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Joined: 5/23/2004
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Re: Titties: real or fake?Page 1 of 14    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14)
watching all those horror stories are going to end up turning you off from getting this medical procedure done...that's what they are meant for along with giving you an inside look on the possibilities of any will always hear of the odd complications of which some women have had to endure, but it's very me it's not all as bad as people make it out to be.
There is a slight risk just as any other surgical procedure, but you must really look into this and make sure that this is what you want before actually going through with around...make sure the surgeon has a great reputation, look for certificates on his wall, before and after shots, find out where others have had that same surgery done, and mostly....make sure he tells you all the good with the bad...any doctor that sounds to confident is looking to make a quick sale (if you know what i also be careful of the ones who are very unsure of themselves. Write down a list of questions you want to have answered.....were you considering in getting it done over the muscle or under? If you have exsisting tissue, you may want to consider getting it done over the muscle as this is less painful and heals quickly too....if you have saggy breasts, i would definately consider getting them done over the muscle as they will end up looking like real breasts with fullness.....not too fake...also take into consideration the fact that getting an insition under the crevace rather than around the nipple would be more suitable as depending on the size of implant you go for, eventually gravity will take place and they will start drooping alittle and that scar will be well hidden..there are also many other different ways of having this surgery done. I have heard that some new and improoved sillicone implant has been placed on the market but i myself would suggest saline as this would be less harzardous to your health if anything should rupture inside of you...
Also, any surgeon should recommend you taking a few implants home with you. This is standard procedure.
Joined: 5/23/2004
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Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 6/26/2004 11:41:44 PM
yes rjn, it's very easy for someone to say that but no matter what you tell that person, it aint going to change the fact that they don't feel confident about that certain part of their body...i believe that if surgery is what it takes to make you feel better about yourself, then by all means go for it...I'm not saying that surgery is the answer for everyone, and i'm not trying to endorse it...i'm just saying that anything that makes you feel crappy about yourself on the outside is going to refect who you are on the inside....a person should always feel good about themselves, no matter what they look like but if there is something about you that you feel extremely insecure about, then obviously something is going to have to be done to alter the way you feel about or not...
Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 6/27/2004 1:15:17 AM
Personally I don't care.

just have something there.
I once dated a girl so flat chested that she made the walls jealous.
it was a disaster, the worst sex I ever had.
it was impossible to stay interested in her sexually.

thats so lame to say, but thats the truth.
I don't care if your a size b or watermellon size.
just as long as somethings there.

on a side note, if your gonna get them, get tear drop shaped ones.
theres nothing worse then the round ones that make a girl look like she's got 2 basketballs inflated under her shirt, and a gap a mile wipe between em.
go for a natural look.

oh yeah, if your a size a dont go for size d.
thats just horrible.
atleast keep it somewhat natural.
Joined: 5/23/2004
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Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 6/28/2004 11:59:08 AM
it's not about that's about how a woman feels about herself....
health? what do you mean health? lol
everyone is doing something unhealthy to themselves,
there are alot of women who have gone through cosmetic surgery and are still healthy enough to talk about it.
Joined: 6/28/2004
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Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 6/28/2004 12:53:11 PM
I am soo glad to read this. After all the Miss America pageants and pornos, I thought all men prefered bigger breasts, whether they were fake or not. Maybe I will keep my real B's.
Joined: 5/23/2004
Msg: 27
Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 6/28/2004 1:30:08 PM
yes but there are alot of women who don't have complications with's just like taking medication....look at all the risks and side effects....
Joined: 6/3/2004
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Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 6/28/2004 11:39:38 PM
Lying on her back, pretty well looks all the same.
Joined: 6/20/2004
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Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 7/1/2004 1:53:59 AM
OK ladies, here's the catch: THERE IS NO *OFFICIAL* MALE OPINION. At least 95%, or more, of guys love real and natural. I've known several guys who had LTR's w/ f-l-a-t girls, and hadn't the slightest complaint. I mean, what's your real agenda here? To boost your self-confidence? How, by making *other* girls jealous b/c yours are bigger than hers? Because you don't see "you" in the magazines at the grocery-store checkout?

Plastic surgery, of any kind, is for people with a medical NEED. Not for some insecure little girl who thinks she'll never be happy if she's outshined by Barbie. Any doctor who agrees with you that you'll be happier with artificial mammaries JUST WANTS YOUR MONEY. Society is SICK these days with all the people obsessed with constantly needing the guys in white lab coats to make them better. Doctors are getting rich by playing people for their own insecurity; then they use this money to promote glamorous images of fake people, in order to promote more mass insecurity. Self- respect is more attractive than anything. Showing off to the world that Mr. White-Lab-Coat-I-Have-A-Licence can play you for a fool is not.

Do you go around looking at guy's crotches all day, swearing to only acknowledge the presence of the ones who look like they have a pringles can in their drawers? Good, now most of us guys are the same way about your chest. We like boobies not because they're pretty to look at, but because we want to *do* stuff with em. We watch 'em slap around when doin' ya doggie-style; we watch em curl into balls when you're on your back; we stick our head inbetween em and go b-b-b-b-b-b side to side; we suck em; then lick your breastbone for lubrication before humpin em. Too big can actually ruin that last one, and is overkill for most other activities. Small is perky, perky is great; med-large is soft and soft is fantastic. 3-D multi-texture is a bit off.

If they're so big they give you backaches, tell Dr. Barber to take a little off the top. Lifting them up so your nippies sit higher is attractive. Making them bigger will just make them droopier later, as well as cause health problems. If you have esteem problems, see a shrink, not a scalpel-weilder. If it's not causing you health problems


Joined: 6/20/2004
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Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 7/3/2004 3:27:37 PM

Go topless, wrap some silver duct tape around you chest -- just enough to cover the pepperonies of indecency (keep Admin happy) -- take a pic and put it in your profile. You'll get an honest response or three.
Joined: 7/3/2004
Msg: 58
Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 7/3/2004 10:31:37 PM
My 2 cents from the newb.

The real deal is always best for me. Here's why. I have a friend that I see from time to time and she has these awesome tits, fake ones. However, something about them being fake turns me off when i'm f*cking her. I mean they look perfect, but they don't move right or something. I can't quite put my finger on it.

They are great to look at and make a women look awesome. The just aren't real.

don't do it if you have a B-C cup size. A size for me would be worse than the falsies. So, If you want me you would have to go up a size or two. I think it would be stupid to go up a size just for me though. There are "plenty of fish" in the sea that would be perfectly happy with an A cup. The would probably just flip you over and slam that ass and not think twice about your breast.
Joined: 6/20/2004
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Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 7/4/2004 12:27:43 PM
Oooohhh, GIRL TALK!! ........ I'm IN, yo!

Okay ladies who likes shopping? Okay who likes cats?

Maybe we could go shopping for cats?

And then ... and then we could let all the cats out of the grocery bags...

Heh-heh ... if you got the cat I got the sack ...
 cute bill
Joined: 5/24/2004
Msg: 67
Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 11/30/2004 4:52:14 PM
Real or fake doesnt matter to me. I dont know if i have ever been with a girl who had fake ones, and I dont even know if I could tell the difference. As for saggy or perky, again it makes no difference to me. You expect a 17 year old girl to be perky and someone older to sag a bit or alot. To me nothing is more of a turn-on than watching a girls boobs bounce up and down when she is riding me, and saggy boobs definitly do this more than perky ones.
Joined: 9/15/2004
Msg: 71
Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 12/1/2004 3:18:13 AM
Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 12/1/2004 5:51:28 PM
all guys like a good set of boobs, but unlike someones comment here about any boobs are good..... thats definatly not true. atleast not for me.
monkey boobs, banana boobs, pancake boobs... all suck.
may feel good still to a guy, but hell I don't wanna know.
if you look like hell from 5 feet away, I don't want to come any close to find out how anything feels. the motivation is gone if your not turned on.

but fake boobs can go wrong SUPER easy....
girls always get really dumb about breast implants, getting rounded ones that make a mile wide gap between the two and look great in shirt, but look like hell once that shirt comes off.
or doing just brainless things like going from a size A to DD, then looking like someone took a balloon, wrapped it around a pop can, then put some marbles between the popcan and balloon and called them boobs.

be smart about them if you get them.
tightening them up, lifting them, firming them up.
thats great and all, and if it makes you feel better, then why not do it??

your gonna hear alot of sensitive crap from guys saying "you don't need to do that, your breast size doesn't make you who you are, blah blah blah.... self esteem"

know what I say to that??


Capitol B, Capitol S.

if there was a Penis Surgery that would 100% garauntee guys had a foot long penis as thick as a pop can 98% of guys would have jobs and be walking around naked showing off thier new dongs.

guys say crap about self esteem cause they wanna sound sensitive and nice.
fact is, guys like boobs.
big ones, small ones, good ones, fat ones, watermellon boobs, to monkey boobs.
theres a guy that likes them all.

but generally, bigger is better.
we all know that.

just like, if you get 2 girls, alone, talking, then ask "does size matter", you hear the complete truth, no "motion of the ocean" crap.
if you have a chance to get mandigo lovin with a nice guy with 5 inchs of smooth love, or funky crazy, break the headboard, screamin lovin with a dude with 8-10 inchs....

what are you honestly gonna go for?

I known enough girls to know one thing, size matters, and the motion of the ocean crap is a lie, unless your looking for a lifetime of sittin on your back staring at the cieling, wondering whats gonna be on tv when your done....
girls are ruthless when you get a few together.
so are guys...

and when you get or more guys together, and a hot flat chested girl walks buy, and a hot biig boobs girl walks buy, I garauntee, the one all the guys are like "daaaaaymnnnn" about, isn't the flat chested one.

same reason almost any american dude seems to love pamela anderson...
but another cute blond, gwen stephani... you just don't tend to hear about.

yep, theres the truth.
big boobs are good.
little penises suck.

girls can buy big boobs.
guys are just waiting for the day they can buy 10 inchs of self esteem.
till then, you'll always hear the sensitivity crap.
but real life, is often very different from the nice crap we tell each other.
Joined: 9/28/2004
Msg: 105
Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 3/13/2005 7:53:01 PM
I would like a reduction. wait until ya get the fake ones & carry them around for a year. Your back hurts! Firm you say? Try ROCK HARD! Oh then there is the chance of getting so sick they may kill ya! No thanks! These 44's may get smaller but aint nothing fake going in them...
Joined: 10/7/2004
Msg: 106
Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 3/13/2005 7:57:14 PM
d*mn, 44's??? I'm into real titties... real big, that is :)

Actually, I've never been with a girl that has had fake ninnies. Any of you girls wanna help me out with that?
Joined: 12/25/2004
Msg: 108
Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 3/14/2005 1:04:13 AM
real all the way ...soft to the touch....
Fake boobs have wrikles when they bend over
you can see and not to mention the scares
...not sexy in my oppion

Joined: 1/7/2005
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Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 3/18/2005 1:40:15 PM
neena - i love saggy ones!!!
Joined: 12/18/2003
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Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 3/18/2005 1:41:29 PM
hey mine are tiny but they are real
Joined: 1/7/2005
Msg: 111
Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 3/18/2005 1:43:00 PM
blue - dont shrink em dont do it
 Double Cabin
Joined: 11/29/2004
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Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 3/18/2005 1:53:20 PM
I prefer real, but women should do whatever they want to for themselves, not us.
Joined: 3/19/2005
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Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 3/22/2005 7:53:15 PM
personally can't stand fake tits, I think they should be natural all the way, even if the're small
Joined: 1/17/2005
Msg: 124
Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 3/23/2005 12:26:33 AM
Gotta give it up for real*tanyone can go buy some BOOBIES
Joined: 1/17/2005
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Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 3/23/2005 12:45:04 AM
ok mailing some implants to above
Joined: 3/10/2005
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Re: Titties: real or fake?
Posted: 3/23/2005 12:49:41 AM
Fake boobies look really good but do not feel quite right and when girls lay down, they sit kind of odd. I just recently dated a girl with fake ones and they looked amazing on her but they just don't feel quite right.
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