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Special educationPage 1 of 1    
This forum is for the mommies
that have kids or are going to have kids in special ed..
I also have one child with ADHD...
in special ed..
I also work and deal with if I can be of help..
Interested in Ritalin and opinions on it..any type of medicine...
What is too young ?
How long should you give it?
What do you see different in child after taking them?
I think more schools should have more programs geared to deal with special kids instead of quickly telling parent..have this child evaluated!!
Any mommies or daddies care to give opinions??
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Special education
Posted: 2/25/2006 11:40:34 PM
damn .. ok here i go replying you your topic again lol ... but i myself work in a pharmacy and i dispense this med like its candy... lots of children are on this stuff... i dont think its needed then again i dont know anyone with the symptoms... but is its not treatable by a good dicapline or something of that nature rather then resulting in these worthless drugs that make the child worst then what tthey were?
 sexy latin lady
Joined: 2/22/2006
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Special education
Posted: 2/26/2006 2:38:05 PM
Exactly the point...
Society has accpeted too many "symdromes" and freely give these drugs as if they are candy as u say...
shame right?
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Special education
Posted: 6/25/2006 10:45:20 AM
part 1 depends...I've seen both sides of the coin. Let me start by saying I'm an Attention Deficit Disorder mom. I'm not an advocate for drugs. I wasn't diagnosed in school. The ultimate is, can the child attend to things on his/her own in order to learn? Is the child out of control? Does he or she spend the majority of time being repemanded (self-esteem here) and constantly told to sit down? Is the phase "pay attention" or "focus" used alot?

My point being, if a diabetic needs insulin (everyone knows someone with diabeties now than ever before) you wouldn't just say, no. Or someone who needed glasses now to function to say, sorry. How about migraines? I know I've had whoppers in my lifetime. If you need to chemically add something to the brain to make it function better or optimal, why the hesitation? It makes them better able to focus on what is important information for learning.
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Special education
Posted: 6/25/2006 10:47:31 AM
Part 2

There are windows to learning. I've taught children in 7th, 8th grade to read. Most felt bad at not doing the same things as their friends, and are singled out in school. I wouldn't want your child to miss opportunities. If there is something out there that has proven to assist youngsters in managing to make the neurons fire in a line instead of radically instead of focusing on EVERYTHING they see, in order to make sense of their world, wouldn't you want your child to have the very best experience of getting a quality education? I wouldn't want mine to miss out on things because he just couldn't sit long enough to get it.
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Special education
Posted: 8/16/2006 5:36:21 PM
I just wanted to reply to this, although my 2 boys do not have adhd or attention deficit they are extremely handicapped and have a disorder known as late infantile battens disease...In the last 4 years I have watched my 2 boys be filled with all kinds of medications that dont work or the side affects are worse then the actual problem that they had to begin with...My oldest son was tried on so many drugs for seizure control that his poor lil body just couldnt handle it and he became a vegetable....meaning that the last med that they tried him on he went from being a very active 4 yr old to a 4 yr old who was total care , this was after just 4 doses of this med and he has never walked since the last dose of this med or talked , nothing...Why does the government allow this to happen to our children...Geez, they gotta make thier money somehow and our children suffer for this...The pharmacudical companies are makeing a mint off of poor innocent kids who cant help the way they are and then society looks down on them because they have a problem...This is not fair for them or us parents...I do agree that more schools need to make accomodations for children with disabilities so that these kids are not being bussed to other counties to go to school because the districts dont have the means to educate them..ok, god that felt great to get off my this is all so true!!!
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Special education
Posted: 8/23/2006 11:44:58 PM
I am sorry to hear about your son. Thats awful. Have they controlled the seizures and convulsions?

If you are unhappy with placements, maybe the Parent Information Center in your area will assist you with an advocate for "Least Restrictive Placement" issues. Your IEP's goals dictate the placement. (Individual Education Plan)

Were not talking about the same disorder. Schools do no ship children out of district with attention deficits or for hyperactivity. It cost unsurmountable money to have out of district placements. Parents actually have to strongly advocate for schools to give up money to place their child in a specialized program.
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Special education
Posted: 8/24/2006 9:30:44 AM
Schools, as we know and support them in our country, can barely prepare the mainstream child for a successful life. So, it's on the parent to say: yay or nay to having their child medicated. Teachers don't lie when they say a child is either out of control or not-focused. In my city, schools are doing fewer and fewer evaluations ($) and admitting less and less children for referrals. So, I'd say the rule of thumb would be for a parent: If they say the child is having issues, it's because the chlld is. There are exceptions to that rule, of course. Some communities have different 'standards', but - by and large, the referrals (or recommendations for drugs) are real and necessary. Always remember most teachers LOVE the kids they teach. Six hours a day !!

Is it a catch 22 as far as medication is concerned ?? Obviously!! No parent wants to inhibit their chlld (or possibly permamently medically disable their child with drugs), but no parent wants their chlid to continue to flounder academically or be 'continually left back' and placed into an inappropriate age grouping, isolated from their peers, etc.

It's sad that there are so few choices. Blame the system (no, I mean the Big Daddy Sytem - Federal Govt.) for alot of these shortcomings in education, a lot of pretense.!! Scores going up on paper only and regulations being disgarded, disregarded. So it's really ON the parent.

Part of it is: raise your chld! I'm not saying this to be judgemental. Parents need to be very 'in-their-face' and not distracted by such things as dating, and hanging out n'stuff. I say this as a teacher..(who was a single mom); alot of the symtoms children display are a direct result of mommy not controlling because she either doesn't know how to or she gives up. But, there are books and classes. Easier now than later !! (It's so hard being a single mother because you're often divided between wanting a life as a vital, young woman and wanting a life as a hands on parent). Unfortunately, children need to feel your UNDIVIDED attention, whether you're prepared to give it or not. Every mom knows that as soon as they get on the telephone .. kids, as young as one, start begging for attention. That doesn't change just because they're out of diapers. They continue (maybe moreso) that need to walk to the park and look back and see you sitting there, your eyes just glued on them. Create that bond - it'll last for LIFE, and you'll be better able to see what's going on and to eliminate the number one question that pops up in behavioral referrals. Is this child merely acting out to get attention ?? Or is this child incapable of focusing and calming down?

One sad, yet positive side effect to ritalin becoming a teen recreational drug, is it's getting wide exposure which will more quickly show the long range effects of the drug.

I've always thought when it comes to parenting: YOU ARE THE DOCTOR... YOU ARE THE TEACHER... YOU ARE THE SHRINK... YOU ARE THE PASTOR.. You are it and nobody knows your child better than you.

If you see your child functioning poorly because of the drug effects - STOP IT. But if you see he's starting to do good or shows a positive interest in school work - I'd think it's well worth it. Education, as we know it today, doesn't allow a child to retrace his steps in school. So if you can keep him at a respectable pace with his classmates, with medicine if necessary (and tutors and your vigilence in H.W., etc), your child will have his BEST chance at a successful educational experience. Good Luck and 15 years from now, I bet those kids are waving you goodbye on their first day of college.
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Special education
Posted: 11/21/2006 11:26:23 PM
if a child has "true" ad/hd (versus anxiety or post trauma that often mimics the symptoms), then ritalin is only one of several drugs that may work. there is also a time released form and several anti-anxiety meds, low dose, that might help with the "imitators". the good news is that ritalin either works immediately or it doesn't.
as to the IEP issue. Look up your local "parents helping parents" on the internet. they have a wealth of info, counselling & legal library and informative meetings in some areas. they will tell you exactly how to excercize your legal rights.
there is a book "wild child" and i'm sure many others that are similar, written by a psychologist with ad/hd. i find it helpful to talk with adults who have experienced or are still experiencing the disorder. some argue there is a continuum of brain activity that in its extreme could lead to bipolar disorder. again, that's just for "some". many with the latter and also with the ad/hd disorder find fish oil supplements to be helpful and often psychiatrists will rx concerta ( time released ritalin) in a lower dose and fish oil.
a major problem for children is that as the drug wears off, they can become anxious/snappy as it's only provided for the school day. if it's taken later, the child will not sleep. also it is adviseable to change the food hours to large meals before taking the pill, with enough time to digest the food and providing dinner at a later hour. often the child will not want to eat lunch. an adult can give feedback on a med. it's difficult for the child and often they will just want to stop taking it.
as the child gets older, make sure s/he takes the med, keep it locked. they are selling them in the high schools for the non ad/hd chemically dependent. make sure the child doesnt' hide them under his/her tongue or some will barf them up. it is important to involve the child in the decision, the administration of the pill and the dosing and dosing adjustments.
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Special education
Posted: 6/11/2007 3:41:36 AM
I was a kid was in special education because of writing problems, and they tried to pull ritalin, methyfenidate, conerta crap on me at age fifteen and said no because my mom put on the drugs for a week, and it made me zombie like. ADD and OCD have both and tell you this your focus level is like the stock market at times up and down and sequetnal things like writing are hardest thing for me and it took me ten tries to write and forty hours to write a book report at the time. I had ADD made it hard to focus but I also know long term I was better off without those medications because my mind can analyze a sitatuion quickly. I do belive some kids benefit from psycotropic medications but some kids I belive will never benefit from them. Still, ADD forces unorthordox ways of looking at times too at times.
Special education
Posted: 3/9/2008 1:17:04 PM
Our compromised public education system is inadequate as far as meeting the needs of most students, we are still back in the Middle Ages when it comes to understanding education while keeping the brain in mind and the infinitely unique personalities and needs of each and every child. I recommend the books by Eric Jensen in better understanding student behavior and needs in a learning environment. Keeping a child in a chair borders on abusive treatment and not allowing interaction with other students while being spoon fed pieces of information to be parroted back on standardized tests is sad and inherently counterproductive. And how about encouraging and allowing students to drink the 10 to 12 glasses of water per day needed for optimum brain/body functioning. Medicine is not the answer, just a bandaid, we need to move away from assembly line education found in our public schools, maybe it should be held year round with flexible times during the day involving their parents. And most importantly motivating by encouraging the students to explore knowledge with ownership in achieving their learning objectives. Lets be innovative and try something different, we are in the information age not the old school industrial revolutiion model of education. Why not apprenticeships and work study approaches, the sky is the limit, a whole universe of opportunities and possibilities are out there if we wake up and find the best fit for the 21st Century!

Joined: 10/18/2008
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Special education
Posted: 10/31/2008 12:51:39 AM
I've had ADHD all my life but was never medicated. I managed to get a masters in engineering and play piano at a professional level. Parental involvement is key.

You could look into non-stimulant medications such as Wellburtrin and Straterra.
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