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I would say, WITHOUT A DOUBT in my mind, yes, you can be misjudged! Say something in the wrong way or represent an unpopular opinion and you get jumped on for it. They are OPINIONS.....just because we see things differently doesn't make YOU right or me wrong!!! Who died and made you the one and only RIGHT one?? We all have our own opinions, (which we all have the right's in the Constitution! "Free Speech""...look it up!) and in MY humble opinion, that's a GOOD thing!!!! My personality gets poured, everyday, into everything I write......I'm NOT just number 23gth-lp9,I'm BlueButterflies3221, and I'm PROUD to be her. A LOT of people think she's funny, sweet, and a pleasure to know! You'd find that out too, if you simply gave her a chance. Next time ANY of us are tempted to dimiss someone because "....I don't share THAT opinion! " how about trying to get to KNOW the person?! You just MIGHT be pleasantly surprised of how much in common you DO share! And, you may just wind up with a new friend...or at the very least..a BETTER understanding of where THEY'RE coming from. Try it. C'mon. You know you want to....
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