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Joined: 3/17/2006
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Honesty versus Snooping--what do you do when you find out?Page 1 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
# 1 HUGS
# 2 More Power to YOU

With age should come wisdom and the ability to follow through. However, I too found myself with similar tales of woe. I married a man that not only had bad credit, he had no drivers license, a list of outstanding tickets and unsettled lawsuits because of insurance claims. I could go on and on but you know the story.

I will more than likely never be in a relationship again, but if God sends someone into my life, I will certainly ask to see his license as I have done in the past. (if they are driving your car you better) I will also check into credit information.

FYI -- If you have a persons "REAL NAME" you can get a lot of information from the County's Public Records especially divorce cases, and you know the poor deceased wife that is not even dead yet.

Guys before you blast me --- I know women have done the same thing and more -- about the worst one I think is a woman leaving her children but that is another forum for another day.

good luck to A/all and have a Blessed Day
Joined: 1/2/2006
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Honesty versus Snooping--what do you do when you find out?
Posted: 5/10/2006 10:00:15 PM
"Honesty versus Snooping--what do you do when you find out?"

My opinion? The end justifies the means. I do not consider it dishonest to find out someone is dishonest.... but if you found out that he wasn't, then.......????? I guess you have to be pretty damn sure of your suspicions.....
Joined: 12/9/2005
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Honesty versus Snooping--what do you do when you find out?
Posted: 5/11/2006 5:57:27 AM
no you not worng if you seen some red flags warning,just always if you marry this guy in the back of your mind you will not trust him and the fact he never told you how bad his credit histy is, my bf and I have bad credit and when we became serious we both admit how bad it was I never lie and always up front about our past, I told him about all my past in the adult industry which he never had to known from the begining and same as him, so you have to be honest .
Joined: 5/4/2006
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Honesty versus Snooping--what do you do when you find out?
Posted: 5/25/2006 10:04:50 AM
[Even though he said there was 'no such thing as attention-deficit disorder (ADD) he was taking ADD pills]

I made a point of reading all of the posts for this thread, as the above quote made my ears perk up. As someone who has ADD, I see where his behaviour comes from. Many people think that ADD means the person just loses interest easily. NOT TRUE. There are many symptoms of ADD, and being impulsive, difficulty getting organized, chronic procrastination, mood swings, a need for high stimulation...there are many more characteristics, but I think this give you an idea of just how destructive ADD is if undiagnosed, or undertreated.

He was probably hiding these things because he was ashamed of himself - but if you think of ADD in the same terms as epilepsy or tourette's symdrome you can understand that it isn't the person at all, but a brain disorder that occurs naturally.

Taking medication and seeing a shrink are steps toward dealing with the disorder.

It wasn't him doing this to you, it was the ADD...

I know this doesn't make it better and I'm not saying what he did was okay, but please keep it in mind.

Joined: 11/29/2005
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Honesty versus Snooping--what do you do when you find out?
Posted: 5/26/2006 8:17:46 AM
Snooping is wrong in any case. Lets be honest here most woman who get that gut feeling something might be wrong but never really want to know because some woman LIke MEN can not be alone. It seems a lot of men and woman never learn from there mistakes they are the ones who need a shrink as the defenition of insanity is to repeat the same behavior expecting a different result. If you find something out by accident that is one thing but if you checked his credit report with out his permission you have just broken the law.
But you are not expecting to much honesty but you are expecting to much she must have seen how he spends his money or if he saved some of it the writing maybe was on the wall you just refused to read it I bet
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