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To Mike Paladino (Ret Capt Palisades Park PD NJ) We have to give you a lot of credit for running the web site, This was a well run web site with a lot of ideas and space for veterans, Firefighters, Women Democrats and anyone else that wanted to get involved.
Thank you for all the Police Officers that did Vote for the President, and shame on the 52 million that voted for and wanted to put a traitor and a Capon in the White house. ( I wonder if he did win would he tax his wife's out of country businesses or grandfather them for her ?)
Dominick D'Onofrio

Monday, January 17, 2005

President George W. Bush signs H.R. 218, the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004," which exempts qualified active and retired law enforcement officers from State laws that prohibit the carrying of concealed firearms, in the Roosevelt Room Thursday, July 22, 2004.
Support the President who supported us NOT the Senator who flipped flopped on HR 218!!

'Police Officers' supporting President George W. Bush.
This site is developed by LEO's for LEO"s
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Michael J Paladino, Capt. retired, (NJ)
Joseph DeSchryver, Sergeant (Retired), Detroit Police Dept.
Jim Taber, Deputy Sheriff, Shelby Co. Sheriff's Office
Ernest Schmidt, Officer
Joseph LaFlower, Corporal, Warren, MA
Randy Walker, Policeman, Los Angeles Police Department
Jerry Orton
Al Kerling, Lt., (Ret)
A Wayne Henscey
Charles Rahn, (Retired), Orlando, PD
Tim Stacy
Mark Grimm, Sgt., Retired, Bakersfield CA, PD
Victor H. Marcone, Capt., Retired, Philadelphia Police Department
Greg T Erdman, Sgt., Retired (30 yrs), New Berlin, WI. PD
Randall James, Lt., Retired, Orlando, PD
William Taylor
David W Althausen, Retired, Woodland Police Department, Woodland, California
Dominick A D'Onofrio, Chief of Police, Retired, Lodi, NJ, Police Department
Duane Smith, Lieut., LA Co. Sheriff's Dept.
Jim Donahue, Inkster Michigan PD
Gary Fallwell, Dallas Sheriff's Office, Dallas, Texas
Daniel B Morphet, Retired, Monroe County Sheriff's Dept, Rochester, New York
Russell Dakin, Retired Sheriff, Pulaski County, Illinois
Michael D Check, Police Officer, Texas
Robert J Chewning, Chief/Director of Public Safety Emeritus, Orlando Police Dept.
Dennis R White, Sr., Sebastian, Fla
Frank Bertone, Lt., Harris County, Texas
George Cabaniss, Sgt., Van Buren, AR PD
Richard Millhouse, Retired, Orlando, PD
William Burt, University of Montana Police, Missoula, Montana
Todd Morefield, GS-12/5
Bill Stanaland
Steve Livingston, Sgt.
Jim Sanfilippo, Police Officer, Milwaukee, WI
Kenneth Miscia, Lieutenant, Montclair, NJ PD
Edward Tenuto, Detective, Retired, Philadelphia Police Dept. Currently, Assistant Regional Director, Bureau of
Michael Apple, Patrolman, Gahanna Police Department
Kent McLean "Sean" Ross, Former Honolulu Metro Police Officer, Honolulu, HI
Fred Barnhart, Jr.
James M Jones, Police Officer, Cleveland Public Utilities
Michael Russo, Lieutenant, Cliffside Park Police Dept, NJ
pasquale speranza, patrolman, Bridgeport Ct. police dept.
Larry Walsh, Former Deputy US Marshal, United States Marshal, Tacoma, Washington
John Ledogar, Long Island, NY
Richard Taracka, Retired Detective sergeant 8/92, Greenwich Police Dept
John E Finnegan, Detective, retired, Milwaukee PD
D. Grady, Officer, CHP Oceanside
Joe Raffa,, Deputy Sheriff (Ret), Los Angeles County
Jimmy Anderson, Detective Sergeant, New Orleans Police Department
David Rochatka, civ
Ray Carpenter, Lieut. (ret.), Philadelphia P.D.
Lane Pughe, Officer, Springfield, OR
Jeff Wander, Sergeant, Miami-Dade PD (Ret)
David O'Donnell, Lt., Perth Amboy PD, New Jersey
Ron Thomason, Los Angeles Sheriff, Retired, Clark County (Nevada) DA's Office
Don James, Lieutenant (retired), L.A. County Sheriff
Alan Keller, Detective, Brentwood Police Department
Bradley J Swaffield, Cleveland Public Utilities Police
Paul R Croas, Harris County Sheriff's Department, Houston, TX
Glen Gause, Detective (Homcide), Orlando Police Department
Richard Garrison, Sgt., Homeland Security Coordinator, Emory University Police
Tom Savage, US Military & Police Chief, Retired
Dan Cusiter, Retired, Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept.
Thomas W Carter, Sergeant, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Steven Box, Retired, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Michael Griffin, Sgt., Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept.
Steve McDonald
Brian Jones, Sgt., Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Dwight Van Horn, Deputy Sheriff, Retired, L.A. Sheriff
R.A. "Rick" Armstrong, Sr., Retired Police Officer, Texas
Tony Alvarez, Retired LAPD, presently Criminal Inv. with CDI
Edmond M Auerbach, CPP, Retired Detective, LAPD
Craig Wiggins, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Ricardo Rodriguez, San Antonio Park Police, San Antonio, Texas
John Massi, Chicago, P.D.
James Disser, Lieutenant, Mount Clemens PD, Michigan USA
Louis R Disser, Det/Lt.., Retired, Yavapai County Sheriff's Office (Arizona)
Leonard Tiritilli, Sergeant - Retired
Don Williams, Deputy Sheriff (Retired), Los Angeles Sheriff's Department
Larry Elliott, officer, Metrpolitan Police Washington DC
Charles Wohlfeiler, Police Officer 3+1, Los Angeles Police Department
Errol Van Horne, Capt. (retired), LA Sheriff's Dept.
Bill Hopwood Jr., Detective, Philly PD. Stakeout, 1964-1970, Homicide Division....Retired..
Paul Busillo, Policeman [ retired ], Phila
Alan Wismer, Police Officer, Phildelphia, Pa
Mike Fusco, Police Officer, Police
Mick Whelpley, Inv.(Ret), NHSLC
Weldon Morgan, Deputy, retired, Harris County, TX
John Penswater, Supervisory Officer, Homeland Security
Jim Forbes, Sr., Police Officer, Philadelphia. PA
Mike Santillo, Police Officer (Instructor)
Michael Juliano, Captain, FHP (Retired)
Jim Cullinan,, Retired, Georgia PSO
Russ Enyeart, Detective, Inglewood P.D
John E. McLaughlin, Sgt. (Retired), Philadelphia PD
Craig Sterling, Lt. (Ret.), Philadelphia, PA
Terry Hester, SGT, CHP
Bob Feeney, Sergeant (Ret.), Philadelphia P.D.
Jack Keery, Retired, Montgomery County Police
Nathan Schilling, Special Agent, Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Fred Madanick, Police Officer (Retired), Philadelphia Pa.
Frank Marulli, Officer, CDC
Steve Huish, Patrolman, Sacramento PD
Jack C Roberts, Lt. ret., Aiken Co. SC
Gary Davis, Sgt. Retired, Jacksonville, Fl Sheriff's Office
Joseph Wong, Capt., L.A.S.D.
Gregory Wong, Deputy Sheriff, L.A.S.D.
Eric Dickey, Private/Reserve Officer (Disabled/Retired), U.S. Army/Maine D.P.S.
Wayne Bowie, Detective, Retured, Philadelphia Police, PA
William Proctor, P/O, Phila Pd
Joseph Janco, Retired Sgt., Police
Robert Stockman, Sgt, Colorado Dept. Of Corrections
Steve Gattis,, Lieutenant (Retired), Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Jim Sammons, Corrections Officer, Muscatine County Sheriffs Office
Kurt Boso, Patrolman, Groveport
Gary Ziegler, LT. (RET), Philadelphia
Norman Beznoska, Patrolman, Cleveland Police Dept-Retired
Neil Carr, Ret. P/O, Highway Patrol
Mark Meil, Corporal
Gerard Chartier, Sgt., Retired, Connecticut State Police
Larry Thompson, LtCol (ret), AZ DPS
candace mullins, deputy
James Lee, Police Officer (Retired), NYPD
Douglas Miller, Ranger
Michael Wisniewski, Detective, Philadelphia
jim hosefros, police officer, philadelphia-retired
Brian Sullivan, trooper, Mass State Police
Lee Hendricks,, Sgt, Baytown, TX
Marshall Koehler, Sgt
Mike Burgess, Trooper, Massachusetts State police
Larry Garbacik, Sgt
Jeff Walley, Sergeant, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept.
Darin Powell, Cpl., USMC (SPEC. OPS.)
Calvin Dixon, Captain (ret), FWC
Craig Smith,, Lieutenant, PCSO, FL
Danny Baker, patrolman
Robb Hurt, Lieutenant, San Diego
johnnie potts, major, manatee county florida
john potts, major, manatee Co. Sheriff
Jamie Anderson, Patrolman, Solon PD, Ohio
Eric Metten, Deputy Sheriff, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept
Wendell Garrett, Officer, United States Park Police
joe anderson, P.O. (retired), NYPD
Edward Zimmerman, Sergeant, Detroit Police
Jack Tynan, RET. Inspector, Detroit Police
Paul Hartzell, Sergeant, Detroit Police Department
Fred Roberts, FIS II, LASD
Philip Hemphill, Lieutenant, Ms. Hwy Patrol
Jan W. Jones, Assistant Chief, Stafford Texas Police
Raphael Virata, Corporal, Stafford Police Deparmtent
Carolina Johnson, Officer
David Weller, Det.2 ret., LAPD
Dee Wells, LT (retired), Oklahoma Highway Patrol
Jim Alton, Tpr, Mich State Police ret
John Horne, Officer, Johns Hopkins University Police
A Wayne Henscey, Retired Police Chief, Baytown, Texas
Arnold Hollingsworth, Constable, Township 13 Benton County Arkansas
John Nelson,, Lieutenant (ret), Redondo Beach, CA
David Jones, Sgt. (Retired), St.Louis
John Ehrhart, po, nypd ret
Ed Lock, patrolman
Gary Moseley, Cleburne PD, Texas
Richard Scalzo, Capt., Secaucus Police Dept.
L. C. Campbell, Jr., Chaplain, Martin County Sheriff's Office (Florida)
Michael Hall, Retired, Santa Ana, CA
Mike Burtenshaw, Sergeant, UT Southwestern
Kenneth Wylie Waltz, Corporal - Retired, Michigan City PD -Indiana
Shaun vanBergen, Deputy (RET.)
Mike Pearlman, Chief (ret ), Martins Ferry PD
Rob Matlack, Assistant Chief, Minneapolis, Kansas PD
Debra Littlejohn Shinder,, former police officer, police academy instructor
Ron Brewster, Retired Senior Police Officer, Bakersfield Police Dept.
Jimmy Busch, Lt.
Steve McDonald, Detective 2nd Grade Retired, NYPD
Bob Schure, Police officer, Riverview
Scott White, Police Officer, Portsmouth (VA) Police Department
William Booher, Investigator, Retired, Ohio Division of Wildlife
Anthony Baldridge, Officer, City of Trotwood
Eric Weaver, Police Officer, Durham, NC Police Department
Ed Roberts, Lt, Center Police
Erik Kupchik,, Patrolman, Mentor Police Department,Ohio
Carl Oestreich,, Master Police Officer, Orlando Police Department (Retired)
Michael Passig
Paul Burnett, TSgt, USAF
Dennis Eddy, Police Officer, Bakersfield Police
Donald Overpeck, Sgt, Ohio
Daniel McElheran, Senior Patrol Agent, US Border Patrol
Chet DuPont, Sergeant
Ken Pearson, Colonel, Manatee County Sheriff's Office
Scott Dixon, Deputy, ECSO,Fl
Michael Sulfridge
Mary Sulfridge
Michael Sellers, Deputy Sheriff, LASD
Mark Doyle, Lieutenant, Ocean City, MD
Kenneth Real, Patrol Officer, Toledo Police Department
Bob Allen, Police Officer, Bakersfield Ca, PD
Josh Schultz, PST, MPD
Larry Flowers, Police Officer, Worcester,MA
Kevin McCroan, Corporal, Retired State L.E.O.
Everett Quacenbush, Investigator (Retired), NYSP
J J Hammer, Trooper 1st Class, Conn. State Police Ret.
Roy Parmelee, Detention Officer, Sanders County Sheriff's Office
Ken Ansley, Sgt. (Retired), Phoenix, AZ Police Dept.
Tom Bradley, Retired Det, Phoenix AZ PD
Kathy Mullen, retired deputy sheriff, Los Angeles Co Sheriff's Dept
Bill Ware, Police Officer, Bakersfield Police
Dave Dawson, Police Officer, Gaston County Police
Steven Proctor, Sergeant (retired), Phoenix Police Department
Richard White, Lt, Retired
Mike Owens, Officer, United States Park Police
Bill Strauss, Sergeant, Phoenix P.D. (retired)
Tom McKeon, Retired, Philadelphia, PA
Carroll Cooley, Captain, Phoenix PD Retired
Det. Colin, Murphy, Waltham, Ma.
Gregg Gulbrandsen, Deputy, Taylor County Sheriff's Office
Scott Gerard,, Lieutenant, Two Rivers, WI
Tom Fribbs, Police Officer, Phoenix PD Retired
Phil Guthrie,, Lt. (Retired), Englewood, OH PD
JERRY EASON, DEPUTY, Sacramento Sheriff,ca.
Keith Roberts, Fmr. Trooper/Detective, Kentucky State Police
Kevin Frye, Sgt., Beech Mountain Police
Gregory Guiton, Lieutenant, Ocean City, Maryland Police Department
John N. Mercer, Officer, N.C. Dept of Correction
Richard Horn, Lt. (Retired), Pascagoula Police Dept.
gary irwin, police officer, culver city pd
Jeremiah Cross, Officer, Government
Glenn Hall, Captain - Retired, Vermont SP
Barry D Haydt, Corporal
Bart Man,, Trooper, PA State Police
Bob Seese, Detective, DA Berks Co. PA
Sheryl Pierce, Sergeant (Ret), S. Lond. Twp. PD, PA
Karl Harig
Dick Johnson, Cpl., Retired, PA State Police
William H. Schaeffer, Cpl. (Retired), Penna. State Police
Dave Podesta, PO, Port Authority of NY&NJ PD
J Janzen, Officer, California Highway Patrol;
Kevin Malley, retired nypd
Kurt Eulenfeld, FTO, Fulton County PD
Gary Elliott,, Sergeant, Solano County Sheriff's Office
Michael Galea
RONALD MUSCHONG,, Chief (retired), Warren, MI
mike maguire, sgt., Detroit
Milford Gilliam, Commissioner, Warren, MI
George J. Snerr, PA. Trooper, retired
Greg Eischeid, Detective, Edmond Police Dept.
Merri McGregor, P.O., Detroit, MI
George B. Gerlach, Lieutenant--retired, Warren Police Dept., Warren MI
wayne sblano, patrolman, NYPD
Jeff Thomas, Detective, Indianapolis PD
M Hoffman, Officer, State University of New York, University Police, Syracuse
David DelPrete, Patrol, Framingham, MA
Fred MERCER, Trooper (Retired), Pa State Police
Dan Carbonaro, Lieutenant, Port Authority Police Dept
Michael Graham, Police Officer, Utica,NY Police Dept
charles becktell, mpso, college of charleston
M. Michael O'BRIEN, Corporal
Jerry Bey /, Trooper / Retired, Penna. State Police
Roberta Ellis, PO, Retired NYPD
Thomas G. Stigler,, Lieutenant of Detectives, City of Milwaukee
Edward Maras, P.O., Chicago P.D.
Tom McNeany, Sgt., Retired
Bob Stevens, Sheriff, Crawford County Pa
Tim Lewis, Warden, Crawford County Prison
Dale Collins, Lt., crawford County Sheriff's Office Pa
Scott Young, Chief Deputy, Crawford County S.O. Pa.
Ken saulsbery, Deputy Warden, Crawford County
Kennneth Saulsbery, Patrolman, Conneaut Lake, PA
CJ Cole, Deputy Sheriff, Crawford County Sheriff's Office
Bob Stowman, Chief of Police, Ret, Brockway, PA
Nelson Steinbaugh, Dep.Super, Ret., NYS Corr. Ser.
Woody Hoffer, Lieutenant, Madison Township Fire Dept.
Ian Tedder,, Detective, UNC Greensboro Police
William Cook, Cpl. (Retired), Pa. State Police
Anthony Berrien
Shawn Canning, Deputy Chief, Lincoln Park NJ
Robert Oliver Sr., Chief, Jamestown
John Gamble,, Cpl, Retired, Pa. State Police
Michael Dyess,, Lt., Baton Rouge Police Department
Phillip Funderburk, Sergeant, Memphis Police Dept
David Smith, Sergeant, NJ Dept. of Corrections
Danny Wilson, Police Chief, Retired, Orlando, Florida
David Lash, Corporal(retired), PSP
Greg Gritsch, Deputy, Jackson County Sheriff
Paul Benson, Sgt., LA Co. Sheriff's Dept. (ret.)
Brian Fragodt,, Sergeant, Hennepin County Sheriff's Office, MN
Vincent J,. DiPentima, Dep.Chief(Ret), Fair Lawn, NJ PD
Joe Ruggiero, Patrolman, Utica
John J. O'Donnell, Capt.. (ret.), SFPD
Gerald Reed, Lieutenant, Pa. State Police
Mark O'Hearn, Patrolman, Ashland PD
Charlie Graham, Sergeant, Lufkin Police, Lufkin Tx
Bill Murphy, Police Advisor, Afghanistan, Dyncorp
Joseph Edwards retired, Patrolman/Detective, Worthington
Tom Selman, Lufkin Texas
Jennifer Snerr, Special Agent, PA Attorney General
Barry Saucier, Sgt., Angelina County S.O.
Greg Sanches, DPS Trooper, Texas DPS
Bryant Jones, Agent, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Robert Oppenheimer, Chief, Perry Township
Wayne Young, officer
Scott Dodd, Detective, AZDPS
Steve Baker, Sgt., Diboll PD
Joe Gutches, Sergeant, Perry Police Department Dublin Ohio
joseph Gutches, Firefighter, Columbus Fire Department
Sarah Blair, reserve officer
Derek Tyra, Deputy Sheriff, Pima County Sheriff's Office (Tucson AZ)
Ed Buford, Deputy, Angelina County Sheriffs Dept.
Howard Champ, Chief, PerryTownship
Monica Thompson, Officer, SWMCR PD, Farrell PA
William Lewis, Officer
John Koury, Sergeant, Orwigsburg P.D. Penna
Dave Mellen, Ofc., Mass.
Joseph Walsh, Corporal, Pa. State Police
E. J. Cuneo, Officer, Key West Police Dept., Key West, Florida
Stephen Kertesz Jr., Captain, OEM NJ
Andy Nazario, Lieutenant, Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department
R Waldbillig, Lt.
Paul Ottavio, SGT (Retired), Fort Lee, NJ PD
Jim Scott,, Sergeant, Miami-Dade PD, Street Terror Offender Program (STOP)
Kelly Lawson, Cpl., Investigator/Dare County Sheriff's Office, Manteo, NC
Hap Cross, Agent, SBI
Almey Gray,, Major, Dare County Sheriff's Office
Richard Hodge, Det, New Jersey
Jason Wright, Officer, Diboll PD
Leary Sink, Investigator, dare Co. Sheriff's Office Manteo, N.C.
Charles Uribe, Detective III, LAPD
Robert Warren, Lt. II
Gary Rikard, Captain, Bartlett (Tn) Police
Richard Mackey, Patrolman(R'td.), Allegheny Cnty.-P.D.
George Aliano, Captain, LAPD - retired
Stephen Godfrey, Sergeant, Narcotics
Ron Willis, Detective - retired, Gresham PD, Oregon
Paul Miner, Lt. Retired, Roseburg. Oregon
Tom Debaun, Sheriff, Shelby County, IN
Sean T. Waterman, Sgt., Buena Vista P.D. Saginaw, Mi.
Dave DeVore, Lieutenant, BPD
Jim Wattles, Retired, Denver Police Department
Richard Szabo, Lieutenant, LAPD
James Barnes, Trooper, Pa State Police
Edward Burrow, Det. III, LAPD Retired
Dennis Palaski, Trooper / Retired, Pa. State Police
Kevin Forcier, Corporal, Pa State Police
Frank Cichra, Trooper, PSP
Aaron Colwell, Police Officer, Detroit
Jeff Hatzenbeller,, Police Officer, Richfield, Minnesota
Rob Wood, Police Officer, Bellevue, Washington
Ron Johnson, Retired, PA State Police
David Karwoski, Sergeant Retired, Washington County MN
Roberta A. Harrigan, Captain, McKeesport Police Department, McKeesport, PA.
Charlie Phillips, P.O., Detroit, Police, Retired
Thomas F. Curran Jr, Deputy Sheriff, Suffolk County (Mass) Sheriffs Dept
Anthony Muccio, Sgt., Palisades Park PD, NJ
Bill Chalfont, Corporal, PA State Police - Ret
Francis X. Carroll,, Lieutenant, Pennsylvania State Police
Troy Morris, Capt/Arson Inv, Balch SpringsTx Fire/Rescue
Alan DINGS, Trooper - Retired, Penna State Police
Andrew Toth, Supervisory Narcotics Agent, PA Office of Attorney General
James Mitchell, Corporal, Windham, Ohio
Anthony Chavez, Lieutenant, Bremerton WA
Tom McNeany, Sgt.Ret.
Wayne M. Bowie, Detective - Retired, Philadelphia
Donald Jury, Cpl.(Retired), Pa. State Police
Alan Glendening, Detective, Livingston Co.Kentucky
Michael Spurgeon, Sgt./Retired, Decorah, IA Police Dept
Donald Murphy, Retired Police Officer, Philadelphia, PA
Daniel Kontos, Sergeant, Portage County (WI) Sheriff's Department
Bill Sires, Jr., Trooper I, Minnesota State Patrol
Donald L. Huggins, PO (Retired), KCMO PD
Michael Berry, Lieutenant, Kearney Missouri PD
Genaro Dearo,, Police Officer, Retired, Utica PD, New York
Michael Starnes, Sergeant, San Antonio Police
William Greer, Patrolman, LFUCG PD
jason edwards, reserve officer, williams p.d.
Greg Bruce, P2, LAPD
Mark Brown, Patrolman, Spring Branch ISD, Houston, The great State of Texas
Jason Coley, Police Officer, Ceres Police
Sammy Miller, Investigator, Bexar County DA
Ben Lancaster, Police Officer, Reno, Nevada
Michael Woodings, Detective, Los Angeles PD
Rodger Greenfield, Police Officer (retired), Salem, Oregon PD
Gary Morton, Chief-Retired, Pompano Beach P.D.
Timothy Prill, Sgt, Minneapolis (retired)
Sean Smith, Sgt. (Res.), Coalinga, CA
Danny Roger, Sgt, Texas Police Officer
Richard Monticello, Patrolman/Fatal Accident Investigator, Somerdale Police Dept.
Steve Cretin, Detective, Spring Hill Police
Noel Houze, Sgt., ISP
Charles H. Rose,III, Trooper, SC State Hwy Patrol
Chuck Hastorf, Sergeant (Ret.)
Jeffrey Boone, Sgt
Wayne Schier, Sergeant, Duncanville Texas PD
Frank Riggio, Police Officer, N.C.P.D.
William H. Le'Mon Sr., Police officer, Philadelphia PD (Ret.)
jason richner, officer
John Ehrhart, Officer - retired, NYPD
Vernon Williams, P/O Retired, Chicago
Ronald Chattin, Retired, VAMC, Salem, Va.
Brendan Dullaghan, Patrolman, Belleville PD Belleville,NJ
John Ludden, Sergeant, Oakland, Calif
Philip Smith, Trooper, Pa State Police
David Large, Detective, Oklahoma City Police Dept.
Byron Williams, Sergeant, West Mifflin PD
William Tomosky, Patrolman, Dormont Borough
Gene Polson,, Detective,retired, Los Angeles Co. Sheriff
Keith Jones, Deputy Sheriff, Marion County (IN) Sheriff Dept
Chuck Capelli, Patrolman, Vineland Police Department
Gene Hlavac, Police Officer, Pittsburgh Pa
James Janda, Sgt.Helicopter pilot, Chicago PD
Jim Janda, Chief, Houghton MI PD
DW Beeks, Deputy
Douglas Rando, PO, Port Authority Police Of NY & NJ
Charles Ruggiero, Captain, Fort Drum POLICE (NOT MP's)
Tracy Lynne Schweitzer, Master Patrol Officer, Pittsburgh, PA Police Dept.
Dale Rummel, Lieutenant, Wilkinsburg, PA Police Department
Paul Fenstermacher, Lieutenant, Aurora PD (Colorado)
Nathaniel Adams, Patrolman, Madison Police Dept.
Thomas Wilson, Seergeant, L.A.County Sheriff
Michael Hilden, Patrol Officer, Ret., Chicago Police Dept
Dennis Murphy, Chief of Police, Gahanna
Lawrence Whitmire, LT, DES-MPI
John Velar, Sgt (Retired), Nassau County Sheriff Dept
johnny griffin, Trooper
Donald Graham, Jr, Sgt (Retired), Prince Georges County, MD
Roger Bowser, Sergeant, Indianapolis Police Dept
Howard W. Warren, SGT. Retired, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police
Karl Daniels, SGT RET
Richard Windisch, Patrolman, Indianapolis PD
Rob Barnett, Deputy Sheriff, retired LII, King County, Seattle WA
Frank Glassford, Lt., Mass State Police (RET)
Ross Moen, Lieutenant (Ret), L.A.P.D.
Lewis Mills, Jr., Detective, Richmond, Va.
Mario diLorenzo, Patrolman, SFPD (San Francisco)
Manuel Fontanez, Cpl, FRS Law Enforcement
Richard DaCunha, Retired, NYPD
Bill Blackburn,, Officer (Ret.), California Highway Patrol
Vicki Blackburn,, Officer, Sunnyvale Public Safety (CA)
George Skalsky, Deputy Sheriff / Retired, Los Angeles County
Thomas Yarmoski Jr., Pltm Active, Blawnox Boro P.D.
J.R. Ross, Assistant Chief, Jacksonville
Herbert G. Wells, Detective Sergeant (Retired), Southfield Michigan
Jerome Darrow, Police Officer (Retired), Town of Poughkeepsie NY
Eric Ferber, , Ofc. II, Maryland Transportation Authority Police
gerald chaulk, Capt, Retired
Marcus Friedemann, Detective, LA County Sheriff's
Art Price, Trooper (Retired), PA State Police
Russ Antolak, Sergeant, Federal Reserve Police
Bob Whitaker, Officer, Hayward, CA/Santa Clara, CA
James Quick,, Lt. (retired), Syracuse PD, NY
Nancy Rogers, Federal Agent, DHS/ICE
Joe Canfield, A/ Sgt Retired
Ronald Troy, Chief (retired), Trafford
Kirk Denton,, Detective ( Retired ), Beacon, NY
Billy Bob Brady,, Chief,, Beekman NY --- 500th Name to the list. Thanks
Greg Messler, Officer, Federal Reserve Police
Michael Meek, Detective, Mesquite, Texas
Joe Canfield, A/Sgt, Retired
jim bass, deputy sheriff
Stan Mc Near, Detective, Dallas Police (ret)
Daniel Bair, Chief, Lower Paxton Township
Brian Hassett, Corporal, Anne Arundel County
E. Pat Troope,, Assistant Chief (RET), Columbia Police (TN)
John Spero, Patrolman, NYC Transit Police Ret.
David Knight, ASAC/retired, DEA
Patrick Bonner, Retired, Santa Ana, California P.D.
Norman Toungate, Senior Police Officer Retired, Austin P.D.
Michael Baker, LT. Retired, Atlanta Ga. Policed Department
James Weaving, Retired Sergeant, Hollywood, Florida
Brian Sain, Detective, Port Arthur Police Department
Donald Gomien, Homicide Detective, Mobile Police (Mobile Al.)
Johnny Thacker, Sgt. Retired, Police Dept., Homewood, Alabama
Mike Royse, retired patrol officer, Louisville Police Dept
Chuck Scheuffele, Sergeant Retired, Seattle Police Dept
Tom Horst, Deputy Sheriff, Fayette Co Ohio Sheriff Office
Tim Shook, Deputy, King County Sheriff's Office,
Stephen Filyo, PO lll
Ed O'Bara, Chief of Police
Daniel Greene, Special Agent Retired, Ga Bureau of Investigation
Roger Barber, Lieutenant
William Dillingham, Deputy
Donald Rhodes, Patrolman, Deposit Police Dept
Glenn Bell, Sgt, Retired, Chandler
Don Hawkins, Sgt. Retired, Jefferson Co. KY Sheriff's Office
mIKE wHIYAKER, Lt.( Ret.), Eustis Police Dept FL
Wayne Rudd, Lieutenant, Mesquite Texas
Roger Wheeler, Deputy, Douglas County Sheriff's Office
Roger Case, Detective, Little Rock PD
Bill Peters, Lieutenant, Mesa, Az
Eugene Adams, San Jose Polie Dept. (Retired)
William Sullivan, Sgt (Ret), KCPD
Christopher Tipton, Lieutenant (Ret)
Rick Krueger, Captain, Rochester, MN
Charles Perriguey, Senior Command Pilot (Retired), Los Angeles P.D.
Michael Hexel, Lieutenant, Town of Poughkeepsie
William Coyle, Patrolman, Bethel Twp
john belcher, police officer, nassau county,ny
Kenneth Real, Patrol Officer, Toledo Police Department
Peter Anders, Cpl.-Retired, Richland,WA.
Elliot Grubert, Deputy Sheriff, Las Animas County Sheriffs Department
Bruce Raymond, Deputy Sheriff (retired 27 years), Muskegon County Sheriff Dept MI
James Downey, Retired P.O
Ronald Strobel ,, Constable, Active, Pa.
Investigator Larry P. Chambers, NYSP (retired)
Wayne Smith, CPL, Palmer Township, PA
Truman Richey, Chief Deputy, Tom Green Co S.O.
Stan Mc Near, Detective, Dallas Police (retired)
thomas powell, patrolman, retired
Charles Donoghue, Detective, Watertown Police Dept., Watertown, NY
Tim Edwards, SSO
Ronald Milligan, Patrol/S.W.A.T., Parma
Tim Sloat, Reserve Deputy
Randy Mitchell, Detective Sergeant, Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office Milton, FL
Joe Fields, Detective Sergeant, San Angelo Police Dept (Ret)
Gary Derksen, Cpl, Midwest City PD
mark hudson, major, muskogee pd
Robert Lloyd,, PO III - Retired, San Angelo, TX PD
Bill Walton, Detective
mickey englert, chief investigator, tom green co. atty's. off.
Barry Alwine, Major (retired), San Angelo Texas Police Department
Merril Rasmussen, Sheriff
Johnny Hirst, Lieutenant, Texas DPS
Kevin Kenney, Lieutenant, Sarasota County Sheriff's Office
Mark Tinney, Deputy, Houston Co. S.O.
Tracy Fincher, Lieutenant, Texas
Cathy DeLaughter, Police Officer 3, San Angelo Police Department
Deano McNeil, Lt., Brunswick Hills Police Dept.
Craig Parker, Detective, Marion, Ma.
Marvin Gilley, Detective, Austin PD
Harold McDaniel, Jr., Sergeant (Retired), Shasta Co. Sheriff's Department, California
Jonathan Philbrook, Patrolman, Marion,Ma.
david caudle, Sgt., San Angelo, Texas PD
dave hansen, sergeant, las vegas metro police ret
Dick Brock, Constable, Precinct 2, Tom Green County, Texas
Patrick Heathcock, Patrolman, San Antonio, Texas
Donald Healy, Major (Ret), Baltimore
William Waninger, CSM, Army & DOD
Dennis Wallace, ASAC (Retired), US Customs
John Stickevers,, Chief Fire Marshal (Retired), Bureau of Fire Investigation - New York City Fire Department
Rebecca Baker, Deputy
Steven Gammell, Lieutenant, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept.
Ed McNamee, Detective (ret), Philadelphia
Kevin Houseman, Police Officer, Springfield/Branson Regional Airport Police
Van Quick, Captain, East Hampton Town Police, New York
Errol Cobb
Jim Dixon, Sergeant, Las Vegas Metro SWAT Team
Ron SWFT, Sgt Ret'd, LVMPD
Jim Asher, Patrolman, City of Griffin (GA) Police Department
Max K. Huggins, Detective, Las Vegas Metro Police
Sheila Huggins, Detective, Las Vegas Metro Police
John Zidzik, Detective, Las Vegas Metro

Well there they are and there are about 200 more pages of that. Thought someone might like to see it.
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Police Officers for
Posted: 1/17/2005 3:42:49 PM

Shame on them!
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Police Officers for
Posted: 1/17/2005 3:57:11 PM
Great sight sealacamp. it's good to see that all off duty police officers are now able to protect themselves. I hope that it is only a matter of time when every law abiding citizen has the same right.
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Police Officers for
Posted: 1/17/2005 5:25:55 PM
And now for the other side of the coin.
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Police Officers for
Posted: 1/17/2005 8:08:38 PM
liberals doing what they do best. Cry
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Police Officers for
Posted: 1/17/2005 10:04:24 PM
No's a statement no crying to it....
 Dave ward
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Police Officers for
Posted: 1/17/2005 10:47:51 PM
Would rather be a liberal than a dribbling sheep.

wow...thats an impressive list!!!......

so..police senior officers would support a right wing leaning president...SHOCK HORROR!!!!

only crying, actually, mainly whinging, comes from republicans from what ive seen in these rooms....mostly whinging about liberal conspiracy theories that dont seem to exist.

Yesterday i spoke to some halfwit in another chat room who voted Republican ...because he thought they had the best chance of winning the election........ took me about an hour to recover my composure....Boss couldnt understand what was making me giggle all afternoon.

Thats the sort of crying obviously....that votes for the right.
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Police Officers for
Posted: 1/17/2005 11:01:37 PM
Some police officers obviously voted for Bush. However, the police as an organization didn't back him.
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Police Officers for
Posted: 1/18/2005 3:30:29 AM
That was the offical union stance just as it was with the fire fighters. Like us they were split but the majority supported the current administration. I looked this stuff up becasue I personally know several emergency personell and I have not talked to one that stood with thier union leaders.
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Police Officers for
Posted: 1/18/2005 7:24:05 AM

Like us they were split but the majority supported the current administration.

How would you know this? I doubt you talked to each one of them.
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Police Officers for
Posted: 1/18/2005 8:53:40 AM
So are these guys going to arrest us for being liberals?????? ha,ha,ha...
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Police Officers for
Posted: 1/18/2005 9:34:07 AM
It seems the Fraternal Order of Police were behind the president all the time
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Police Officers for
Posted: 1/18/2005 1:48:44 PM
Good for them I don't put much stock in police officers these days....
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