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It all started around 18 months ago. I met her through a mutual acquaintance, and I at once saw how beautiful she was. Her hair was not long, not short but shiny and soft. She had the bluest eyes I had ever seen and she moved with grace and a sleekness to which there was no compare. She was royalty, and held her head high when she walked. I knew at once that she was a rare find. I stared at her with fixed eyes and she stared right back at me. Then she walked over to me as if she had known me all my life. I wanted to hold her there and then, but I was a bit afraid. I vowed it was only a matter of time before I would make her mine.

Not long after, I took her back to my place to live with me and she settled in quite well. I was very happy and she seemed to make the house a home and lived in, though she did have some habits which lacked in decorum at times. I loved her very much and catered to her every need. She had little to do except to be there and return her affections and she soon learnt not only to rely on my servitude but expected it. I accepted this arrangement and we were quite content to just be in each other’s company. This lasted for many months, then I started noticing a change. She would no longer sit with me anymore, let alone on my lap, nor would she talk to me like she used to. She grew aloof and started going out all day, even ignoring me when I spoke to her in the same room on occasions. This continued and sometimes she would not return home till late, while I sat up worrying about where she was. She even moved out of the bedroom and started sleeping on the lounge, and I knew then that something was definitely wrong. I was scared that I was losing her, and couldn’t see what I had done to upset her, as I was still doing everything to try and make her happy. Deep down I somehow knew that she needed something that I couldn’t give her, and it made me sad that I couldn’t satisfy all her needs, or give her what she needed to be content anymore. Yet I hated the idea of rejection. So it was with those trepidations that I made the decision. I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing.

So I went in search and found that which I was looking for. He was very handsome, a few years younger than her, but I knew that age was not an issue. Although he was not in her class he was definitely a good looking guy, and he was looking for a place to stay, so I decided it was worth the chance. Thus I took him home with me.

I knew I had made a mistake as soon as we came in the door. She raced into the bedroom and stayed there till it was time for our meals, then sat apart from us and ate alone. Having finished her meal, she went out and didn’t come home until late again, then settled down for the night on the lounge by herself. This went on for a week or more, and she even at times made it quite clear that she wanted no part of a stranger in her home. Aside from being disappointed I was really in a spot, as I had promised him a home, and would never go back on my word. So I waited. About 3 weeks later I noticed a bit of the iciness gone from her attitude towards him and at times she even approached him without showing any animosity. I watched and waited some more. By about a week later she was quite happy to stay in the same room, and while she didn’t exactly treat him as a lifelong friend she was happy to sit next to him on the lounge. By end of the month I watched her tease him playfully and communicate as though they were part of each other. I was both happy and sad at the same time, happy that she was happy, sad that she still didn’t want to know me, except when she wanted something. At least she was staying home more often now and I wasn’t sitting up late each night worrying about her. Then one day as I was sitting down watching TV all of a sudden she came over and sat on my lap. I stroked her hair and she looked at me with those big blue eyes as if to say “Thank you”. At that moment I was so happy, and then he came in and sat next to us. She moved to another lounge and I then knew the three of us were at last a family, just me and my two lovable furball cats.

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Happy Endings.......
Posted: 6/12/2006 2:25:34 PM

Thank you. And yes, I love cats too.
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Happy Endings.......
Posted: 7/22/2006 10:04:04 AM

Thanks. But I actually write very seldom these days. I used to love writing stories and essays when I was younger, nowadays I just don't seem to have the time or inclination. Probably because so few people are interested I wrote this posting with a light sense of humour.

As you have probably realised I am an animal lover and have cats, though I had St Bernard dogs up until a few years ago. I still miss them. Still, I have my 2 lovable furry friends now and they keep me young.

I take it you have some interest in writing? I don't know how my hands could handle a pen now for long periods. A keyboard is so versatile these days. And error proof

Best of wishes,
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