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I'm really not sure if this is the appropriate place for this thread,so I will make it into the appropriate place by mentioning my relationship with my snuggle partner, Darby.
Darby is my large, over-stuffed dog that keeps me warm on cold nights , makes for a great pillow and is also good as a shoulder to cry on at times. Unfortunately he is not too good at keeping me company on rainy Saturday morns. Sometimes I want to throw him into the rain. I just look at him and wonder why I am alone on a rainy Saturday morn and why is my snuggle partner a stuffed dog ??
Do you seem to have more of a "need" for a partner on rainy Saturday mornings? I am not one to be lonely and not enjoy my own company, but I sure don't care to enjoy "myself" alone on these rainy day morns, if you can read between the lines. (No, I don't want to post this thread in Sex and Dating .. lol).
I enjoy waking up to the sound of the rain coming down, listening to my wind chimes outside my window, and the smell of rain in the air. However, something is missing. These morns even make me long for my Ex to be here beside me. (Now that is desperation .. lol).
I want a glass of OJ, a cup of coffee, and a Snuggle Partner. Darby just doesn't quiet do it for me on this morns.
Anyone relate to this ??
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Rainy Saturday Morns Alone
Posted: 4/8/2006 7:50:01 AM
it is a beautiful, sunny day here in Toronto ..
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