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Joined: 5/20/2006
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OK....I wanna know how white men in Vancouver feel about a serious relationship/marriage to a mixed race woman ex-husband's family NEVER included me because I wasn't "white" like them ex-father-in-law commented about the colour our kids would be....they might be black. har how does this rate in this day and age? My dad was black, my mom white....and they were married 50 years when my dad mother's family never had issue with my dad...50 years ago... I have only ever met one man's friends (his parents were not here). Dated a couple of other blokes for over a year and never introduced to the families. Do the men in Vancouver fear what their families will think? I'm just curious. After 11 years of the ex-laws crap I do wonder at times if this is an issue why things never progress further with caucasian men in Vancouver. Men will say..."oh that's ridiculous" them maybe...but maybe they don't wanna rock the boat at home with old school parents.
Joined: 5/20/2006
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 5/21/2006 6:44:01 PM
hey bananaman


Why do they become hotties?

see my point? hottie.....but would you get serious with a hottie?

Do men get serious with hotties??
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 5/21/2006 6:50:59 PM
Yeah_right: ~I totally hear what you're saying, you need to back that statement up,
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 5/21/2006 6:52:09 PM
Well I'm not from Vancouver, but I find it ridiculous that in this day and age it should even be considered a problem. I would get serious with any woman, regardless of race, mixed or otherwise. And of course hotties as well...why not if you're compatible.

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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 5/21/2006 7:07:12 PM
Men are more likely to get serious with a hottie.

See for a hook up women always go for really hot guys, while men are more likely to lower their standards to get laid.

Subsequently women seem to date men that they would not hook up with at a bar. But men are more likely to get in a serious relationship with a really hot girl, because i guess lots of sex with a hot girl.

Probably best not quote me on that.
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 5/21/2006 7:45:49 PM
bananaman how do you know black woman want your stupd white ass.
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 5/21/2006 8:55:44 PM
Not to be on anyone's side but I'll ad my two cents here coming from my own experience. No matter if your black, white, native or asian, there are plenty of the four groups to go around for dating. Nothing special anymore. But those who are cross-bred by two or more races, they are fewer in number. Different skin tones, different facial features, different hair colors, they all make up an unusual human species. Many are quite attractive in an erotic sense as once were Asian women who lightly populated the Americas. Now that there are so many Asian women in the Americas, they are the same as the rest. Numerous.
Just my thoughts...don't flame me!
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 5/21/2006 9:29:17 PM
know what you mean, and yeah, hooking up a hottie and getting so serious about her are two different topics.. I met a white guy once who thought I'm a hottie and was all over me, but he was trying to keep it in the shadows, and I told him, I don't want that ======> smelling something too fishy , what you are hiding.. and then I discovered that its because of my race and backgroud - I'm middle eastrn -, and he was like "I like you, you're sweet, but I don't want people to see me with a middle eastern girl"!!!!!!!! I was like: "What the............?".. I didn't regret a thing, he's a looser anyway and I'm glad I'm not with him, but I just thought its 2006 and people should be more advance, but it seems it isn't the theory...

You see, if a guy want you seriously, he would want you for who you really are, whatever colour or race you are.. If not, just turn your back to him.. He ain't worth it.. Thats what I do now.. But in general, the majority of white guys accept all people, and most emails I get are from white guys, so yeah, I guess its 2006 afterall!!
Joined: 4/4/2006
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 5/21/2006 9:45:30 PM
its your own opinion mister babana!! but you dunno what you are loosing!!


Joined: 3/21/2006
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 5/23/2006 6:39:24 AM
the only thing I can say is, beauty and truth have no color, what is in ones heart musn't be subjected to a color . I am one man who truely believes that black is beautiful
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 5/29/2006 12:27:24 PM
My Mother and Father had a problem with my dating a black woman..not becuase of her skin color...but becuase she was a gold diggah..

And now that kinda spoiled it for the next one but I couldn't care less. I date them because I choose to not because they do. I myslef never feared anything because it was my girl and I was never ashamed what race she was...I was proud to have her with me. Period.
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 5/29/2006 12:28:58 PM
Yeah, sorry, I don't agree with you. Full blooded is fine and so is mixed but neither is better than the other.
Joined: 5/17/2006
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 5/29/2006 1:19:12 PM
Not to change the thread topic, but yeah_right, why limit yourself to white men? The average black man will be accepting of your heritage.
Joined: 2/28/2006
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 5/29/2006 1:31:58 PM
i don't have a problem with mixed or any color their just as sweet as any others is yum yum yum
Joined: 2/17/2006
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 5/29/2006 5:31:50 PM
Ebonyqueen - I can't message you, since I'm not in Canada, but WOW, you are gorgeous!!
I've kinda given up on putting people in 'my favorites', but I'm tempted.....con permiso
I seriously doubt anyone here would blink an eye at a mixed race couple, or at a white boy bringing a mixed race girlfriend home to meet Mommy & Daddy.
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 5/29/2006 10:43:12 PM
they are all the same on the inside
Joined: 8/25/2004
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 5/29/2006 10:53:54 PM
well it goes both ways

I am white and my black /east indian ex girlfriend never brought me to meet her patents

she explained to me that her parents are very old school blah blah blah............

I think everyone in the world needs to just realize we are people and quit judging by color
Joined: 8/20/2005
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 5/30/2006 8:21:05 AM
Wolfie65: I just sent you a message.... check your "inbox"
 Some Dude
Joined: 1/17/2006
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 5/30/2006 10:06:25 AM
I'm a person of mixed race. I have interracial parents (Filipino and German). My father doesn't care what the background of the person is, as long as they are "normal" ie. has an education and a job, not a trouble maker, drug user, decent person, etc.

I guess it's different when your parents are interracial. Being a mixed male, it doesn't matter to me "what the person is". It's HOW that person is. As long as they are good people, what does it matter?
 Abe Froeman
Joined: 7/7/2006
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 8/1/2006 10:03:18 PM
Old School = Racist.

Unless the person you are dating (not the parents of that person) is a different religion and that religion has restrictions on who he/she dates, it is racist and/or exclusionary for the parents to reject the person because of ethnicity or religion.
Joined: 7/27/2006
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 8/1/2006 10:47:59 PM
Ebonyqueen I think you are gorgeous! Im straight by the way just thought Id pay you a compliment, you kind of remind me of Gabrielle Union
Anyways, I don't understand why ppl care about race so much... i mean it is hard enough trying to meet/date/trust decent ppl anymore, let alone restricting ones self to a specific race, or trying to figure out why white guy doesnt like mixed girl and so on and so on. I really wish ppl would stop caring and just look to meet nice ppl regardless of what their skin is already.. Geez, lets evolve!
Joined: 8/25/2004
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 8/1/2006 10:53:54 PM
I figure if I could hang out with ebonyqueen and misssweetlady and me
that would make a mighty fine tastin cookie !!!!!
Joined: 5/27/2006
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 8/2/2006 2:10:42 PM
I don't think "old school" is necessarily racist. Depending on your cultural background, showing off your new SO to your parents might be a really stressful experience for the SO. Her/His skin color would probably be only one in a long list of potential things to complain about or question. It helps a lot if you give the SO some hints as to the potential problems and come up with ways to deal with them. If you are the SO, you should expect that much.

Modern relationships tend to be about the couple, so parental and/or familial input is fairly restricted anyway. Showing them some respect regardless of what they may think of you will bring you a long way towards bringing them on side. I think it is always best to assume, as a starting point, that they are trying to look out for the best interests of their kid.

As has been suggested, this is also not just a Caulky thing. Try being a Caulky walking down the street in the heavily Jamaican area of Toronto, with your black hottie wife beside you;) A$$holes come in all colors. But, honestly, angels do to!

All that being said, fact is individuals do have individual preferences. There is no point in bemoaning it, or trumpeting it, too much.
Joined: 6/20/2006
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 8/2/2006 2:31:51 PM
I agree, man we are 6 years into the 21st friggin century here! If the only thing people are going to worry about when meeting a potential date, friend, etc. is the color of that person's skin, than that person has a serious issue. Mixed race, or whatever race people are people and beauty exists in all hues. So does ugly, by the way. You know parents, relatives, and friends should be more concerned about if their loved ones are bringing home good people rather than people who match their own skin color.
Joined: 7/24/2006
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Dating mixed race women
Posted: 8/2/2006 2:39:29 PM
Things have not changed much in some countries their children are betroth at an early age and by breaking that so we call contract is like disgracing the family. It can cause serious problems. I saw on a special where the mother killed her daughter because she dated out of her race.
however here in america we are in one way or another a mixed race.
sad but true I also was ok for sex but not to show his freinds why! you guessed it my color.
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