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Boxed Sets: Love them or Hate ThemPage 1 of 1    
How many music people here invest the money in boxed sets?? and why???
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Boxed Sets: Love them or Hate Them
Posted: 6/2/2006 10:17:20 AM
all three of the Nuggets boxed set are the shit and so is that girl group box. Me I like boxed sets and depending on the set and the artist I think they are worth the investment
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Boxed Sets: Love them or Hate Them
Posted: 6/2/2006 4:23:36 PM
I haven't gone for many boxed sets based on one artist/group, but I have had very good luck with the box sets based on a music style, theme, company, or time period. They make a good stepping stone for entry into classical music, as you can learn a lot about composers and their influences when they're in a compilation.

Compilation sets are pretty good values, if you shop around. I do stay away from the Time/Life produced sets; production value, price, and the documentation that is provided is usually pretty bad in comparasin to other sets.

The box sets that I enjoy most have been the compilation sets, as I like the variety, and it's also a fun way to explore new avenues.
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Boxed Sets: Love them or Hate Them
Posted: 6/3/2006 5:47:07 PM
I would have never bought the many different Beach Boy albums out there. But the box set really is well done and gives newcomers an insightful introduction to the legendary band.

This is one box set that I keep coming back to. Great informative booklet that goes track by track.

I really enjoyed The Doors box set for the treasure trove of unreleased and rare tracks.

Bonfire by AC/DC is also another well done box set.

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Boxed Sets: Love them or Hate Them
Posted: 7/27/2007 4:16:36 PM
I have my share of box sets. You really have to be a fan of the group/artist who released them. It is kind of funny when b-sides are originally released as part of a single and are considered "throw aways" and are never listened to as compared to the a-side. But decades later those same b-sides they are released again on a box set and they are referred to as "lost treasures."
I still listen to my vinyl copy of David Bowie's Sound & Vision that I picked up in 1990. Probably still my favourite box set.
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Boxed Sets: Love them or Hate Them
Posted: 7/28/2007 8:09:49 AM
I'm not a fan of boxed sets that are basically "Greatest (read all) Albums" sets, unless, like someone else said, you only have a couple of the artists in your collection. But some sets go deeper, including alternate mixes, takes, scratch tracks or even demo versions of an artists music. Some have interviews with the artist. Boxed sets like that are my favorite. What I find annoying is when someone (artist, producer, whoever) decides to remix a song/album for a new release. Even worse is when a very familiar song gets re-arranged. At least when the original arrangement/mix isn't also included. I should clarifiy that I'm talking more about songs engrained into musical history and not the latest hair twirling, bubble gum pop by ex-mousketeer random female featuring some up and coming/soon to be has been rapper and mixed by DJ "I got a computer, too" for the "You'll buy this one too, 'cause your a sheep" mix.

As far as those Time Life sets; there's something to be said about having all those songs in one spot, already to go. Not for the quaility, but for the convenience. Rip 'em all to you MP3 player and hit shuffle. Great for an afternoon/evening of greatists hits.

For a real laugh, listen to The Bare Naked Ladie's song "Box Set":
(not complete)

Disc One
it's where we've begun, it's all of greatest hits,
and if you are a fan then you know that you've already got 'em.

Disc Two
it was all brand new, al album's worth of songs,
but we had to leave the whole disc blank 'cause
some other label bought 'em.

Disc Three
This is really me in a grade school play;
I had about a hundred thousand lines but of course I forgot 'em.

Disc Four
Never released before, and you can tell why.
it's just some demos I recorded in my basement.

Disc Five
I was barely alive, I was coughing up a lung,
so they had to use a special computer as my replacement.

Disc Six
A dance remix, so I can catch the latest trend
and it'll make you scratch your head and wonder
where my taste went.
 Strange Days
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Boxed Sets: Love them or Hate Them
Posted: 7/30/2007 5:01:57 AM
I have many disc and lp boxed sets. I love the mass of work available in one place.
Box sets fall into two types: A) Overviews and retrospectives
B) Rarities and gems

Another reason to love them is excellent sonics. This is when labels are willing to sink some money into really good remasterings. I've heard albums reissued years after a box set's release that don't sound as good. More ten years on, the Zeppelin set still sounds good. The play order is the diamond there. I love my Yes set "Close To The Edge", but hate my new Jap. HDCD remastering. (Where the hell is Bill's powerfull snare WHACK!?!?)
All music fans should seek out the "Nuggets" Sets. It's a huge amount of great rock and roll that sadly isn't available anywhere else in 70% of the artists cases.
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Boxed Sets: Love them or Hate Them
Posted: 2/17/2009 7:50:50 PM
I'd have to say for the most part I love 'em; if done properly. As long as they have something of value something I can't find elsewhere ( live shit,demos,outtakes,unreleased etc.) A cool book and fine packaging goes a long way with me I don't want some glorified rehatched greatest hits crap, I already like the band that's why I'm buying it besides I feel good when I invest legally in a group or person that I love and respect it's the least I can do for them after all they've given me over the years. Box sets really have come a long way since the Zep set ( which was packaged well for the time, could have used more rare shit or live stuff though). You know what is a nicely done box set is The Band A Musical History this is an excellent example of how to do it chaulked full of nuggets early stuff (hawks,Dylan) live stuff unrealsed alternate takes etc. and a sweet DVD to top it off. nice book dates labels it's got it all execept maybe thay could have included Atlantic City ( i love that tune).
The Doors box was nicely done aswell not for your radio Doors fan but hardcores will love it.

I 'm really enjoying all the live shit that been released over the last few years
The****s Pick's series, rhino has picked up the ball since then. It nice to see/hear that Shakey has finally cracked open the vault and let us drink from the deep forbidden lake.( filmore/ massey hall/ cow palace shows etc.)Nowadaze they have instant live you can get a crispy SBD of the show you just saw with many of the jam bands out there.
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Boxed Sets: Love them or Hate Them
Posted: 3/13/2009 11:54:58 AM
I'd LOVE to see a Pink Floyd box set of unreleased concerts-not the ones out there in bootleg land, but of the early Syd era-KILLER!!
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