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 Wild Heart
Joined: 4/3/2006
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The online experience has pretty much been the same as if I lived in the city. What bothers me most is that I can't do many things spontaneously.

That said, there have not been that many men who were bothered by where I live.

One problem about living farther away from major cities is that one can't meet people who do not have a car that often. Unless one person is willing to do all the driving, which is really taxing for someone who drives 2 hours a day to get to work. Even picking up that person at the airport is an hour away etc. One might be missing out on a great person!
 Wild Heart
Joined: 4/3/2006
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Internet dating/small towns.
Posted: 7/17/2006 12:55:47 PM
For me, an hour is what I drive every day for work, so it would not bother me to drive that. I've driven 4 hours + for someone before. If you really want to be with someone, you will make the effort.
Joined: 11/19/2005
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Internet dating/small towns.
Posted: 7/17/2006 1:35:52 PM
I have the same problem and I live in a bigger town than you do. More than half the women I've written to within this town don't even read the e-mail I've sent let alone reply. Of course you have to read it first if you are going to reply.
 Adam Taylor
Joined: 5/11/2006
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Internet dating/small towns.
Posted: 7/19/2006 4:40:23 PM
I've met women from nearby...
One was a 5 minute walk. :p
Usually only a few minutes drive (10-20).

I've met some who were a bit of a drive.
Like an hour or two.

And, now I've found the woman I want to spend my life with.
Who lives all the way down in Colorado.
Who I made a 6 hour flight to see (last minute) even though I'm terrified of flying. :p

Distance is irrelevant. ;)
Joined: 1/2/2006
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Internet dating/small towns.
Posted: 7/19/2006 4:51:08 PM
Yeah, well I met a girl on the net once a few years ago. She looked quite nice in her profile pic and we hit it off. She lived interstate and 12 hrs drive from me. After talking on the phone & net for several months I decided to drive to her place at her invitation. When I arrived, not only wasn't she anyhere near the age shown on her profile but she weighed about twice as much as I did. After that experience I am a bit wary about long distances. Why can't people be honest in their profiles? I also live in a very small town (pop. 1500) and if I have to drive that sort of distance at least they could be truthful about themselves.
Joined: 6/20/2005
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Internet dating/small towns.
Posted: 7/27/2006 6:28:46 PM
Comming from the same small town as you ... wonderful "Coulonge" I must admit that I find it alot harder to find someone who is worth dating ... I often, myself, look further more into the city guys ... but for all I know...mister right might be right around the corner of this small town !!

Take care !
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