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Joined: 1/13/2005
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Child AbusePage 1 of 8    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
this is prettymuch self explanitory. I'm a survivor....nuff said.


Unbridled children, dreams in technicolor
Everything changes lass
Apprehensive solicitors guard
Intuitive girl, unwavering conviction
Protector of all she holds sacred
Humiliation becomes routine
Sinister fingers explore, oblivious parental figure
Brave soldier marches on to pain's brutal pulse
Incestuous creeping figure
Unadulterated terror thrust upon youth
The chase begins again
Ritualistic pain, mocking words
Blind eyes, deaf ears, mute voices
Reaching into eternity
Brief reprieve....
Shameless betrayal, taste of normality ripped away
Pursuing from the shadows, never ending watch
Daddy dearest....
Joined: 12/1/2004
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A new life, yes
Posted: 1/18/2005 12:41:32 PM
aye caramel i just sent you a message.. its great to see fellow people from home on here..

all the best
Joined: 3/13/2005
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A new life, yes
Posted: 4/28/2005 10:37:03 PM
How does a thread this powerful get tucked away. In the last few weeks, I have done alot of soul searching, and I have seen alot of souls connecting in these forums. Someone told me to come read this thread. Bless her heart, and all the hearts and souls in here.

Joined: 3/13/2005
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Child Abuse
Posted: 4/29/2005 9:37:43 AM

Never far enough away
And never far behind
Dreadful shadows cast
Constant in ones mind
Keeper of the scars
Never being seen
Deep within the soul
With hatred in between
Memories that follow
Darkly in footsteps
Repeating pain each print
Of ever countless reps
Put forth the terror
Of mirrored past
And seek advisers
For shadows cast
Learn to heal yourself
From the inside, out
Releasing the pain
Creates a new route
Because hate will turn
Itself, around on you
In almost everything
You ever say or do

Joined: 3/13/2005
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Child Abuse
Posted: 4/30/2005 12:11:19 PM

See the way she looks at you
In her eyes, is the truth
She can’t speak it, with her words
The horror from her tragic youth

Trigged moments, she will have
Unannounced and real bad
So when she pulls away from you
It’s just from the sorrow that she has had

Don’t take it personal
Or you will loose
The greatest love
That life could choose

Just give her space, to fade the plight
Let her know, you understand
Given time, the moment will pass
Then, you can reach out your hand

Joined: 3/13/2005
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Child Abuse
Posted: 5/2/2005 12:18:53 AM

Innocence stolen away
Lost inside their inner core
The pain, lies and dirty secrets
Is what’s locked behind the door
No one hold the keys
No way to break the chains
Just fragments of a childhood
Is all that still remains
Because the darkness overshadows
All the light brought to their lives
Making everyday much harder
As the darkness grows, it thrives

Joined: 12/28/2004
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Child Abuse
Posted: 5/3/2005 8:23:27 AM
Hello, My heart goes out to anyone who has had to deal with abuse in any shape or form,it isn't the easiest thing to deal with and it is always a part of you no matter how hard you try to move speaking your words you are allowing yourself to heal in some way and that is an important step...

I wrote this awhile ago, thought it might be better posted here..

Curtains of Lace

She was a precious angel
With her hair of golden hues
Always smiling and laughing
That was all she knew to do

Until a cold unforgotten day
Words and fists at her flew
Breaking her strength
Her soul was torn in two

The angel no longer existed
Never to smile again
Only longing for the darkness
The comfort of the cold rain

Finally at dawn one early morn
She became an angel once more
When her life on earth was ended
With one final throw at the door

A precious angel existed again
Her smile as bright as the sun
Becoming a protector of the weak
The unprotected, innocent ones

Her words could be heard to them
In the still and silence of the night
While they sat up alone
Long after the fights

Wipe your tears precious one
Put a smile upon your face
Don’t hide it forever
Behind tears of lace

The time has now come
Your stronger then you know
Get up, get out, and become free
I will be beside you as you go…..

Joined: 3/13/2005
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Child Abuse
Posted: 5/3/2005 8:37:07 AM
Good morning Miz,
Thanks for sharing these heart touching words. Very beautiful poem!
Joined: 12/28/2004
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Child Abuse
Posted: 5/4/2005 5:54:17 AM
Abuse can be found in many forms...some effect us deeper and harder then others, the most horrific abuse is the one that burns into you and tarnishes who you really are, the kind of abuse that takes away all that you are and all that you want to be....

We all have been inflicted with abuse at one time or another, but we have to remember that there are people out there who we see each day walking down the street that may be hiding abuse, so one day when your out do a good deed, smile and say hi, by just being a person with faith and love in your life, you might show someone who needs it that it is there and can be found again...

To all who need it keep strong, you have angels watching you, just grab on when you feel the gentle flutter of the wings, times may be tough but life is worth the struggle at times...

hugsss to all...

Joined: 3/13/2005
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Child Abuse
Posted: 5/4/2005 11:06:05 AM

Holding back, so far away
A little child, with somber face
Blank emotions in your stare
Like looking through an empty vase
No colors in your eyes to see
So withdrawn and out of sight
Shaded memories of your past
Your colors left in black and white
Pushing it farther, will not erase
Shadows, planted, will not uninstall
Your pain is hidden, deep within
Yet, the tear that runs, says it all


my heart goes out to all!
Joined: 3/13/2005
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Child Abuse
Posted: 5/6/2005 7:19:02 PM

Children lost, in the dark
Hidden scars with unheard fears
Stolen innocence, ripped away
Broken hearts with unseen tears

Always having dreadful thoughts
When awake, and in their dreams
Overlaying their darkest visions
Yet, never covering all the screams

Joined: 12/28/2004
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Child Abuse
Posted: 5/7/2005 4:56:24 AM
Upon the looking glass she would stare
Never seeing the true person there
Her angelic heart no longer did sing
Troubled pasts broken wings

Pain abundant hurting so bad
Overcame the life she once had
Taking control pushing her fast
Away from the good from her past

This life she lives is a lie
Wanting to do nothing more then die
Then the pain would cease to be
The truth people would be able to see

She was once so beautiful and strong
Until he came to treat her wrong
His fists would fly hard and fast
For days the pain would seem to last

The internal pain was harder to cope
No longer having any kind of hope
Of finally being able to be free
This she no longer did see

One last time the fists flew by
No longer the need to hide and cry
Her angelic heart again did sing
Pleasant past mended wings...

Joined: 3/13/2005
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Child Abuse
Posted: 6/1/2005 6:53:18 PM

Little child in the rain
Distantly staring, through the pain
Sees nothing, but in her mind
To all other eternity, she is blind
Replaying the memory of the screams
Unending nightmare, so it seems
Would rather sit out, as it pours
Then to return to the pain, from indoors
All alone, with how she felt
As her tiny life, began to melt
No one there, to comfort her
No one knows, what does occur
Cold and scared, inner voices silently cry
Until her storms, pass her by

Joined: 3/13/2005
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Child Abuse
Posted: 7/21/2005 12:15:50 AM

Powerfully written!!!! Good to see this thread back on top where it belongs.

Joined: 4/22/2005
Msg: 77
Child Abuse
Posted: 7/21/2005 12:28:31 AM
Her childhood mirror image was shattered
Did daddy love her was all that mattered
Maybe if she was prettier or funnier,or smarter
Maybe if she could be pretty just once in his eyes
Maybe if she could silence the scream
Of pain in her innocently painted eyes
Maybe if her mother sings her one more lullabye
Maybe one day it will all be ok
She doesnt want her daddy to go away....or anything like that
Only in her dreams
She finds solace
She is a princess in a tower
Far above the screams
And the view is much more beautiful alone
Up here it seems
Maybe if he realized he was wrong
Things would change
And mommy and daddy would fall in love again
The walls that surround her
This house
Wasnt on a strong foundation built
She carries the guilt
On her frail little shoulders
Crouching like a tiger
Hiding in the corner
5 years old and full of shame
Spoiled brat and Bi*ch are not her first name
She wonders in her childs heart
If her world will fall apart
As the words and anger suffocate her
Caving in
She dreams her little dreams
Where real life has worn thin

Just a spontaneous write from me:) I hope thats ok.Great thread..Hugs,Kat

Joined: 4/22/2005
Msg: 79
Child Abuse
Posted: 8/8/2005 12:00:24 PM
Your such a doll^^ I feel the same kinship twards you.I actually came in here to see what you contributed to this thread because you and your writing rock!Youre so genuine and expressive.I just want to say the saddest thing about abuse is that sometimes people succumb to it and wear the labels forever.I understand how people fall into that because its so hard to move past the people who are supposed to love us most,and protect us telling us were nothing.(our parents)The thing is ,if we can take our pain, and instead of internalizing it..turn it outward and unleash it to create something beautiful..then even the deepest pain and wounds can be turned into something incredible.(poetry)I dont think parents do it on purpose to their children.They are just wounded themselves. (Ive finally realized the name calling ect wasnt about me being nothing,but my father feeling like nothing himself and being in pain..not that it makes it right.It helps to let it go when I realize it was never about me)Ive learned to forgive the things that have happened in my past...but sometimes forgetting is another story.I have a little girl now..and I never forget to tell her how brilliantly she sparkles and lights up a room.She is growing up with strength self esteem and confidence..I had to find my own.If I had a chance to change certain aspects of my childhood,I dont know if I would.Its enabled me to be very strong,empathetic,and compassionate tward others...and maybe just maybe,I wouldnt be who I am today if that hadnt happenned.Then again,maybe just maybe I would be even more successful today.Ill never know...What I do know,is for anyone who has been abused...Dont continue to beat yourselves up and believe your nothing.Thats just perpetuating the same abuse on yourself we all know is so wrong.Love free and prosper.Were all so beautiful in our own ways!Love yall,Kat PS I know this isnt a poem and I hope its ok I added this:)I also hope this helps to give somebody strength and comfort.Mwah!The writes in here are amazing!
Joined: 4/22/2005
Msg: 81
Child Abuse
Posted: 8/8/2005 1:11:40 PM
It takes such a brave and wonderful person to share the way you do Ladydi You give me strength and comfort too..I love you girl!Mwah:)
Joined: 12/28/2004
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rainbows in the moonlight
Posted: 8/15/2005 2:22:32 PM
I just found this thread by accident, I hope it continues and catches peoples attention. Child abuse IS aserious roblem, and more people need to do something about it. I was abused as a child in the day when it was ignored, it doesn't HAVE to be ignored any longer. I belong to BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) and physically protect kids going through this. There are more and more organizations popping up to help these kids and try to stop the cycle of abuse, please, support these organizations, and if you suspect, report child abuse.I'll get in trouble for doing it but our website is BACAUSA. check it out.
Joined: 3/13/2005
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Child Abuse
Posted: 9/20/2005 5:57:20 PM

I look up to you
For what you’ve done
Hopefully a better life
Has now begun

Things get harder
Now that’s its out
He’ll try to intimidate
Without a doubt

Protect yourself
As best you can
Write everything down
Throughout this span

As for family
They may be torn apart
As for the child
You’ve saved a heart

We all know
What’s right or wrong
I’ll pray your worry
Won’t be long

For a child can not speak
Adults are their only voice
So on behalf of the child
Thank you for your choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joined: 12/28/2004
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Child Abuse
Posted: 11/2/2005 3:50:12 PM
soo glad to hear that Di... it took decades for me and my dad to even try to get close, but we are now...people like us have had to learn loooong term patience, but God does see that in us.... (I have an exceptionally high tolerance to pain too, could tell you some stories)
Joined: 11/4/2005
Msg: 120
Child Abuse
Posted: 11/15/2005 9:41:31 AM
God Bless anyone who has had to suffer through any kind of child abuse. I have not been through it but my best friend did and I was inspired to write this for her.

All Alone

As her parents slept peacefully in the other room,
she felt the power of sickening doom.

The blackness seeped into her every pore,
to pretend she was sleeping was more than a chore.

This evil presence was a family friend,
trusted and loved til the very end.

It wasn't real, it was only a dream,
the ugliest of nightmares that end with a scream.

The demon drained her of happiness and joy,
never to trust easily again, any other boy.

No one to turn to, family or foe,
no one believed her so very long ago.
Joined: 11/4/2005
Msg: 122
Child Abuse
Posted: 11/16/2005 5:35:41 AM
Thanks Lady Di! You are a great inspiration for many people. God Bless.
Joined: 9/10/2005
Msg: 123
Child Abuse
Posted: 11/16/2005 1:00:30 PM
i was sexually abused at 12 yrs old by (my moms bf at the time.. which is now her husband).. to make a long story short... today I have forgiveness for him in my heart though he doesnt know.. i have forgiven him long ago.. but my mother... well.. this is for her:

So Afraid To Be Alone

Ur naked body, mother, I held onto tightly after running up the stairs. It felt gross but i chose to stay sitting between ur legs trying not to notice ur pubic hairs.. oddly enough.. I felt safe there... because in the doorway he now stood.. looking as guilty as he could.. when moments ago right downstairs he spit out his first outrageous lie: "wha.. what.... where am i?" sleepwalking?! I think not.. but im still shocked... that u never let me keep any doors locked.. and now his exscuses u ****ing bought!
You spent a hundred grand on two hot shot lawyers from Florida to come defend the man that would jack off to thoughts of banging ur 12 yr. old child!!! You even picked up the phone and for the operaor you dialed.. wanting me to be psycho-analyzed... told the psychiatrist i was making up lies.. begging them, "help her, please!" as if i had some kind of disease.. then u sent me off to live with my oldest brother for a while... but then u brainwashed him and my other brother too.. so much like u, they became indenial.
Had no choice then.. moved in with dad. The next 10 yrs. ive been living quite sad.. and even wondering at times if I should have just made ur boyfriend glad.. shut up and been greatful for all that i had.
You have a 5 yr. old grandson you don't even want to see..
Even though he's now confessed to what he did to me. My dad knows u really well, though, and he explained as best as he could and he says to forgive u, I should, because u supposedly mean well and silently my happiness u actually condone.. it's just that u suffer from a wreched fear.. ur so afraid to be alone.
Joined: 9/10/2005
Msg: 125
Child Abuse
Posted: 11/16/2005 6:24:21 PM
to ladydi8
Those are the sweetest words that have been told to me in... well.. years. I've been told kind things.. but in the end it was only b/c someone was looking to gain something in return. This was actually the first time I felt an impact from a kind comment... because I know it was genuine. Thank You.
Joined: 11/4/2005
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Child Abuse
Posted: 2/16/2006 10:30:35 AM
I know this is posted in my thread also but just thought that it needed to be here too.


Locked up and staring through cold metal bars,
A little naked boy covered in scars.

Curled up in a ball, frightened and scared,
Sobbing softly and wondering why no one cared.

Skin and bones, bruised and battered,
A heart barely beating for it was thoroughly shattered.

He gazed out of the grimy window into the night,
And focused on a shiny star so bright.

His intense pain and sorrows withered away,
For a higher power enveloped his body that day.

He was taken from the hatred and cruelty given,
In a chariot of abundant love he was driven.
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