide, IN FRONT OF HER TWO SONS, after she found out her husband had an affair and knocked the chick up. I was almost 5 mos. pregnant at the time she did it. It's a miracle I did not lose my baby! Time has passed, and I am more healed, but I can tell you that suicide is NOT an answer. There is a group called "Survivors of Suicide" that truly made a difference in my life in helping me come to terms with how my loved ones chose to end their lives. PLEASE CALL A CRISIS HOTLINE, GO TO A COUNSELOR, CALL A FRIEND, PASTOR, ANYBODY, IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING THIS! I have had low moments, myself, (don't we all?), and if anyone is pre-disposed for suicide, I got set-up to be a candidate. BUT, I HAVE NEVER ATTEMPTED IT, NOR WILL I EVER! God gave us life. I hope my story will serve as an inspiration about overcoming adversity. I sincerely hope that love and peace be with you.
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/11/2005 8:09:31 PM
Suicide is a permanent ESCAPE (not solution) FROM a temporary problem. It's about taking personal responsibility in facing and dealing with one's own issues, pain and getting help in doing so if one is not able to cope. It does not "solve" anything. It creates more problems (TRAUMA) for the survivors or poor folks who find the body, etc. There are SO MANY OTHER OPTIONS to heal emotional pain. God did give us all free will. Sometimes intervention works, and sometimes it doesn't. Some people plan it for months, even years, will use it as a way to CONTROL others or feel in control. Some do it impulsively. Some are truly depressed (sad, lonely). Some do it for revenge. I hope anyone considering suicide will please reconsider that "This, too, shall pass," especially with it being the holidays, and reach out for help in a kinder way. God, please bless us all!
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/16/2005 5:41:35 AM
I lost a friend of mine in the Netherlands to suicide this year on Easter Monday. He had gone through a very similar divorce situation to mine, and he and I were brought together by my Dutch " internet adopted l'il sis ".

Imagine a guy that's a bodybuilder, and looks a bit like Charley Sheen. Imagine a guy that's remarkably bright, and deeply spiritual. Imagine a guy that had a lot of tattoo's, and worked in a metal shop.

That was Bas, and he was an angel.

I tried corresponding with him, and we talked over a short period of time - perhaps a month or so. It was one of the most frustrating times in my life. He was stuck in a downward spiral, like a plane ( or an angel) with a broken wing. We would e-mail one another, and I would know exactly where he was mentally.

I am normally excellent in such situations, and have "succeeded" with a few very close friends of mine. Normally...

He wasn't eating, he was fading fast. I actually got him to drive out to a forest near the Belgian border, and take a long walk through the woods. I told him to go somewhere he had never gone before , outside, and to take a long walk in nature.

He wrote me afterwards, and told me how great it had been to be out there by himself - and seeing a new world.

My "sis" and I worked really hard, but he kept "falling back". He was stuck in the past, and unwilling to accept the possibility of a better tomorow.

On Easter Monday I came home, and got online.

Instantly a message popped up " Bas killed himself."

I just swore at my monitor, in shock.

He had gone up to his attic, and to his private workout/meditation area - and hung himself.

Born on Christmas Day, and dead on Easter Monday - at age 33.

At his funeral, the church was full to capacity. There were metal workers, bikers, clan members from his computer world, and my sis. It was the most eclectic group you could imagine assembled together - with one common bond.

They all knew him, and loved him - and he was totally blind to how many people were out there for him. He was surrounded by people in life, and in death - yet he never truly realized that. He had every quality a person could want, and was blind to that as well. All he saw ( magnified a million times) were his flaws, which were a drop in the bucket compared to his remarkable personality and intelligence.

At the same time as his funeral, I went outside and looked up at the night sky. It was a clear night, and yet there were only three stars visible. Two were close together, roughly in the same position as the two cities my sis and Bas lived in in the Netherlands. Another one was much farther away to the left.

The one that I took to represent Bas was the only one that was "twinkling" out of the three.

Maybe it was Bas's way of saying goodbye, or just coincidence. I looked up at it, and said what I wanted to say and wished his spirit well.

Don't do something rash like that. Live your life, and keep pushing towards the light. You have the power to make things better, and to make yourself better. Death comes all too soon anyway, there is no need to rush it.

I have come to the edge of that cliff twice, and looked over the precipice. Once when I was about twenty, another time shortly after finding out about my divorce two years ago. Both times were like being caught in a hurricane force wind for a short period.

Neither time lasted more than a half hour, but had I let myself get swept away...

Things will be better, if you let yourself accept that possibility.You will find that to be the case. It takes a little time, and a little effort, but the rewards are great.
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/17/2005 9:54:50 AM
as a person who has lost my best friend due to this it is a subject i also need to share. i cant understand why maybe they just give up and think they have nothing to ofer others but ill tell you i hurt soo bad and was so mad that he did this i was floored imiss him very much and people who do this do not realize the effect they had on others life and the lasting effects to endure stop being so selfish get help and go on the pain from that break up last alittle while the outcome last forever thank you
 veni vedi vici
Joined: 12/9/2005
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/17/2005 11:55:51 AM
suicide is a cheesy way to end things,relax there is someone waiting in the wings so take it easy!!
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/17/2005 1:19:55 PM
Suicide is getting rid of your pain by transferring it to every one that ever knew you and cared about you.

I wrote that after Bas hung himself.
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/17/2005 6:49:21 PM
From what I've seen, the clinical depression shtick is mostly rubbish. Depression comes primarily from environmental influences. True, some people are weaker or stronger than others, but some very great minds have resorted to suicide. Many intelligent minds have failed to find other solutions, and have resorted to the only remaining thing that can resolve their problem(s). The human mind is complicated and there are a great many things that can destroy its fragile happiness.

Hope is the biggest killer. Some people give up on it, but sometimes there is no hope. To someone without hope, every day affirms the conviction that there is no hope. Every day is another day of pain that could have been avoided. ...but maybe tomorrow will be better. And what happens, when day after day tomorrow isn't better? "Long-term solution to a short-term problem." Sometimes it's not a short-term problem, and sometimes anti-depressants and therapy can't mask the symptoms of real-world problems.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to face the uncertainties wrought by death. To broadly charge suicide as an act of cowardice is prejudiced. It is unfortunate that people must bear the burden of the loss of a loved one, but not every suicide is selfish. Parents and lovers have assumed an obligation to care and love their children and partners. Everyone else is a casualty of circumstance, but even those who have obligated themselves are often justified. The pain of losing a parent is arguably terrible, but the pain of a lifetime of depression is also horrible. The pain of depression can be very intense, and it IS painful. To deny somebody the opportunity to end this pain is also selfish. People who commit suicide DO think about these things. Some people kill themselves in a moment of foolishness. They get drunk and make a mistake. They are suicide victims. The ones who know what they're doing are NOT victims. Not one of us asked to be brought into this world, and to deny someone control of their fate is to deny the privileges most humans feel they have a right to.

For those of you who have felt the loss of a loved one to suicide, I think it's important to find some consolation in knowing that [most often,] YOU were not a factor in their decision. Most of these people loved their friends and families, and most of them deeply appreciated the love they felt in return. Regardless of the caring and support, there are things friends and family cannot do to. A family cannot replace a lost love. They cannot magically cure a terrible illness. They cannot make you attractive, or super-smart, or make your co-workers like you. Life sucks, and some people's lives suck a lot more than yours. Be thankful your life doesn't suck so much that you're ready to end it, but be understanding of people who really have good reasons to be unhappy, and understand that some people are just more affected and sensitive to real problems.

Here's the real doozie: Depression destroys lives. Imagine this: You don't want to get out of bed in the morning. You don't want to go to work, and when you're there it'll be almost impossible to be productive. You'll come home and feel uninspired to do anything other than watch commercials and go to bed. Your life, which already sucks, won't get any better or it'll become even worse. You'll constantly feel lousy, and why should you feel good - your life sucks, remember?

A person who is depressed can be a wonderful friend. Everybody will love them, and think what an excellent person they are. For someone who is depressed, that is no consolation. When they're gone, you'll miss them, and if they were able, they would probably miss you too. But they won't miss the unhappiness that you couldn't see in them. Be happy for them, and the bliss they have found.

Broken hearts will happen. So will pain, and so will suicide. There are victims on both sides of the grave. Don't blame them. Don't call them cowards. Don't call them selfish. Don't call them victims, unless you mean victims of life. They don't end their lives for no reason. There are exceptions to just about everything I've said, but I can sympathize, (or at least empathize,) with everyone.

Is it worth taking your life over a broken heart? I don't think anyone has taken their life exclusively because of a broken heart, but it is a major factor in a large percentage of suicides. This will sound callous and cruel, but some of the people left behind ARE [partly] responsible for the death of a suicide 'beneficiary.' I say that not because I want to rub salt in the wounds - that does no good at all - but because I beg of people, BE NICE TO ONE ANOTHER! For every suicide, there are THOUSANDS of people who are hurting who haven't chosen to end it all - at least, not yet.
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/18/2005 10:49:30 AM
No i do not think it is a selfish act at all...Having siad that i hear people say what about friends and family,,,Number 1 if a person had true friends and family..Then they would not do it...What i mean by friends is somebody that will be there for you instead of a bunch of back stabbers(What is in it for me attitude)..I am not a religous person,But a preacher told me years ago if you have 1 good friend in a life time you are a bless person...I believe that...Mojority of people are for theirselves(Like 95%)...Must be some truth to it..The divorce rate is 72% in FLORIDA...I think your spouse should be your best friend..But most cases that is not the case...Every time i did get close to a woman in my 20s it turned out to be a disaster...I treated them very very good just to get shitted on...Yes when i was 27 i attempted sucide...On a 2 week drinking benge-pills...When i got over that i became a hermit..I would never trust a woman again and i have 'nt.....It has been 13 years since that...To this day i have alot of problems because of the pain..But society tells me it was my fault....So i can understand why people kill theirselves..Some people are better off..For the sorry people that say you are weak..Do you realize how hard it is to kill somedody...Let alone yourself....When i hear somebody doing that i blame SOCIETY PERIOD!!!!I refuse to believe you are born that way or you get up one morning and decide to kill yourself...There is some people that when you have enough..Well the rest is history
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/18/2005 2:05:42 PM
...I rather risk cutting myself from the world than take a risk that happened to me 13 years ago....To this day it has messed me up...No i do not see taking a bunch of happy pills everyday of my life is the answer far as confidence what is that...I did have alot of confidence in my 20s....That was taken away from me and flush down the toilet years ago....As far a job and having something in life...Yes i do well for myself in that department...But as far as romance i have never had that in my life..I was always the giver..What few times i relied on a woman it turned out to be a disaster...You think they care they could careless...I can honestly say i treated them with respect and when well and beyond to make them happy...Just to get a knife in my back...But society tell me it is my fault...You might could say i lost interest in it all...
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/18/2005 3:13:07 PM
I disagree about taking happy pills all your life is the answer...I do not think when a person goes through hurt earlier in life,As a result is emotionally disturbed..I do not call that depression...I do not think taking happy pills the rest of your life is the answer...That is so far from the truth...People only want to see the small picture on the wall,But there is a much bigger picture on that wall!!!!!!!
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/18/2005 3:20:27 PM
I've been on both sides of this equation so I think I can provide some insight.

Four years ago my partner committed suicide, shortly afterwards, not being able to deal with it I made an attempt that ended in a 10 day coma.

From the side of those being left behind - its a horribly selfish act. It leaves those left behind with the guilt of not taking every precaution and of not 'noticing'. In my case my husband picked a fight and went down to his brother's place. I called his brother and left him a message asking him to take away all his medication because he was on another of his slides and had made several previous attempts. His brother ignored my request and found him the next afternoon - he died 20 mins after arriving at the hospital.

From my side, I was dealing with the guilt compounded by his family and some of his friends saying that I had killed him. I couldn't see a life without him. I understand his darkness and that feeling that ending it was the only option he could see to end his mental pain.

My friends basically took over my life after I was released from the hospital - someone was always with me. But after a number of months that support dwindled and I felt myself sliding towards that brink again. I had the means - saved prescriptions, but one of my friends demanded a promise from me. She asked that I give it three years - and if after that time I still felt the same then she wouldn't be angry if I decided to go ahead.

Three years was last Christmas. I had planned that I would do it that day, knowing that everyone would be busy with their own families and I wouldn't be disturbed. Then someone entered my life just about a month before my deadline. We didn't spend the entire day together but enough time that it got me through the day. That relationship ended last spring and once again I am looking at spending the holiday alone. However, even though those pills are still hidden, the desperate feeling has waned somewhat. My son plans to have me spend Christmas morning with his family "online' by video since they are 1400 miles away. My niece has extracted a promise of my attendance at dinner at their home. And once again there is a "someone' on the horizon that may blossom to the point where I'll have a family to spend the holiday with next year.

All I can say is that I understand both sides - but if you feel that way right now - make yourself a promise to wait until a deadline in the future. You may be surprised what twists your life will take before that deadline arrives.
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/18/2005 7:52:40 PM
Much like the A.D.D. craze where doctors were prescribing Ritalin left and right, clinical depression is also a blanket answer. Life is not always peaches and cream, and some people really get a bum deal. If you want to read a really interesting perspective on happiness, read Theodore Kaczynski's manifesto, namely the part about the "power process." He does a very good job of outlining why many people are unhappy these days. Believe it or not, he was very much a humanitarian. If you read more about the man, you'll begin to understand why he did the things he did. One big factor: He was lonely, and not from lack of friends and family, but romantically lonely. (Like many of us, he's reluctant to point out that he's a failure with women.) Constant dejection eventually got the best of him. He was a very bitter man, but if you read about him, you'll understand why. It's easy to empathize, even if you disagree with how he focused his frustration. (I'm not justifying his actions - only explaining his motives.)

This is a fragile subject, but I'm not going to paint it any color other than it is. It would be incompassionate not to recognize the full extent of the suffering of a severely depressed person. Sure, we could dope them up on drugs, or maybe give them a lobotomy. That would make them seem happy and as long as everyone else believes they're not suffering, (or at least, doesn't notice,) the problem is solved, right? No symptoms, no problem?

Practically speaking, what is the difference between drugs and a lobotomy, and why does society deem one to be unacceptable? Is it because we secretly acknowledge that the problem ISN'T in the mind?

Let me firmly state that suicide is not the answer to short-term problems. In fact, it doesn't FIX anything. If you're young, there will be plenty of chances for your life to improve. (Teenagers take notice.) After a divorce or having lost a job is not a good time to be considering suicide. Those are just bumps along the road of life. Granted, they are big bumps, but nothing new. If your drunk, don't even think about it; Your reasoning capacity is limited when you're tipsy. "Long-term solution to a short-term problem." In many cases, possibly or probably even most cases, that is true, but sometimes the problem isn't short-term. Sometimes the problem CAN'T be solved. Everything else I want to say in this regard will get this thread deleted. I'm not certain what the policy is around here on free speech.

"Richard Cory." A very poignant poem. It doesn't matter if your life is otherwise successful. If doesn't matter if you have great friends and family, a good job, a cool car and nice toys, or if you regularly get out and do fun things. People might even be envious of you, but if you're a colossal failure with the opposite sex, you're bound to be depressed. There's no avoiding that, no matter how grand your life is otherwise. Romantic love is programmed into our brains, and if you fail at it, it will ABSOLUTELY RUIN your life - to the point of suicide. It's sad, but our brains work that way. Hope keeps us alive. When hope is gone, we give up. It's sites like this that keep hope alive. It's no wonder the big pay-sites are raking in the dough from desperate people clinging to hope. I think it's a tragedy when sites like this sponsor false-hopes, but I think it's a real blessing when they actually deliver solutions to real problems. ...and a romantic partner IS a real solutions to a real problem. Loneliness is a real problem and it can kill you.

Making promises to wait until deadlines... My deadlines came and went, and their anniversaries pass every year without change. If I had made the promise, this thread would be a few posts shorter.

I always wondered why ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and Father McKenzie never got married. Sad, sad song.
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/18/2005 8:03:31 PM
Too all the people that think its a joke or its some how cool shove it.

Suicide isnt the can get really shi++Y at times and things can not only seem hopeless but be hopeless. as for doing it to hurt the ones you leave behind? who knows it they will even hurt. The people that love you..friends and family will hurt but the ones that seem to push you ove rthe edge wont so dont waste your life on them.

My motto is "dont let the ba$tards win" hurt them by surviving.

As for killing yourself becuse you love left you? you wont get them back either way. Accept that you had a love and now its gone. All that is left is the pain and emptyness inside your gut. It will pass. You will get over it even if you think you wont or think you dont want to.
You will find a new love. yeah it takes time. take some time to greive for the loss of the relationship and when you are ready open yourself up to finding someone new. Remember there are plenty of fish in the sea!
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/18/2005 11:16:42 PM

..don't do it you'll regrete it someday.

Oh really? :)

...and what about the story of a old man whose parting words were, "I should have done this fifty years ago."

Many languages have multiple words for love, all meaning different things. The reason there are different words is because there is an important difference between different types of love. The love of family is different than the love of friends. The love of a lover is VERY different than the other types. It's a crucial difference. For the religious people out there, you may find it interesting that the second thing God did after breathing life into Adam was to create Eve, because he "saw that it was not good for man to be alone." He didn't waste much time in recognizing the importance of a lover. ...and if you believe that the Bible is rubbish, at least realize that the authors thought this was a pretty important point to make.

You hear stories of people who figuratively "died of loneliness," and stories about animals that literally died of loneliness. To somebody who has lost someone important to them, if they don't have hope of finding a "replacement," that would be pretty depressing. What's worse is that any new person will be perceived as a replacement - an imperfect substitute for the real thing. Suicide among the elderly is surprisingly common, and they don't bother doing the whole "cry for help" thing. Another major group that keeps the suicide numbers up are people with acquired disabilities, especially disfiguring ones. Plenty of fish in their sea? There's a perspective for you.

But over a broken heart? No.

The people that love you..friends and family will hurt but the ones that seem to push you ove rthe edge wont so dont waste your life on them.

Very good point. ...of course, it doesn't help if you feel you've ALREADY wasted your life on them, but it's unlikely that you'll be able to hurt them for it.

How do you value yourself? I don't value myself at all. It is the things in my life that I value; the things I partake in, my worldly possessions, and to a much greater extent, other people and my relationships with them. It feels good knowing they value me in the same way, but if you take that away, what do I have? Even life after death does not preclude the existential and nihilist nature of immediate life on Earth. Saving endangered species, or any other 'surrogate activity' isn't going to add meaning to my life.

Obviously though, it's completely pointless to be a martyr to make yourself happy. Spite towards another person is something else altogether. It's the ultimate insult towards the world. "You're not worth my time." Ouch. But who's listening? Again, if you're not around to appreciate the aftermath, what's the point? I think young people are strongly predisposed to end their lives foolishly based on spite or hoping to change or hurt someone. I suspect the wisdom of age makes older people much more rational about their decision, even if they are rash. This explains why their numbers are substantially lower than other demographics. You may still feel they are wrong, but they concoct much better reasons for believing they are right than younger people do.

And if life after death is your cup of tea, you might seriously want to consider letting God take you when he's good and ready. Most religions aren't very accommodating to people who operate on their own timelines.
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/19/2005 7:48:37 AM
well i have been going thru a broken heart for 4 years and christmas time seems to be the hardest for me i have thaught about it but im a fighter and i know i will get thew it some how and i will meet someone to share my life with. i had my soulmate once and i will find her again i hope anyway.
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/19/2005 10:34:54 PM
I think suicide is a lousy solution for any problem, but for a broken heart, that's just really stupid. We all love and lose in life, sometimes greatly. But how can you learn to appreciate something any better then knowing how it feels to lose it. There are way to many flowers to see bloom, and birds that have yet sung, sunrises and sunsets to be in awe of to just throw it all away for a broken heart. Someone will mend it, maybe you'll do it yourself, maybe it will be broken even worse, but knowing that you were loved goes a long way to making it all ok.
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What do you think of a person committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 12/19/2005 10:45:28 PM
At one time I most certainly thought I had reason, lost my wife of three months in a bad car accident.

Fact is, it takes courage to live and bull your way through it.

Those that got the guts to fight live, those that don't........

Snuffing it is the easy way out, tough as it may be to actually do.

There is a better way, and a person needs to find it within themselves.
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