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Joined: 6/2/2006
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That is beautiful!
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/3/2006 7:31:05 AM
A Dragon said it well and true
spoken from his clearly obvious
ancient soul to you

Cast out not the rhyming
Cast out false beliefs
Listen to their minds at work
They bring such sweet release

For they know the magic well
the price they paid was high
To see beauty in the terrible
is not an easy way of life

It was simply uncanny to see this thread started at the
exact time it was last night. I had been reflecting on
this very subject for hours!


"when you are ready a teacher will come"

And so it is for me, I have been blessed
recently with a new teacher
an 'ancient soul' born from my own pool of energy

So for now I will just 'riff' *smile

I had many pages written and when I came to type
I contemplated starting a thread for introverts
which would have included most of the description you, the op, write
We are such different creatures from our extroverted family
I thought we needed a special place just for us

So the provocative question is simply this:
Are introverts, and those with the 'artistic soul' simply
ancient souls in disguise? That remains unclear to me
and I will continue to reflect on this independently

I was thinking in my reveries
why so many of those with
what I have long called
the artists soul
are drawn to thunder storms.
Ligtning has always fascinated
me and I find it simply magical
I like to think the lightning I see
represents the end of a search
for some ancient soul who suddenly found
one of their lost family
born of their own special pool of energy

There are many with the 'artist soul'
who have never written poetry, painted,
played an instrument, sang,
drawn a picture, turned wood
into some beautiful object, or the
countless other artistic endeavors which
require that 'different way of seeing'
and who often seem to tap
into an energy that confuses many

Da Vinci comes to mind
as the most obvious artistic
old soul with his futuristic sketches
and thoughts, and I believe he was one of the
most ancient souls.

I also believe our wonderful pixie,
Einstein was surely among this group.

I have met a few 'old souls' whose only "art"
was computer programming, yet
they still have all
the characteristics of
that special internal 'seeing'.
Despite some opinions, a huge
portion of us computer 'geeks'
are not always simply left brained
and analytical. I have found a
disproportionate number among
this lot who are 'independent thinkers'
who also 'feel deeply'. I see this in
mathematics and physics too.
Many 'old souls' among these groups so
it is not just those who write poetry.

Yesterday, in my contemplations
I remembered me
a child, seeking my solitude,
growing bored with the childhood
games and CRAVING
that quiet corner to
reflect in and rebuild my
energies, I recalled how
I would crave these private
moments more passionately after
dark and especially duing those
magical thunderstorms.

So many of my introverted family**
have told me the exact same thing
They stare at the sky questioning
Are we simply longing for our genderless
family from another place and time?

Now some will say all this talk
of ancient souls is simply crazy
And that just makes me smile now,
because earlier yesterday during
my meditations I was given
a moment of truth that
I now 'own'

Thank you my new teacher, who is one of my family**
I am glad you have found your way home
You are a special light in my circle
Now we can combine our energy to find the missing others
we keep dreaming about *smile

** as the Reluctant Messiah said "rarely are the members of
one's true family born under the same roof, and you will
keep meeting each other again and again, after years or lifetimes".( paraphrased )

My life experiences have shown this is an unshakeable truth.
Joined: 5/28/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/3/2006 10:52:36 AM
Interesting thread! Fine reads too, drea, longte, and truthisee!

A moments muse perhaps...feeling rhymeful...:)

I'm thinking of ten thousand life times...or so...
And what numbers have I?
Does it really matter?
I'm wondering......why....

Just live and keep on keepin on I'm thinking
And try
In a single moment
To enjoy the "I"
Resigning to not knowing
The Whys

"We" can connect, if nothing to fear
And that's a joyful reason for here!
Despite the horrors our souls will endure
The balance to living is part of it, I'm sure!

And after ten thousand, do I start again?
Or get absorbed by the cosmic lend
An energy so bazaar and so profound
Leaves me laughing here on the ground

When I think how amazing and abserd it all is
I tend to lighten from all that it gives
I think of a cosmic float in a dream
Made from thoughts manifesting

Where nothing makes sense
And yet it all does
Build in a cosmos
Just because
k, that was fun!!!!
Gotta do dishes
Joined: 8/16/2005
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/3/2006 11:03:09 AM
Beautiful imagery everyone:)I love your thread

Is it spoken in placid whispers beyond the lives weve led
The pendulum swings,the moon takes her place
As the sunsets secret scatters dying embers upon the landscape
My soul is adrift like a kite in the spring
Grabbing hold of the mystery of all that I dream
Music once melded our vagabond souls
With the magic of Mozart and the canvas of forever
Heaven mustve recognized it long before I knew
The pleasure of entwining my heart into you
All around me in a hush just beyond the wall
Beckoning foosteps of your memory lead me down a path
Not measured in moments or the time that is past
Some things transcend beyond the curtain wall
Like a rosepetal slumber in a childhood tale
Our love still lives on somewhere just beyond the veil
No separation exists just because its unseen
As mornings apsires ,light casts heavenly beams

Ok,so I rhymed a little LOL ,but its tough to put those kinds of restrictions on my feelings when they flow:)Great thread.I hope its ok I posted my lil spontaneous write here.I really enjoy your verses,Kat

Joined: 5/12/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/3/2006 11:47:21 AM
This is a first attempt at this for me...but, upon reading the fine examples of inspiration...
I will give it a shot and attempt to grow a little more...

My lover believes we live many lifetimes. We come back to improve upon our faults and failures. She says that she has many lifetimes left. If perfection, in the humanitarian sense,
is the acme of our last and final reincarnation, I'm sure to be around until the end of the world.
I was her slave when she was Helen of Troy. Launched her 1,000 ships.
I was her patient when she was Florence Nightingale. She healed me with her lips.
When she was the muse for Juliet: Poison never tasted so sweet.
I have slayed dragons for her. I have suffered in the stocks as she was branded with the scarlet letter. I have died from a broken heart, when it was first her turn to depart.
This current lesson, punishment, didactic at least halfway taught. Bittersweet.
Many mistakes and sorrows. Many pinnacles of ectasy, now causing rhapsody. 40 lifetimes, and I've learned naught.
Or maybe, I beat the cosmic system....because, I know, again I shall return. Just to gaze into her eyes again....take my place beneath her enjoy the crushing agony of
her madness...again and again...until the earth becomes nothing more than dust in our little
universe...which, of course, revolves solely around her.

Joined: 4/10/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/3/2006 11:55:09 AM
Brawnydog, that was simply PRICELESS.
I sure hope I get it right soon..I am tired of coming back!!! but looks like I will be around a few thousand more lifetimes too LOL.

Kat i was touched by your poem. Many things in it I could relate to.

OP I can see
breaking chat rules soon to be
your posts arouse so much discussion
I am trying to be good you see
not get this thread canned with my naughty me
Joined: 10/8/2005
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/3/2006 12:33:27 PM
sometimes i feel that i have lived many lifetimes.
Joined: 11/22/2005
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/3/2006 6:49:44 PM
Oh. how i wish that i could come a flower...~ Stevie Wonder...from The Secret Life of Plants album....
Joined: 8/16/2005
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/4/2006 10:03:52 AM
Awesome writes everyone!wow:)

Crying out to the restless night in Nightengale song
Searching for an olive branch to rest my fears upon
Long before the universe expanded far and wide
As children of the stars our souls would soon abide
Filling up the world and each taking our place
Our journeys all illuminated by the moons sweet lunar face
As dreams wash us all in elegance,love and diversity
The songs we sing are all unique with a certain thread of unity
The way we weave our words in verse ,speak tales of love and woe
Giving music to the seasons of life ,as the days they ebb and flow
Crying out to the velvet sky with silver wounds from long ago
The nightengale fills the world in sweetest song of all she knows
Joined: 4/10/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/4/2006 12:24:49 PM
I see a child at play. I see and wish I may, be ignorant to all around me but it just won't go away. You see and know what I say. You see. You know. It won't go away. I falter in my knowledge of man and his vile.

If you only knew
the many times I have said that
the many times I have heard that
From my introverted family
in some form of expression not meant to be weighty
Often heard by many is " I wish I had an IQ of 80"
to be in that sweet, beautiful place they have found
where seeing so much makes the rest of us feel down
Maybe inside those sweet, innocent others they have found the true secret
maybe they are the true old souls
and are simply waiting to return now to our home of old
"the nameless", the beginning

I SWEAR this is beginning to feel like the 'quickening'
Are we about to implode or something?
Joined: 4/10/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/4/2006 12:34:25 PM
Years ago when we started with BBS
before internet was the thing that blessed
I had the thought that this would be
the beginning path to reuniting the 'family'

there was a feeling that we somehow had to be joined again
that universal unconsciousness thing I strongly believe in
 The Black Knight
Joined: 1/13/2005
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/4/2006 2:54:49 PM
The clear crystal of red red wine
With a glimmer that entrances me to another world
A world lost in yesterdays regrets
where her voice caressed my heart
And breath enriched my soul
Where her eyes spoke with calescent passion
Inviting me into her solace domain
Somewhere in yesterday I neglected my way
And lost the key that unlocks her soul
O red red wine that ripples softly
Mingled with the salt of my tear
Help me to escape the memories ago
Fill my veins with your intoxins
And numb my memory with your kiss.

By theway this is off the cuff and no i am not an alcoholic...Just trying to see their world
Joined: 5/12/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/4/2006 7:00:39 PM
my soul is so old that it's color is black
the very depth of my inner self bruised gray

laugh at yourself when you ask that question
and then look at all of the talent that you have just tripped over

Oblivious to snow blindness by a little white lie
And wonder why you sing the blues

Joined: 2/14/2005
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/4/2006 9:33:42 PM

This Tread is not for simplistic views on Re-encarnation, it is for those Old Souls out there

brawny has an ocean of soul and heart displayed in his verses, as contrasted to your "big words", all of them grandiose and precious. It's utter hypocrisy and arrogance to categorize his character based on one verse which doesn't meet your high-falutin' standards.

Your verse is formless, and I almost hyperventilated when attempting to read it. Its overabundance of abstract nouns paints no pictures, contains no fragrance, evokes no sound, leaves no imprimatur except evaporating and forgetful mist.

I'll take unpretentious concrete images and soulful meaning any day, over "look at me'" sensitivity and overwrought self-importance.

Four-line alternating rhymed stanzas, in and of themselves, have no bearing on what is or is not poetry. It's simply a poetic form, like any other, used to align mood and tone, when appropriate to that particular form. One thing I will say about any closed form, though. At least thought and care, however passing, go into the making of verse in that context, unlike a diarrhea of formless words which tout their own arrival with a boast of "spontaneity" or "freedom".



Souls are fused, limpid stallions,
Soldered silver and fleeting though
A sunspot flares medallions
'Round redwood headboards tied with bows.
Joined: 1/7/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/4/2006 10:07:45 PM
This Tread is not for simplistic views on Re-encarnation, it is for those Old Souls out there

@ Rory---You Honor.....I'd like to 2nd that motion... For OP....Yours is the simplistic view set to limit the bounds of what poetry truly is......It is an expression of the truth you hold within yourself, and not the rules by which anyone creates to "cut short" it's true meaning.....No matter what form it takes!!!

Life is that which have found
No limit...
Nor fear...
Will ever keep me down....
See only truth beyond within
From self....
From world....
Boundless in the end
Joined: 8/16/2005
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/4/2006 10:27:03 PM
^^"This Tread is not for simplistic views on Re-encarnation, it is for those Old Souls out there "..That was so mean OP,to say that in response to anothers post!! :P

Calling a certain types of poetry "cliche",and being so blatantly critical of other posters, shows you obviously never attended charm school in any of your past lives. O:) I agree with the 2 gentlemen above me. Great thread concept,but upon reviewing your comments to a few others here,I had to say something as well.Poetry is about heart,soul,emotion,depth and beauty in all of its forms JMHO,Kat
Joined: 4/10/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/5/2006 2:15:11 AM
my, my I see it really was a rapid quickening LOL LOL
another POF implosion

now what should have been a cozy place to be
seems filled with so much negativity

This whole adventure has been simply fascinating
why can't we all just play nice with each other

so our much loved Dog can just keep me laughing
instead of having to keep us unruly children in place

Brawnydog I promise I will stop being naughty (''

Joined: 8/16/2005
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/5/2006 8:06:06 AM
^^Ok,ok...Tell ya what?You buy a round for everyone and Ill buy us all sammiches .We can all "just get along "in the poetry forums, and do very well,but there was sort of a mixed vibe happening here in your thread from the very beginning..When you said,"This thread isnt for simplistic views on re-encarnation",in reference to someones post,maybe that quote expressed how the poster felt.See where Im coming from?Sometimes the simplest seeming verses ,quotes and poems hold the most truth and beauty.Thats the "truth I see" .You are obviously entitled to your opinion,but sometimes via posting,things can be misconstrued and come across harsher than intended.It appears that was possibly the case here.Alrighty,have a spiffy day.Im jumping down off my lil soap box now.:) Kat
Joined: 4/10/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/5/2006 10:18:21 AM
When you said,"This thread isnt for simplistic views on re-encarnation",in reference to someones post,maybe that quote expressed how the poster felt.See where Im coming from?Sometimes the simplest seeming verses ,quotes and poems hold the most truth and beauty.Thats the "truth I see" .You are obviously entitled to your opinion,but sometimes via posting,things can be misconstrued and come across harsher than intended.It appears that was possibly the case

I agree totally with what Kat said here and hopefully others can see the truth in her words. Sometimes we think everyone is some type of mind reader and on the same wavelength of understanding when something is said. It is rarely the case tho so words of criticism have to be chosen carefully. OP has apologized. Hopefully it will rest now.

I do believe everything has a purpose and this CAN be transformed from the negative to the positive now.

I always saw this as a place for introverts more than old souls based on the description on OP's first post. I am not certain they are the same as OP seems to be, but I am willing to listen and learn.

We can all choose to remain in our 'clicks' and not step outside our comfort zone
or we can dip our toes in the other waters and do as Brawny said "grow a little". This fish pond can be healing place if we let it and we all can learn from each other.

And as Longte, our wise dragon tried to say, listen to what these sensitive souls are trying to say here, it matters not if it is one complete run on sentence to me and many others here, matters not if it is filled with grammatical errors that make it difficult to read, everyone is trying to say something or they would not be on this forum often. It is not a literary convention, it is a forum for trying to get to know who another really is. Trying to suppress any expression will limit things. I simply try to listen to their heart's and what I see is often breathtaking, yet someone else may try to tear it apart.

I have so much more I would like to finally say, but don't want that lovable dog
barking at me today LOL LOL LOL.

Glad to see the energy changed some today. ''
'' ''
Joined: 4/10/2006
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The Worst...
Posted: 6/5/2006 2:23:46 PM
sorry op
I know you may wish
for beautiful poetry
maybe if we get this out
we can all grow some more
and then allow our souls to shout

Welcome back Shadow

and with his words said simply
so many do agree
and feel that sense of urgency
just as it is with you and me

some were once a shadow only
growing up feeling lonely
often they speak and write great truth's
often found independently in their youth
yet they feel confused when they look back and say
"how did I know that then, I don't know that today"*

So we search for understanding of these things
and on our path find joy in the kindred souls it brings
many spend a lifetime hiding, and even from themselves
and this brings great sadness to me
when my family is afraid to let the other's see
and sometime's they become lost in many ways
and have forgotten what is true
not believing we can see behind the mask and all the beauty inside of you

we do seem to view this life so differently
some even while still hiding, spend it searching
for that spark of recognition to greet
another who feels well known just the instant that we meet
one's where words soon become meaningless
as we relearn how to speak silently
it is often then our soul's feel so free
but, in that resting place we find
that consumes us with a joy sublime
we so often feel we can not stay
seeming our destiny to find the rest like us
to let them know they are not alone
and so it has been with me...

* another common theme I have seen that Shadow also alluded to

 The Black Knight
Joined: 1/13/2005
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/5/2006 4:35:28 PM
An older gent of scholastic renown
Left a seminar quite disgruntled
For that day the intellectual crowd
Gathered to discuss all the world affairs
Each one spat their view and resolve
But none could agree on what needs done
They fought and fought till blue in the face
All the words for naught
For not one could be heard
The old gent in his frustration
Stormed from the meeting
Cussing all the way out the door
He walked and walked till finally taking a rest
On an old park bench among the trees
Now Bobby came along and sat down beside
Not uttering a single word
The old gent began to speak as Bobby nodded
About his day and all his worldly views
Bobby sat silent staring at the man
Smiling ever so often
The gent spoke and spoke
Smiling from ear to ear as Bobby
Sat and watched with amazement
After many a breath of what to do
The old gent finally spoke to Bobby
“Sir….there aren’t many people in
This world like you and me
That can talk with such intellectual views
Do you come hear often that we can again
Sit and talk about the deeper things
And solve all the world’s problems”
Bobby nodded with a smile
Not uttering a word
But looking intently at the man’s face.
Just then a young boy of seven
Came over who had been watching the pair
As the old gent talked.
The boy looked at the gent and asked
“Can I have that shiny pen behind your ear”
The gent boasted out
“Why sure young lad you can…
And what do you admire about that pen?”
Before the young boy could blurt out a word
The old gent answered for him.
“I know you wan that pen because
You wish to put it behind your ear
And act as smart as both of us
Wise souls”
The young boy said
The old gent interrupted every word
And then said “good day both to you”
And then walked his merry way.
The young boy then turned to Bobby
“Here you go Bobby” handing him the pen
“I know you really wanted this shiny pen
I watched you from over there as you kept admiring it
How difficult it must be Bobby being mute and all
And not being able to ask….
Now come on Bobby I will walk you home”
Now you see Bobby could not talk
And was born mentally challenged.
On the way home he twirled his shiny pen
Walking by hand with the young boy.
The boy pulled out his juicy juice
But to his dismay grumbled
“Where did my straw go….
I can’t drink my box of juice without a straw”
Bobby then began to take the pen apart
Leaving the middle hollow
He took the box of juice
And then stabbed the box.
The little boy uttered
“O how spiffy now I can drink
My juice from your homemade straw
Thanks Bobby I love you”
The moral of this story is that wisdom is a gift
From those who seek it. It cannot be intellectually
Acquired. Sadly in man’s pride he fails to see
The obvious. But those born of simple mind with hearts of gold
Can sometimes be the wisest of us all.
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/5/2006 8:43:53 PM
I remember the Romans smash the temples of Greece
The rape and the torture, the sign of the beast.
Through all the ages, wherever we grew
One with the Mother, that’s who they slew.
They tore up our forests, make way for the beasts
They took all our wisdom and gorged on our feasts.
Our ways now lie buried in the rubble of time,
Hidden, forgotten, they surface sublime.
And any movement upward like smoke from the ashes,
Are diffused and Obscured in small hidden caches.
We wait for a sign, that we can go on,
Waiting and hoping in a dark night, for the light of dawn.
Our dreams feel like fantasies in the nightmare of the now,
As the beasts keep on feeding, we ask you God HOW?

They took over Africa, where life first began.
And exploited her people, her gold and her land.
They raped and they plundered, they slaughtered and slew.
Till the blood flowed like rivers, where their kingdoms grew.
For the beasts lay among them just biding their time.
Till their master came calling to enable his crime.
Tribe against tribe in a frenzy of slaughters
The face of the beast hides in Sons and in Daughters.
Desolation and desert follow in his wake,
Famine and flood, volcano and quake.
As the earth still rebels the hand of the beast
Yet the torment continues for that’s where they feast.

And in the last refuge, where we struggled to survive
On great turtle island, we at least stayed alive.
We held to our rhythms, our songs and our ways.
Though the beast was among us, we tried to stay brave.
But those who were escaping and trying to come home.
Were followed by soldiers who wouldn’t leave us alone
And the beasts among us welcomed their kind
And away went the forests, the lands, and our minds.
They did the same here as they’ve done before
Poisoned earths waters, her lands open sores.
Entrapped us in servitude to enable their plan
To conquer the earth and each woman and man.

There’s no where to run to, no land that is free
From the tyranny and oppression of what they say must be.
If we threaten their lifestyle or question what they say
Oppose their progress, or suggest a new way,
They’re on us like sharks in a frenzy of rage
Bomb us, drug us, lock us in a prison cage.
Tell us we’re crazy and that we don’t exist,
except just to serve them and in this we persist.
They still hold the factories of slavery and pain,
And we buy the products believing this sane.
We agree to their rules, and by this we abide
There’s no where to run to, and nowhere to hide.
Joined: 6/2/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/5/2006 8:44:43 PM
OK So I was feeling a little hopeless. We old ones do get discouraged from time to time.
 Sophia Risen
Joined: 6/6/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/6/2006 7:19:23 PM
We're old souls
In a new life
They gave us a new life to live again
Some time to touch old friends
And then return

Old souls last forever
So we need never fear goodbye
 Sophia Risen
Joined: 6/6/2006
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Old Souls......only
Posted: 6/6/2006 7:36:26 PM
That was one of the most amazing meanderings I have ever read. If you do have a Helen I hope she is as wicked as you are so that you can both keep coming back to serve one another.
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