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Joined: 10/23/2004
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So Tired Of Being LonelyPage 1 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
But hey.. at least I feel better when I come here. Y'all are good people. And some of you have been through absolute hell too, which is mind-numbing.

Honestly, it's actually quite frustrating to hear some of these stories that I read, because I think everyday is a struggle for me to somehow keep my faith in this world with all the crap one hears on tv and reads in the newspaper. It's all like one big gigantic headf*ck, ya know? And it's not easy trying to find and hold unto someone one is totally compatible with in this clusterf*ck we call Earth. Must be cause we're all so independant and specialized or something, I dunno. But I'm just so tired of being lonely when I get home from work or school. Sucks.
Joined: 1/5/2005
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/11/2005 10:01:33 PM
I feel you, brother. You could not believe the crap I have been through, but I think every broken heart comes with quite a tale.
Joined: 1/13/2005
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/13/2005 10:37:00 AM
Hey baby hang in there, we all have periods of lonliness in our lives, hell, I have been in a marriage for 20 years, we met as high school sweethearts at the age of 15, and in all these years with him he has cheated on me twice. Being lonely is one thing, but being alone in a marriage is worse I think. If you ever need to talk baby, let me know k, I am here in the same spot as you, same sh*t different pile LOL, take care honey
Joined: 5/25/2004
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/13/2005 11:02:31 AM
I can relate TOTALLY with you. I lost my son in a court battle two years ago. I never gave up hope. I was divorced from his mother 10 years ago. And I'm still fighting her for joint-legal. My appeal comes up the May, 05. Last May I was diagnosed as "bipolar" "borderline personality" and put on medications so strong, that the V.A. recommended that my drivers license be taken away. So the V.A. gave me disability. Social Security says I'm still able to work and I should take a cab. Where the heck am I going to find a cab, when I live in the boonies. I own my own property. And no-one to communicate with except this lousy puter to try to find someone to hook up with. The only Good thing is, I can walk to Church.
Joined: 10/23/2004
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/13/2005 11:08:53 AM

Being lonely is one thing, but being alone in a marriage is worse I think.

Yes, I'm sure you are definitely right. I can't even imagine what that must feel like.
Joined: 8/22/2004
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/13/2005 11:13:28 AM
Yeah, I just moved in with my brother who recently went through a divorce because he ended up cheating because of feelings like that. He eventually "came to his senses" about it, but it was too late and his wife had moved on. How she moved on that quick, I don't know. Of course, he's already found someone to connect with as well who seems to be very good for him, so his story isn't such a sad ending.

As for jupiter, man, I can't imagine what you're dealing with. I used to live out in the boonies myself and it drove me up the wall just because I had to drive 30 minutes to get anywhere. I have no idea how mindnumbingly lonely it must be out there and not being able to drive.
Joined: 9/26/2004
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/13/2005 1:19:39 PM
Hey studio guy. I feel what your saying. I'm so tired of being alone and even though I may be young I know what I want and when I want it. I know that within time I will find my right guy and the same goes for you within time you will find your right gurl..good luck :)
Joined: 1/11/2005
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/13/2005 1:27:47 PM
Aw doll..your definitely not alone..many other people feel like you. i know youll find the right girl, maybe not now..but sometime. youll stuble across her and you wont even know. Everything happens for a reason, and good comes to those who wait
Joined: 7/24/2004
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/13/2005 9:13:20 PM
Anything that is thakes time to create. Be optimistic and start talking to maor chicks on the street. Don't give up hope it will come, learn from what you are going through and mmake the best of it.

Joined: 11/15/2004
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/15/2005 4:46:10 PM
dear studioguy,
hi there how are you?fine I hope you so right its hard on the women,and children,I've been 2 marriages like that and one abuser,and i'm still looking for desent,honest careing,warm,open,suportive person,trustworthy person,family times,quiet times,I write church poetry in songs about it and their very deep words my friends say,i'm in process getting them pubished,and on c.d.and in magazines,i was abused mentally,verbally,sexually,phyisical,every way but nomal i know all about it,it sucks and I know all about comeing home to nabody i miss that big time,somebody to hold,hugable,cuddles,snuggles,hold hands,kisses,lots t.l.c.a.when get home would be nice i love all that stuff,and more,somebody to grow with,grow old with learn with be there for them,i'm a one women man,i play no games i don't like them I have one son age 17 still get over it he's gone both of us for conceling,i still get over it,it hurts big time us women hopeing and prayinmg they'll change but now it's like broken record,it keeps going around doesn't stop but more pain heart acks.low selfasteem,and more dislike self.if wish to coment about what i wrote please get back to me please.take care god bless.
sincerly yours truely.
Joined: 11/21/2004
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/15/2005 5:13:07 PM
I feel you man. I feel the sameway too.
Joined: 12/14/2004
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/15/2005 5:45:50 PM
Hey Jupiter, get a lawyer, as a RN I can tell you that almost every psych disabled person gets rejected by social security, you can't do it on your own, but a lawyer can do it for you, find one that works for your recovery and takes their fee after they collect back benefits, they are out there!!!!!!!!!
Joined: 3/25/2004
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/15/2005 5:49:20 PM
I can relate... mine is a little different though.. I'm a widow mine died without notice he wasn't sick....... he was here one day gone the next...... I to get tired of being lonely.. this dating scene isn't like it use to be and holiday sucks around here but I just take each day make that day count cause life is to short. I got a reality check right in the face.. so hang in there and smile.
Joined: 11/10/2004
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/15/2005 6:11:30 PM
yes I too can would be nice to go out on a real date and socialize....It would be nice to wake up with would be nice to have my morning coffee with another...or to sit in a coffee shop somewhere and chat up a storm...It would be nice to eat with another or even prepare the meals instead of just for I am feeling lonely and know these days come and go without hesitation...I just want to lie in anothers' arms ! This is me at this moment! Why is it I feel like crying?

Charming and Sweet
Joined: 10/29/2004
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/15/2005 8:44:16 PM
I just want to say that when I read the word 'clusterf*ck' it made me all mooshy.

There was only one person I knew that used that word. That was back in the day, you just made me all nostalgic! *Sniff. It was used to describe being overwhelmed with things to do and all things coming at you at once.
Joined: 1/15/2005
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Love, and it's strangeness.
Posted: 1/15/2005 10:02:54 PM
It's true that some of us have been through absolute hell. But what is life, if not a vessel to build character? Life can sometimes seem so confusing and blury...but if you look closer you'll always see the hidden meaning. Love is the same way. Being alone is characterized by not being understood. No matter how long you are with someone, you may never truely know them. the key is communication. Whatever hell you go through, just remember there are people here as well as everywhere else, who can and will readily help you. If you need someone to talk to, drop me a line.

~Oh happy dagger, this is thy sheath. Here rust, and let me die.~

Shane P.
Joined: 6/5/2004
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/16/2005 6:10:18 PM
It gets better....okay when LOL,
I took my kids to the movies to see the spongebob thing and it was packed, and there on the left a happy couple with thier two kids all snuggled up. In front a guy and his lady and thier kid and she is all snuggled up to him and he acts like he could give a sh*t...arrggghhh I felt like asking if I could cut in!! How friggin wrong is that!!!
Yeah Charming I have the same feelings you do and would love to wake up with someone wrapped up in my arms but till that day I'm glad we can come here and vent and share!!
Joined: 9/26/2004
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/17/2005 7:58:27 PM
I agree with sweet and charming because it would be nice to go out on a date and socialize but I've never been on a real date and I'm 18 so lets hope I will be able to soon.
 Fid Copya
Joined: 1/13/2005
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/17/2005 9:19:11 PM
Loneliness - very simple: You get lonelier and lonelier and lonelier and finally your heart completely breaks and then it doesn't matter anymore.
Joined: 10/23/2004
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/17/2005 9:23:14 PM
Sounds comforting.
Joined: 1/13/2005
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/17/2005 9:25:02 PM
about sums it up though.

and when you stop caring that's when the real fun starts.
 Fid Copya
Joined: 1/13/2005
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/17/2005 9:26:19 PM
Er - sorry about that - just expressing my own feelings and situation. You (like most people) will probably be ok.
Joined: 1/13/2005
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/17/2005 9:31:36 PM
and here i thought you stole my feelings on the subject.

btw...what the hell is yetisyn? can't find it in a dictionary anywhere (form of yeti perhaps?)
 Fid Copya
Joined: 1/13/2005
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/17/2005 9:45:33 PM
As best I can explain...
When Yetis (Homo Correctus) mate with Humans (Homo Sapiens), their offspring would be Yetisyn.
"Yetisyn" refers to the *religious* belief that all SubGenii are descended from Yetis.
See: Church of the SubGenius

I am SubGenius, therefore I am Yetisyn.
Joined: 1/13/2005
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So Tired Of Being Lonely
Posted: 1/17/2005 9:49:17 PM
thanks for the explaination. when i googled it it gave me a church website which threw me off.
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