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Joined: 4/25/2005
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Why are men so caddy (catty)?Page 1 of 1    
This does not refer to golf.

Recently it has come to the attention of my financial advisor that not everyone is a nice person. I have previously been acustomed to people being nice to me and in return I spare their lives. But lately it seems that some people for whatever reason choose to badmouth other for no other reason than just to do it.

Take a person like myself for example. I'm an average joe. Sure you might here about the thousands of ladies who I have sexed up in recent months, but in reality it's only hundreds. I talk like I'm some kind of Superman, but in reality I'm more of a Clark Kent. You may have heard I have a 12 " c*ck. In reality, it's closer to 10 inches. Either way, I'm just a normal dude just like everyone else.

During my stay here on the internet, I have benefited from meeting and making some very good friends. I am happy for that. But also in recent weeks, I have heard about how sometimes one dude badmouths another dude to impress a girl. I understand that everyone here is single, or was at somepoint, but does this place need to be so cut-throat? Are we competing used car salesmen?

The moral of the story is be nice. Insecurities and jealousy will make you crazy. In the meantime, try the onion rings at A&W. They're terrific.

Have you ever been the victim of the he said / she said game?
Joined: 4/25/2005
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Why are men so caddy (catty)?
Posted: 3/5/2006 10:25:24 PM
My online 'character' shall we say is a big exaggeration of a whole lot of things. I mean seriously, I have cartoons for a friggen profile picture. Anyways my profession is a comedy writer, and I've been writing for years for various magazines /websites / eulogies / presidential campaigns. Either way, everything I've ever said here is meant to be taken as a joke. Unless you're an idiot, then take it personally.
 flirty fi
Joined: 5/13/2005
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Why are men so caddy (catty)?
Posted: 3/5/2006 11:05:40 PM
wow, i think galacia needs to change her name to trophygirlfriend..
well, that and loose the sillyness of throwing in something o/t
and get some cartoon pics
Joined: 1/14/2008
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Why are men so caddy (catty)?
Posted: 2/28/2008 7:39:58 PM
12" eh?..... ....well I heard different.....but no matter.

is that Imperial?... Metric?...or POF Measure btw?....

yes...we are all cattle on display here.....flogging ourselves on the meatmarket of dating what is your point? We put our best foot forward....our biggest C*cK forward.....and deal with competition...cos it is a cutthroat world out there Babe.... you don't mind me calling you Babe do you Sweetheart?....

and yes...those rumours about me....yes...they are all true!
Joined: 4/22/2007
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Why are men so caddy (catty)?
Posted: 2/28/2008 9:21:22 PM
This is another one of these old recycled posts that doesn't matter much because the OP is long gone.
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