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OKCupid is good. There are more people there, and you can search through them ten different ways so it's easier to find someone who is a good match. I tried a paid site once and most of the profiles there were dead. My e-mail didn't even get READ, let alone responded to. I think paid sites keep interesting profiles up, even if people don't check them, because it makes it look like there are more people on their site.

With OKCupid, it tells you how recently someone has been on so you have an idea of whether they'll answer your mail or not before you write "A Tale of Two Cities" and hit send. Their goal is to create an interesting site, not to trick you into parting with your $$$.
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How Does POF Compare To Other Sites?
Posted: 3/12/2007 12:58:12 PM
first of all. I suggest you try to find the number to the girl who wrote you and call her. what could u possibly have to lose. You could always hang up and so could she. DISCERNment! COMMUNICATIon, as OPPOSED to mere speculation! let the evaluations begin. It is improper to demand someone come over at 3 am instantaneously , but a phone call (and im not talking about phonesex!, good god man!) Frankly what i have found in my online experiences is that no matter what a person writes in their profile as what they are looking for, the words mean absolutely nothing, and oftentimes its the opposite. Like if they say they are looking for marriage, it means they are seeking a f...kbuddy. So you need to listen to their voice , watch their breathing pattern, see if they can look u in the eye with more than a blank stare before deciding where to begin, IF at all. volunteering a phone number up front is an excellent sign. it ensures they are not married or hiding something on their home front!!!
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