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Joined: 3/2/2005
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WOW!! I FOUND THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Page 1 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
Congrats to you and your lady. Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness.
I met my man here too, and he's the greatest.
Joined: 3/2/2005
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WOW!! I FOUND THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 5/5/2006 7:50:15 PM
gar You're working towards a divorce, that's all anyone can ask.
It's just wonderful always, warms my heart to read about two people who are totally happy with each other and works towards a lifetime together. My sweetie and I are too, he lives in another country, but we are determined that we will be together. He's worth the wait, he's worth whatever it takes and I'm committed for the long term. Do I miss him, of course, but I'd rather have someone that I truly love and makes my heart go THUMP just to get an email from him and know that we're meant to be together. Love and relationships are not immune to challenges and even an occasional obstacle. Sometimes it's just all the more proof that this is the one when you're willing to deal with the obstacles rather than settling for someone who's more convenient or situation that's just easier. True love always wins out, at least in my heart and mind. I'm thrilled to read of your love and reading your last post, wow, that's just awesome. I want to stand up and cheer. Good for you!! "We both see a very bright future for us. We both also recognize that a slow build to a solid relationship based on friendship, trust and faith is CRUCIAL to longevity. Both of us have waited a lifetime for each other, and we have the rest of our lifetimes to enjoy each other." That statement just made my heart jump for joy. I could say the same for us. I know that my sweetie would be totally with me in wishing you and your dear darling lady the absolute best that life has to offer. I know you'll have it, and thanks so MUCH for this thread. Makes me smile, made my day!!
Much love from the both of us....hugs from Bucs and Sasquatch!!
Joined: 3/2/2005
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WOW!! I FOUND THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 5/5/2006 8:43:11 PM
It's great, isn't it!! I just love to read the testimonials always have. Even before I had discovered my love. Just always made my heart feel full. Awesome...that's a great's all good. Give our best to your lady and just know that in your happiness that there's others that share and celebrate your joy.
Joined: 3/2/2005
Msg: 19
WOW!! I FOUND THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 5/8/2006 4:07:56 PM
funnygirl I'll add my own chin up, beautiful lady and BTW, you've got mail!!
Joined: 7/26/2005
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WOW!! I FOUND THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 5/8/2006 4:32:42 PM
wow... Funny girl.... nothing but respect for you...

it is sad that so many people have a great sales pitch yet a tragic product for sale...

much love to you in this time of healing... don't let this change who you are.... there are good ones out there...
Joined: 1/2/2006
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WOW!! I FOUND THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 5/8/2006 11:10:40 PM

When's the wedding mate? Am I invited? Hey, you will have to send me the airfare as I am broke..and I have a poor cat to support. Seriously, I wish you the best of luck.
Joined: 1/2/2006
Msg: 25
WOW!! I FOUND THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 5/9/2006 1:24:14 AM
plyful kitten...
You are a dreamer. as am I. Not you nor me will ever find our soulmates. We may like to think that the next person in our lives is the one, but guess what? It won't be. Sorry. You may be lucky to find a guy who is gentle, kind, loving, thoughtful, honest, faithful, but guess what? He is a guy in a million. Still, you can hope, as can I, to find the right partner. I wish you luck....
Joined: 1/2/2006
Msg: 26
WOW!! I FOUND THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 5/9/2006 2:03:06 AM
plyful kitten..

Ha ha.. I do appreciate your choice of metaphors. However I don't think you will ever envisage a kick in the nuts. And there are a few other male things that we have to endure in this life also, contrary to your, er, popular beliefs. It is not all rosy in our lives either kid. But I am not going to elaborate on men's problems on here. I doubt that you women would understand anyway. To be truthful, I don't believe in a soulmate either. My belief is that you may be lucky enough to find a person who is honest, truthful and understanding. Hopefully he/she is also good in bed and a great cook....(I wish). So you see I am also optimistic. I am pleased that you have taken the time to work out the odds in my favour. Please send me names and addresses of all eligible females that I may be interested I will await your list with held breath.....
Joined: 3/13/2006
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WOW!! I FOUND THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 5/9/2006 7:33:10 AM
I hope your not lying....okay okay I'm just kidding.Well congratulations
Joined: 10/15/2005
Msg: 31
WOW!! I FOUND THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 5/9/2006 7:47:46 AM
You Lucky 4-eyed S**-O*-*-B!%(# !!!
All the Best...!!! . . Hope I'm Next in Line...!!!
Wish I could've met Bucs a few Months ago...Pretty..!!!
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