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Joined: 1/2/2006
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Lesson Learned

Witness life's test,
With first hand experience.
Learning from it is best,
No shame in inexperience.
Remember the lesson well,
Or you are doomed to repeat it.

my way of imparting alittle wisdom to anyone willing to listen.
Joined: 9/10/2005
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The Woman that is Me<----- you go girl ! :)
Posted: 1/10/2006 9:02:39 AM
(MARCH 05') To My Husband, Micah.. The One I'll Always Love

anything goes, right? well i wrote this some months ago after bein' split with my husband for 6 months. glad to say that heartache has finlly come to an end for me... but i feel every word the same as i wrote it every time i go over this poem i last wrote to him:

In my heart lies a hole. In that hole, it is wide. Leaving you was my suicide.

See my eyes; they are sewn, and my sun.. well, never shone~ so I cried. Being blind was my suicide.

My blood was always cold while your love remained pure gold~ my veins, I guess, have dried~ being numb was my suicide.

But if I may please turn the page.. beg of you to forget my rage, and gently allow myself back in your life; I'll put on my grave all that's worth to save, and excel this time at being your wife, (more than you could ever know); the
only way is to clearly show.. so if ever your should cry then here's my shoulder; dry your eye. During your moments of happiness, watch my face.. the little things I will embrace, and when you're in a loving mood I'll seductively, (and passionately), become yours in nude; so I beg of you~ please forget the wife you once knew. I'm reborn and repenting. I'm here to love you.

I want to kiss you~ hold you~ cherish you, and never let go. If my words you don't believe, then in flesh please let me show!
Joined: 11/4/2005
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The Woman that is Me<----- you go girl ! :)
Posted: 1/10/2006 9:34:40 AM
Just a little diddy that I was inspired to write for you om! Look forward to more of your great writes. God Bless.

Bound together
Birds of a feather.
Words in prose
Forever shows,
That we are not alone.

Joined: 9/10/2005
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The Woman that is Me<----- you go girl ! :)
Posted: 1/10/2006 8:19:27 PM

a lil' rambling... i apologize... but it's just something I think so often about... :)

also decided to add another poem of mine which has nothing to do with any of the above.. but for those who may be interested.. read on: (also may have posted this one a while back somewhere.. dont remember.. but here goes anyways):

So Afraid To Be Alone

Ur naked body, mother, I held onto tightly after running up the stairs. It felt gross but i chose to stay sitting between ur legs trying not to notice ur pubic hairs.. oddly enough.. I felt safe there...

because in the doorway he now stood.. looking as guilty as he could..

when moments ago right downstairs he spit out his first outrageous lie: "wha.. what.... where am i?" sleepwalking?! I think not.. but im still shocked... that u never let me keep any doors locked.. and now his exscuses u *****ing bought!

You spent a hundred grand on two hot shot lawyers from Florida to come defend the man that would jack off to thoughts of banging ur 12 yr. old child!!! You even picked up the phone and for the operator you dialed..

wanting me to be psycho-analyzed... told the psychiatrist i was making up lies.. begging them, "help her, please!" as if i had some kind of disease.. then u sent me off to live with my oldest brother for a while... but u brainwashed him and my other brother too.. so much like u, they became indenial.

Had no choice then.. moved in with dad. The next 10 yrs. ive been living quite sad.. and even wondering at times if I should have just made ur boyfriend glad.. shut up and been greatful for all that i had.

You have a 5 yr. old grandson you don't even want to see..
Even though he's now confessed to what he did to me. My dad knows u really well, though, and he explained as best as he could. He says to forgive u, I should, because u supposedly mean well, and silently my happiness u actually condone.. (it's just that u suffer from a wreched fear).. ur so afraid to be alone.
Joined: 9/10/2005
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The Woman that is Me<----- you go girl ! :)
Posted: 1/10/2006 10:59:41 PM
arabquene: thank u for the motivating, and very true.. very kind poem :) I wrote that (like much of my poetry) some time ago... I have learned many great things through many sh*it*ty situations... I i hope others can be inspired and motivated to do the same with the words written in this thread.. and the advice that comes from all of us who understand and mean well. Thx again. :)
Joined: 9/10/2005
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Anything Goes...toward being inspired
Posted: 1/11/2006 2:39:52 AM
you're welcome and thank YOU... it's kind people like u that make it easier for others to want to open up and share their experiences with people... good or bad... though i try my best to never regret anything ive done or a time i in my life in which i didnt "exist" i love to learn and expand my knowledge as well as help others through their traumatic times by letting them know they're not alone.. i DO understand... and that most of us become beter people oddly enough thx to some of our very own misfortunes.... anyhoo.. i feel as if im being redundant.. ive expressed my feelings on this many times past couple days... and im strting to forget who all ive said these things anyhoo.. my point really... was just thx. :)
Joined: 9/10/2005
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Anything Goes...including blood and death
Posted: 1/11/2006 3:11:07 AM
thx again longte... and a very touching poem i might add. lookin 4ward to reading more as always :)
Joined: 3/13/2005
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Anything Goes...
Posted: 1/12/2006 7:21:52 PM

Got to say this is one of my fav.s of yours so far. It was short but says more than you'll ever know!!!

People hurt so badly, and won't face it,
some hurt so sadly, and can't take it,
others work so hard, to fake it,
and some can't seen to shake it,
then there are those that make it,
by facing it, and taking it,
but IT faces us,

Got it printed and hanging on my computer!!!!!!!!

Joined: 12/17/2005
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Thanks for sharing.. The talisman is On Duty
Posted: 1/15/2006 7:26:38 AM
I find my self here,
because I read someones file, and thought,
why not try that.
The words just fell along, and if you lost interest,
It would seam to come out all wrong.
You had to stay with it, until the end,
to know if it was comming, are going my freind.
Well I was told I couldn't wite,
so I wondered about all night.
I thought maybe, I could see,
what words would jump out you see.
So here I am , and what do I see.
I suck at this, but it seams.
Its fun, so I might stick with it a bit.
If I don't send people running in fear,
for my word are sper of the moment I fear.
True I need to sit and write,
and give some thought,
before I show it.
Are people will say it.
She can't write.

Lets call that one. "Your right, I can't write."
Joined: 12/17/2005
Msg: 112
Thanks for sharing.. The talisman is On Duty
Posted: 1/15/2006 8:16:49 AM

Om thanks for the welcome,
you made me laugh,
because you thought I could write.
Now I am afraid to try,
so I am sitting here biteing my nails.
Thinking now how do I try.
Worried about a block,
that might make me look dumb.
So what do I put where people don't run.
I posted in where they gave me a topic,
but no one post on the one I gave.
So I am wondering if I need to just behave.
I put barking dogs,
so I think I skard them away.
Barking dogs that never got to bark.
Gee thats no fun.
wrote this stuff right here and now.
Then I got to get a pen,
and write it down at home again.
So if anyone ever says to me.
Have you ever wrote anything.
I can say, yes, indeed.
Oh Man I covered them tracks,
Like a train wreck I fear.
Not sure it works,
but if om laughs then,
I think its all good,
with no fear, it works..
Joined: 12/17/2005
Msg: 115
Posted: 1/15/2006 9:44:51 AM
Sweet pea

Sweet pea, now that she is gone,
you can run free,
and into the next warm smile,
and the eyes that glow.
The ones that think you know,
she is wonderful, and the best.
She was made for you,
just to see you smile once again.
So not let tears run down them eyes of yours.
She is out there,
with a wanting thought,
just wondering when you will find her.
Waiting for you to just look.
Sure she didn't leave a map,
nor did you.
I guess its something worth looking for,
so sweet pea,
find her.
Joined: 12/17/2005
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Posted: 1/15/2006 7:35:03 PM
Mama tiger I see you there,
High on a hill,
over looking it all.
I might of passed by,
and not seen you there.
But the words of the jungle,
have reach my ears.
They say to come look,
at what you have to say.
So I came back,
to see for my self.
Your words are sweet,
and sure a treat.
Funny how you seam,
to see threw to me.
I thank you my freind,
for your kind words.
You always have something nice,
to say to a freind.
Thank you.
Joined: 3/13/2005
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Posted: 1/16/2006 12:30:09 PM
Hiya OM,

Just got this sent to me by e-mail by a friend who asked for it to be posted somewhere.
Thought it might fit in this anything goes thread pretty good, lol
Hope all is well with you!!!!

"Battle Scars"

Whatever happened, to good women
are they a thing of the past
or has greener grass, one them over
at last

they start off with dreams in thier youth
then later battle scars appear
taking much of their cheers and years

most believe in thier present thoughts
never realizing that, how much they've changed
in their lives, rearranged

it's not anyone's fault
because we all wish the best, by default

but scars and baggage, develop over time
as life continues to give, in thier lives

some making the same mistakes, over again
thinking that, the world is the same
as when they began

cheated, beaten or feelings betrayed
women have put up with alot
like men in their lives, are like blood clots

stunting in most, levels of maturity
looking for relationship in life
but sometimes turn out, not so pretty

some wear them, like a badge of honor
as a wall around themselves, self made cells

and when a good man, happens to come around
unconsciously they turn them down

always hanging on, to that teen dream of long ago
when life was fresh and began high, instead of low

when dreams of a brigher tomorrow
sat at the crest of their futures

never seeing the pit falls
that men, place before them

it's a shame, for those who never wake
they continue down the same
pot hole ridden road

and later wondering, to themselve
why have they come this far
with no one, to hold
Joined: 11/4/2005
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Posted: 1/18/2006 11:50:48 AM
Om, I really loved your short, short story but the poet in me is crying out for the story to become a poem. Would you?
Joined: 3/13/2005
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Posted: 1/20/2006 8:55:52 AM
Very awesome write!!!!!!
Hope all is well with you!!

Joined: 1/5/2006
Msg: 175
Anything Goes...
Posted: 1/21/2006 6:56:18 PM
That's a good poem.

Broken......... (by A.T.)

Black Roses,
Purple Violets
A broken childhood
to add to it.
You told me
you were nothing
at all to me, You
said you didn't exist,
now your trying to
play out like you didn't
say any of this. But thats
a lie, thats not the truth,
as of right now I can't stand
you! So don't try to tell me that
everything will be ok, because
I'm going to tell you, STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!!
Joined: 1/21/2006
Msg: 189
Posted: 1/23/2006 3:36:17 AM
I sit still as i watch that deer
I will it come forth to me my dear
Cautiously and hesitantly it advances near
Our eyes meet we freeze its finally clear

My intentions are harmless I want you near
Come sit with me and dispell all your fears
I offer you peace please do accept my dear
As it lays its head on my lap in tears
Joined: 1/22/2006
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Anything Goes...Forty Shades of Green
Posted: 1/24/2006 5:42:33 AM
Inside Of Me

I'm battered and bruised,
I've always been used,

When shall this torment all end,
I so need that time to mend,

My hearts been ripped out,
Why must they all throw it about,

Strong on the outside yet weak within,
I'll never have my turn to win,

No feelings of being worthy of someone,
To love and care with a little fun,

Why oh why does it have to be,
I never take time to think of me,

They see the beauty on the outside and in,
Will my sight of this ever begin,

I see such the most horid creatures,
With the worst of features,

Daily and nightly I tend to cry,
Continueously asking why oh why,

Never once shall you pitty me,
Because I will never truely let you see,

I've been hurt by YOU,
The truth of your identity will hide too.

By: Shirley
Joined: 1/22/2006
Msg: 202
Anything Goes...Forty Shades of Green
Posted: 1/24/2006 5:43:21 AM
My Boy

My heart it grew,
From the knowlege of you,
Never a single regret,
Have I had yet,
From your addition to me,
One day you'll see,
The world to me is what you are,
No matter how angry inside you are,
Your mother and friend,
I'll be til the end,
This part of my heart I give to you,
Why Michael? Because always and forever I love you.

By: Shirley
Joined: 1/22/2006
Msg: 203
Anything Goes...Forty Shades of Green
Posted: 1/24/2006 5:43:43 AM
My Girl

Five years I waited for you,
Finally I had my baby girl too,
A miricle babe you seemed to be,
The last one to complete me,
Your brought a big smile to my face,
Time in life you did erase,
My mini me,
I sure do see,
From the ears to the nose,
It sure shows,
This I shall share with you,
Always and forever Jennessa I love you.

By: Shirley
Joined: 1/22/2006
Msg: 204
Anything Goes...Forty Shades of Green
Posted: 1/24/2006 5:49:46 AM
In This Cage

I'm stuck in here,
I can't get out,
Please come near,
Please hear me shout.

I'm hungry for life,
I'm tired of the same things,
Don't stick me with a knife,
I'm too young to have my wings.

Is this what I deserve,
Am I not worth anything,
I'd like to walk along a curve,
Why am I not treated like a being?

I need something more,
I don't want to sit and wait,
This would not happen I always swore,
This must just be my fait.

Please come and take me away,
I really want to leave,
I really don't want to stay,
I need you to show me how to believe.

By: Shirley
Joined: 1/21/2006
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Anything Goes...Ladypagey
Posted: 1/24/2006 8:14:53 AM
Ladypagey Iam so sorry to hear of your fall
And you hurt your wrist, are you sure thats all
I hope you recover soon for the sake of us all
Come back in due time and lets have a ball
Joined: 1/21/2006
Msg: 206
Anything Goes...Sweet CheeksSD
Posted: 1/24/2006 8:41:36 AM
Dear SweetCheeksSD, I detect sorrow and gref in your rhyme
You're in a rut and so am i, bound together in similarities only by time
You hunger for life, I fight to live, together we survive our poems we give
Your inner sorrows you carry from day to day, my horrow is when a bullet puts me away

This is not what you deserve cos everyone is worth something
I too would like to walk a long curve one thats never ending
We all need something more and none of us wants to wait
Come karma, destiny and faith i hope its never too late

Both you and me, we want to leave for neither wants to stay
You're trapped in your sorrow, and me in my burrough
God please come take us away
Dear SweetCheeksSD of St. John I hope one day soon your trobles are gone.
Joined: 1/21/2006
Msg: 208
Anything Goes...Thank you om
Posted: 1/24/2006 8:53:01 AM
Tomorrow we push thru enemy lines
I hope this is not my last poem or rhyme
Thank you "om" for having me here
I've read your poems and they are classy and clear

So many talented people out here
My only escape from this madness and fear
Would love to spend days posting poems n drinking beer
I really dont know cos i live in such fear

Tomorrow we push thru enemy lines
Thru barbed wire fences and scattered land mines
If i make it thru I'll be back online
48 hours please gime me some time

"God have mercy on our souls"
Joined: 3/17/2004
Msg: 221
Anything Goes...
Posted: 1/25/2006 11:16:43 AM

These are very good! Keep up the good work!
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