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Joined: 12/21/2005
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My last post here must have violated the terms/rules for the forum here, and I apologize for that. I have a more worthwhile question to pose though.

I'm a big fan of black metal. Preferably early to mid 90's Scandinavian black metal, but I'm a fan of almost all of it. The newer symphonic metal that has been increasingly portrayed as black metal kind of irritates me, even if I was a fan almost 7 or 8 years ago. My point is, the whole battle over whether or not the proposed "black metal" is tr00/true/grim whatever seems to have overtaken real musical innovation and composition, even in the underground. Do you think there's a possibility of black metal ever returning to the ideological and musical peak, IMO, that it attained back in the early to mid 90's?

The scene isn't dead, by a long shot.
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Black metal...
Posted: 5/10/2006 2:17:20 PM
It actually can be argued that the Black Metal scene is indeed dead.

I'm of course not saying that the quality of the music itself is to blame, as the early 90s work of Emperor, Burzum, Mayhem and Marduk really speaks for itself. They did create some really interesting, and epic metal, but rather the scene itself seems to have been built more on the exploits of various bandmembers than the music itself.

Whether it was Mayhem vocalist Dead shooting himself in the head only to have his skull fragments made into a necklace by drummer Hellhammer, and bits of his brain cooked, and eaten by guitarist Euronymous to the murder of Euronymous by a jealous Count Grishnackh (Burzum) not to mention the church burnings, grave desecrations and murders perpetuated by the members of Emperor I think that Black Metal was more about the "show" than it was about the "music".
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Black metal...
Posted: 5/11/2006 1:50:08 PM
I never heard of black metal. I have heard of Light Metal.
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Black metal...
Posted: 5/14/2006 11:56:32 AM
Black metal has been overtaken by more melodic, musical bands. Black metal is INDEED dead. no pun intended.

All those black metal bands have been overtaken by more musical influenced bands, like Tiamat, Therion, Within Temptation, etc. Italy has soem pretty powerful speed metal/folk metyal bands....with actual talent.

Check em out.

Luca Turilli, Dark Moor, Angra, Rhapsody, After Forever, Shaman, Zonata...I could go on...

Seriously, the black metal I used to listen to, is no comparison to early 90's/late 90's bands that turned down vocal screams and stupid insane guitar riffs, for more melodic harmonic melodies. Something you can actually listen to without being embarrased that your music sucks balls.

that's my 35yr old opinion.

And if you are not a fan of heavy metal, but like folk music and the odd opera and orchestra instruments, then I encourage you to check out a few of the formentioned bands. You will be impressed with the talent level of all the musicians.
Joined: 3/25/2006
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Black metal...
Posted: 5/14/2006 1:05:44 PM
I know about BM, but it's never interested me...*shrugs* I'm kinda surprised that there's even enough of a scene to say that it has died.

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Black metal...
Posted: 5/14/2006 6:37:28 PM
well regardless of your opinion black metal is still around with such bands as:Dimmu Borgir,HIMSA,crebain,immortal_nu,burzumandmayhem to just name a few.
Joined: 1/14/2006
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Black metal...
Posted: 5/16/2006 1:39:03 AM

Listen to the new stuff put out by Horna, Sargeist, Leviathan, Mord, Twilight, and Kampfar. There are good bands out there, you just need to track em down.

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Black metal...
Posted: 5/16/2006 11:14:21 PM
Burzum is my favorite BM.
Joined: 3/25/2006
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Black metal...
Posted: 5/17/2006 4:11:38 PM
Black metal was never better than when Celtic Frost was ripping through "To Mega Therion".
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Black metal...
Posted: 5/18/2006 11:46:27 PM
And then they released Cold Lake and destroyed any credibility they had whatsoever.

But I hear the new Celtic Frost due on late May is really really good.
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Black metal...
Posted: 5/19/2006 12:16:39 AM

what about sevendust

living colour

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Black metal...
Posted: 5/19/2006 1:34:27 PM
I agree there still are some great Black Metal bands out there you just have too look around for them...........Old Man's Child, Hypocrisy,Cerberus, Abigor, Cadaveria, Forest of Fog. and Dimmu Borgir of course.................. I have more but just thought I'd name a few that came too mind...............
Joined: 1/15/2006
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Black metal...
Posted: 5/19/2006 3:52:15 PM
is necrophagist black metal? i heard someone refer to them as 'technical black metal'? great band, though regardless.
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Black metal...
Posted: 5/30/2006 8:49:45 PM
Black metal has branched out(for its own good) but i seriously doubt it will ever return to a solely purer form(that i believe you speak of).

I follow death metal much more than BM, so i am unable to speak on wether or not the scene is dead. I will say that BM grew a bit when it started to embrace DM into its songs. with out that change i believe it would have grown totally stagnant.
Joined: 9/8/2005
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Black metal...
Posted: 5/31/2006 9:13:26 AM
There is a Good Segment about Black Metal in the New Documentary 'Metal: A Headbangers Journey'. They Interview members of Mayhem (sorta).
Joined: 5/24/2006
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Black metal...
Posted: 5/31/2006 4:07:37 PM
Like all forms of music, black metal evolved and is continuing to evolve. It was a musical form that grew up beside american death metal and european melodic death metal and now all three of these genres are starting to meld because those of use who grew up listening to this stuff are starting to make our own bands and the 15 and 16 year old kids that pumped out the black metal of the past have grown up as human beings and musicians. You look at a band like Behemoth, which started out as a fairly unimaginative, though good, black metal band in the they've evolved into this...well, behemoth, of heaviness incorporating several different styles. You look at Ihsahn (the brain behind Emperor) and his new solo album, The Adversary, where he combines elements of classic black metal with soft melodic parts and even some power-metal esque vocals. Cradle of Filth managed, like em or hate them, to create a form of black metal that is actually fairly marketable to the mainstream. Music progresses, when it doesn't, we get 800 bands called "The (something)" that sound like they should have existed as crap bar bands 30 years ago.

What would you rather, that Emporer get back together and put out In The Nigthside Eclipse 2, or progress as a band once again and put out something new and exciting?
 seasons in the abyss
Joined: 4/17/2005
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Black metal...
Posted: 5/31/2006 7:15:03 PM
good question about emperor. its kind of baited question though, cause if they were able to produce a similar album thats blew the doors off everything, then yes.

however if they were never able to top it, or even come close to duplicating, then probably not, and progression would be fine.
Joined: 5/24/2006
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Black metal...
Posted: 6/2/2006 6:51:39 AM
Well, yes, it was a somewhat baited question, but what I mean is this; we have In The Nightside Eclipse, we have Marduk's Heavy Shall Burn When We Are Gathered, we have the classic Mayhem, Gorgoroth, Darkthrone, Burzum, The Abyss...we have all these great, classic black metal albums that we can now listen to forever and ever. We don't need bands rehashing a sound that's now over 10 years old, we don't need more albums that sound like they were produced in an outhouse using a playskool recorder in the most grim, northern forests of Norway. What we do need is bands like Behemoth, Vesania, Dimmu Borgir, 1349, Cradle of Filth, Satyricon who are going to push black metal...sure, sometimes they're going to push in directions some of us don't like, but others are going to push in directions we do like...and what we're going to end up with is a wider spectrum of that which can be called black metal, which means more black metal fans, which means the artists will make more money, produce bigger, better albums and maybe start getting some goddamn attention by the media.

If you're one of those idiots who would rather your favourite music stay as underground as possible, then please, grab yourself a copy of whatever album, lock yourself in the basement and keep and stay underground forever.
 seasons in the abyss
Joined: 4/17/2005
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Black metal...
Posted: 6/3/2006 9:32:05 AM
Good topic here for sure. The ultimate factor is that some bands are a friggin assembly line, that are always reliable with rehashing thier albums. Other bands have done very well spreading thier wings and flying in other directions even though they may have lost the core audience.

I for one love the direction Behemoth, and Satyricon have taken with recent albums. Behemoth have become quite...uh...epic(?), and i like the "black and roll" of Satyricon. Satyricon gets bashed a lot, but the core and attitude of BM is still there, just its much more accessible. However black metal wasnt my bag from day 1, so ive always been very objective towards that genre. I cant exactly call it my own, so i tend to really like some of those albums on the fringes, just as much as the true scandinavian stuff.

Now death metal on the other hand...thats my roots, going back to 93. I totally ate up Carcass on Heartwork, and that was quite a large progression from thier previous material. Its what i would consider the pinnacle of death metal albums. Of course heartwork was my 1st taste of them, but i think swansong was a decent follow up though. Swansong furthered the idea, but lost some of the bite. I like it and I believe they could have released another quality album after that, but i will say i fear "too much" progression. Swansong to me started to get very simple, and that was kind of a large departure from the carcass we all know and love. I dislike progression when they "totally" lose thier roots. I believe Carcass by swansong had lost thier original identity, but it did align itself closely with heartworkk, that is a masterpiece of all time. Carcass over time(more-so near the end) were a classic catch 22, but they were a special case, cause they always seemed to be heads above the rest no mater what they put out. I still say this discussion is baited.

I believe the moral of this is subjectively "to each thier own". some bands change well for you and others dont. I havent really liked a slayer album since the punk covers. id welcome them to revamp thier sound. i may still think they were over the hill, but at least i would have gotten a different angle from thier music. However i would gladly accept remakes in the form of 5 reign in blood albums, 4 south of heavens, and a handful of seasons instead of what they did put out.

im down with whatever bands try, and if they fail for me, there are hundreds and hundreds in the collection to pick up the slack.
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Black metal...
Posted: 6/4/2006 9:35:17 PM
I really don't think black metal is "dead" just yet. I've been doing alot of looking around and find there are so many black metal bands. sure, country, pop, hip-hop and R&B are taking over air waves, but I find that black metal bands are still extremely popular. I also find that they have been broken down into catagories now, from black metal, death metal to just metal. very few bands are called "black metal" anymore but more and more bands are truely black metal. they say bands like Nightwish are black metal, but that is because the eerie and haunting vocals make it seem that way to the people who know nothing about metal in the first place. you have to remember bands like Rammstein, Children of bodom, lamb of God, Dimmu Borgir, Black Trinity, Cradle of filth, Deathspell Omega, Sirenia, Immortal Tears ...ETC

Joined: 5/16/2006
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Black metal...
Posted: 6/8/2006 2:08:26 PM
i think the only reason black metal recieved such a large amount of recognition in the 90s was the high number of church burnings that many of the bands in the scene were involved with. they really brought the scene to the attention of the media which, in turn, brought forth a lot of fans.
know what i mean?
Joined: 3/23/2006
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Black metal...
Posted: 6/16/2006 10:10:53 AM
Black Metal is definitly not dead. If you think so chances are that your a moron. Sure the scene isnt what it was. But there are people trying to change that. Black Metal isnt feared as much as it was at one time also so it welcome in people that dont deserve to listen to it. Bands selling out to sell records *couDissection,Satyriconngh* But that happens with every type of music. I personally have been Listening to alot of Horna and Craft two bands that will prove that the scene isnt dead. I personally am in a band i do Vocals/Guitar, Barghest black metal out of CT hah. . I am out the make the scene what it once was.
 seasons in the abyss
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Black metal...
Posted: 8/6/2006 10:28:12 PM
Ha! i always laugh at the accusations directed towards the so-called black metal sell-outs. yeah, i get the whole slant about satyricon, but seriously the progression has been in the works for quite a few albums while they have experimented with more rock based foundations. why couldnt people recognize that and see it coming from a mile away? I did, and it didnt really bother me. They did ease us into it no? But i suppose to come that fact matters little in the grand scheme of things.

however it does bum me out that Frost has all that talent and utilizes absolutely zero of it behind the kit on Now Diabolical. With Satyricon i can still feel the BM asthetic in the music, even though a lot of the venom is not in thier bite.

As for Dissection, i havent heard much good for reviews, but from what i understand thats not really a group effort per se. Maybe something that should not have been released under the moniker of Dissection perhaps? I'll have to spend some $$$ and investigate.
Joined: 12/13/2005
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Black metal...
Posted: 8/14/2006 12:28:53 PM
actually I had a black death get together we played music like gorguts,decide, people like that
Joined: 7/10/2006
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Black metal...
Posted: 8/14/2006 11:55:04 PM
The black metal scene is far from dead and there are still a lot of good black metal artists out there.
Emperor, Darkthrone, Burzum, Ildjarn, Graveland, Hellveto, Krieg, Hromovlad and there is a lot more awesome black metal artists out there
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