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Joined: 12/28/2004
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Your mind is a never ending mass of creativity, you can always captivate the reader with a simple word, I wish my talent was as strong as yours, I know each person has their own way of expressing thoughts, but yours are just unbelievabel...

always love to read your inspire...


Quiet nights, silence
no words spoken
but I hear many sounds

Everything coming fast
I try to sort them out
slowly it eases

Confusion, anger, fear
sorrow,yet some
happiness appears

Fantasy, reality
what is what?
how can I tell?

Life becomes good
in my minds
sea of pleasant thoughts

But reality bites
hard and closes
the open door

Mind stop please
let me sleep
hush, hush, hush......

the best I have for dark and brooding, I am a

Joined: 2/16/2005
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the fall of eve
Posted: 2/20/2005 6:18:58 AM
inside it is just a big void,
of all feeling i feel devoid,
bone weary is my angel,
by all the worries that inside he held,
now no more will i live,
for my angel has fallen,
he no more believes,
here goes the last ray of light leaving me,
there does my soul fled from sanity,
no more is there any hope left for me,
i bow down to this earth
and embrace my fallen angel...
francess delanoe 2002 copyright
Joined: 2/16/2005
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the fall of eve
Posted: 2/20/2005 6:55:17 AM
GOOd stuff? hmmm ...i always found BAD stuff more interesting:-)
Joined: 2/16/2005
Msg: 21
the fall of eve
Posted: 2/20/2005 10:57:43 AM
thank you for your welcome, may the force be with you:-)
Joined: 2/16/2005
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the fall of eve
Posted: 2/22/2005 11:59:34 AM
my sacred sinner
i tried to get over it times and times again,
i twist and turn ,thrashing in my bed,
held on to the sheet while my body racks,
trying so hard to blank the memory in my head,
but the craving just get deeper and deeper,
i think of all the reasons why i shouldn`t,
but my efforts just all seem to be vain,
like a bloody leech, the craving feed on my pain,
getting more and more close to making me let go,
i prays all the saints angels and gods ,
but there is nothing to do, it is imbeded deep,
too much deeply in my body and soul,
till finally i succumb to the fatal sin,
of tasting bits of your dark soul,
finally gave in to the temptation,
of sinking my nails in your back,
of sucking your lips, biting your flesh,
of holding on tight with my ankles crossed,
hurting me pleasing me,breaking me,
you are like a blood sucking vampire,
once you have bitten me, i am yours for eternity......

francess delanoe 2002 copyright
Joined: 2/5/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 2/27/2005 4:06:22 AM
Lost, hopeless, bound and, waiting.For the bitter ambrosia,so bitter, and yet so sweet.
A forbidin exotic that so few dare taste.The simplicity of it, to be humiliated,
subjucated,and exihilerated.
A life so wild to most, and so loving to few.
Those of us who have chosen to taste the bitter sweet ambrosia, have done so at the risk
of becoming unable to live with out,yes addicted if you will.
But we. Those of us who dared to,and did, found not only limitless boundries of life,
pleasure, and tantilizing pain, that we cared not of the future, but of only the now.
The tears that mix with our sweat,the blood that mixes withour cum, yes yes, it is true.
And you. You have not had the ability, or bravery to taste such an exotic mixture.
I truely feel for you. For you shall never know the beauty of erotic pain, or taunting obcsenities of humiliating love, given and taken.In mutual bond.
To submit befor and under foot. To walk upon, with the same feelings, and done so,
as only I love, the love of the the strap,the love of the and bind. With these, I call you mine... You Are Mine.

For This Is Truely The Dark Side Of loves, Dommananc
Joined: 3/8/2005
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Conspiracy Theory
Posted: 3/8/2005 10:27:21 PM
this isnt really a poem it wa writtem more as a rap or rhyme or whatever but it is the newest darkest thing ive written...

YO,Lyrically Im..surgicaly,
word grindin n bitin
Im verticly thought slicin n dicin.
prevoked proverbial icin.
on the cake of your devisin
im advisin u take my advice'n
find some thing better to do than rhymin.
But just like that verse your off time'n
always slipping and slidin
just get off your behind Man
listen up close this time an.
remove the veil from your mind and
finally see what is mine an yours,
theve been trick n treat'n my mind n yours
****in U.S. intercourse
takin sh*tback this time!, of course!
my niggas got my back and yours.
globalized commercilized rapist
have taken over our spaceship
pimped our ride into a slaveship
be quiet when you say shit
they'll shot us
and accuse us of gay shit
sprinkle crack on our corpses
then metemorphisis
and confuse us with the time slip
U c....
This is the men and the mice thing.
Thats caught you off guard while ya sleepin.
come up on you slowly str8 creepin...
you sudennly notice it beeping
then BOOM ya blown back till next weekend
Now pick up the pieces and wonder
how the hell did u ever come under
the power of Thor and the thunder
that shook u out.
pointed your weekness out,
I told you b4....yo peep this out
I swear to god as my witness
I'll personaly give you the business
side of these offenses
nothing left but memory
and developing conspiracy theory
bout u and the
bottom 'o'lake erie.
Joined: 3/21/2004
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The Dark Side
Posted: 3/15/2005 12:34:01 PM
Wow; gorgeous images folks!!

I have some as well; but will take a long long time until I post them.

The mood must be right.

To unleash these poems....

unleashes, as well, thier kharma.

This you know.

In have a few poems about a guy I used to hang with at night in Toronto.

Lonely sort.

Always working.

poor fella relagated to a tight roll.

His name's death. ;)

I know him too very well.

But that's another story for some other night.
Joined: 12/28/2004
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The Dark Side
Posted: 3/29/2005 6:07:02 PM
Well I think this might be the first post for me here...if so I am sorry...but then again I wasn't writing to much dark

I wrote this for a contest so if you have read it there sorry,

Death opened the door and it cracked

The morning sun rose the air was crisp and clean
Pondering the thoughts in my head about what I had just seen

It was late last afternoon walking home in the park
Hoping to get past the forest before the sky turned dark

Walking at a brisk pace focusing on the road ahead
Not noticing the darkness fall or the fresh gravel bed

Stumbling onto my knees hurting from the fall
Shaking with sudden fear as the wolves began to howl

Their shattering cries awakened the night
Making me cower and shake from fright

Struggling to get up Eyes pierced the dark
Holding my gaze intensely a voice began to talk

You’re in my world now the dark has pulled you in
Don’t try to fight my child there is no way you can win

Feeling my chest tighten the darkness closed around me
Longing fighting with all my strength for the light to see

Hands clawing at my face pulling me into the night
Whispering words of surrender saying things shall be all right

My strength is wavering I can’t hold on much more
Death is calling me to come to the open door

Pulling me closer, dragging me in Death opened the door and it cracked
A sharp howl echoed the night a sign that this soul he would lack

The voice from the night spoke this time you are saved from hell
But watch your back sweet child you will be mine only time will tell....

Joined: 3/13/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 4/24/2005 4:57:13 PM

Running so fast
Gaining on me
Smell foul odor
To dark to see
I hear its snorts
Its pounding footsteps
Its muffled growl
Its wheezing reps
Teeth penetrate
Neck feels hot
Blood spurting
Pain has shot
Fighting back
Down on ground
Screaming shrill
Piercing sound
Can’t breathe
Throat gone
I’ll be dead
Before to long
Sitting up
Dripping wet
In my bed
Drenched in sweat
Grab my throat
Still intact
Still feeling
The pain impact

Joined: 4/22/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 4/24/2005 9:58:09 PM
When Silence Bleeds

I learned at a very young age, you get out what you never should have got.
A simple task in this life, will reap travesties, that you never should have wrought.

This was suppose to change me, make me a vile, evil man. I couldnt become that bad.
Those choices were supposed to change me, but I would not become my bioligical dad.

**** this life for trying to turn me into all the nightmares I have ever had!
**** this world for ever making me think I was ever going to be that bad!

Im calm now... the sweat is starting to dry. Im simple now, and only heaven understands why.
Im not complacent now, but dont take that for me being all that week, I have my reasons to cry.

Im just me... standing her alone.
Im just us... standing her alone.

Im everything we ever said we would be.
Im just that dream... the one that you cant see.
Joined: 4/22/2005
Msg: 103
The Dark Side
Posted: 4/24/2005 10:22:49 PM
That was perfect SoulDragonN...

I should note that on the second to last stanza... it was not supposed to read "her" it was supposed to read "here". I am sorry I cannot type. Hope it doesnt change the flow or the meaning. Please look past my indiscretions.
Joined: 4/22/2005
Msg: 104
The Dark Side
Posted: 4/24/2005 10:31:45 PM
Few and far between, are the friendly grasps of a welcomed hand.
I thank you for the time and the kindness, you have given me in this land.

It goes further back than you currently realize,
But you have shown kindness to me in this life.

We, both of us, have been, and always shall be, your friend.
Its ties like this that appear insignificant, but they never really end.
Joined: 2/14/2005
Msg: 109
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The Dark Side
Posted: 4/28/2005 9:10:49 PM
Have I not posted here before, Kobold? I do keep up with your thread, but any dark stuff of mine is usually metaphysical, rather than blood 'n guts. This might fit.


Priests to their acarpous flock still give intinction
as if the immortal tenor of one's enigmatic soul
matters. What matters is this: in Soviet church basements,
those guilty of misdemeanors also prayed,
but for other reasons: men made in God's image
awarded them death sentences. At first the prayer--
commutation. Then, in the agonizing
months that followed, which we can never know,
a quick death. That last plea was answered-- partially.
Much bone-dust mingles even now,
enters the foundations of buildings those upstairs support.
Joined: 3/13/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 5/2/2005 7:26:52 PM

Silently waits for you
Manipulating everything
Patiently observing you
Before the fatal sting
Just how far fallen
Is your sacred essence
Before it announces
Its invisible presence
It covets and environs all
Substance and chaste
As this concealed entity
Survives on mislaid waste
Remain to your reliance
True as you are liven
Thus, a soul can not be taken
For it must be, to it, given

Joined: 3/13/2005
Msg: 114
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The Dark Side
Posted: 6/18/2005 10:47:49 PM
Nice to see you back writing!

Joined: 5/11/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 6/24/2005 2:13:23 AM
The Dark Side

He is alone.
His is path is predestined.
But by him only.
Only he knows why he chose this way.

It is only him,
He walks with his dark cloak,
He wears black only,
His companion are the Force and his Light Saber.
No one else.

The Jedi Order fear him,
He does not know why.
They say it is because he chose love,
And a Jedi shall not know love.
They say it is because he chose anger,
And a Jedi shall not know anger,
They it is because he chose passion,
And a Jedi shall not know passion.

He is feared,
He chooses to learn what is forbidden,
He chooses to learn the Dark Arts of the Force,
Because of that, he is feared, he is an outcast.
Because of that, he must be destroyed, he must not be allowed to live,
Because he is different, he is feared.

As he stands on the mount,
He comtemplates why?
Why is he a marked man to die?
The sun shines warmly upon him,
He takes pleasure in knowing that the sun warms him,
And the sun does not wish his demise.
The warm breeze embraces him,
It lifts his cloak majectically,
He stands ready and waiting.
His life, his beliefs are always on alert.
While his soul is protected by the Dark Side of the Force,
His life is not.

As he sits, and meditates, he can only wonder,
What if he were to encounter a Jedi?
He knows, with his Dark Training, and knowledge of the Force,
He can destroy a Jedi with his Light Saber without hesitation.
He has knowledge of the Force that only few know,
For he will show no mercy for those who wish to end his life because he is different.

Mercy. . . .
That is the one thing the Jedi Order refuses to show to him,
As the sun begins to set, he knows he must be on guard always,
Waiting for the battle that is come, to defend his beliefs,
To defend his path, his search, his quest for forbidden knowledge.
As the wind begins to pick up, he stands,
He places his hand on the tree,
His head bows down as if to show respect for the majectic sun,
His eyes close to withstand the suns brightness,
The wind lifts his majectic cloak,
A scene that is breath taking even a Jedi would bow down to him.

But the question that begs to be asked,
The question that all Jedis asked
Always two there are!
Is he the Master. . . .?
Or is he the Apprentice. . . .?

Only he knows. . . .
Joined: 12/28/2004
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The Dark Side
Posted: 6/24/2005 5:18:19 AM
hiya hun....

I don't know if you have been reading or have been absent , but I have still been writing the occasional dark stuff, your influence hasn't been around to encourage me....

But this is one of the more recent ones , so thought I would post it here...

Take care, talk to you soon...

Web Of Deception

Come into my web said the spider to the fly
I promise you sweet rewards don’t worry you wont die
Just come on in and pull up a seat
And share with me this magical feast

Red meat so juicy and bloody rare
White wine so sweet for us to share
Fancy pastries all tasting so divine
Come sweet child sip your wine

Listen to the music as it takes you in
Let it bring to the surface your underlying sins
Hold onto me as we dance and sway
Let me take all your troubles away

Close your eyes and just let things be
I promise you pleasures only you will see
Let us begin and there will be no more
Of pain and hurt and closing doors

Come a little closer and let me hold you tight
Surrender your neck hush child it will be all right
Just relax little one and close your eyes
You will feel euphoria and want to fly

The music plays on as I drink you in
Trying to find the point where your soul I win
Oh there it is sweet child you’re finally mine
A servant child of mine till the end of time

Now go rest little one the deed is done
Your troubles are now completely gone
Leave me be I must prepare my web again
For the next little fly finding comfort from the rain…

Joined: 2/14/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 6/24/2005 9:13:31 PM
Hi, Kobold and Miz. Here's one that fits this thread. I wrote it in May 1981.


Should spirit linger 'round rock and crag
past two a.m. when ghost and hag
come forth to cackle on misty hill
unearthed to get their wounded fill
I'd strike those wisps unfold the shroud
when shrieking apparition grew too loud
demask the horrid gaping face
that makes a haunt of lonely place.
Joined: 3/13/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 6/26/2005 8:00:56 PM
Dark, deep, and passionate, Very nice!!!

Joined: 3/13/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 6/30/2005 11:46:55 AM

Darkest visions in the night
Dreams in time of forgotten fright
Shadows loom within ones mind
Never knowing what you’ll find
Casting shaded images from the black
Leaving shivers down your back
Only wanting to finally wake
Knowing what truly lays at stake
Demons flying through the room
Biting, scratching, leaving doom
Clawing, screaming everywhere
Now go to sleep, if you dare
Just remember what nightfall bares
And all beware of all it shares

Joined: 3/13/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 7/1/2005 6:28:26 AM
Thanks!! It's not out to often, but when it is, I have fun with it!!!
Joined: 2/14/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 7/2/2005 12:30:59 AM
Hi, Kobold and sam !



High cold wind, air sucked in
as a desperate rapture, and a heart
beating still, the hoper hopping and hopping
like a drowned plug or thimble in an idea
of love. This cement span back
to my empty apartment supports
my confusion, branching every which way.
Two police dogs bark furiously
in the desolate yard, same one
seventeen years ago where I put in time
at the steel yard. At twenty-one,
callow, I thought the lass
passing, smiling, every morning
going to work, while I went home
to sleep, carried breasts of forever.
A forgetting, then a spark,
then forgetting, then a spark....
The tourist center,
a geodesic, metal golf ball;
computer-controlled light flashes
prick the black air
like tourists clicking cameras,
disbelieving the city could have
histories behind the official plaques.
A star winks an answer,
perhaps ironical,
to a question I've forgotten
or have not yet been able to form.

March 16, 1994.
Joined: 3/13/2005
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The Dark Side
Posted: 7/3/2005 10:11:17 PM
Good evening all!!!!


Heated days
To humid faze
Darkness falls
Over night haze
Fog is forming
Thick and dense
Creating fear
More intense
To walk amongst
The murky mist
Within the vapors
All evil exists
Entering all
That move around
Penetrating anyone
That can be found
Taking over
Once inside
Its newest ride
Possessing souls
Which dare the walk
Through the fog
That they stalk

Joined: 12/28/2004
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The Dark Side
Posted: 7/4/2005 5:21:09 AM
well done girl, your talent is strong and right on target...

Hiya rory and my dear Kobold.......

Kobold, your talent is so strong no matter what your writing, As you know I love to see the sentimental side come out and it comes out so well when you write, keep up the wonderful work, and keep entertaining us as long as you possible can..
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