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    The point of this forum is to seek dating advice of the other gender while still keeping to the general Posting Rules and Posting Guidelines posted at the top of any forum. While any gender may respond, it hasn’t been limited to the specific targeted gender and it would be courteous to respect who the questions are aimed at. Do be advised that constant non contributory replies in this limited reply forum, will not be tolerated, and if you are found to be doing so, your posting privileges may be subject to daily limits, suspensions or outright revocation. The rules and guidelines are no different elsewhere on the POF forum - they are simply expanded on here, to give examples to new posters.


    A viable thread consists of you posting a topic or question that "you" have an opinion on, or state a position on, by which the subject of your thread can be discussed or debated back and forth. Surveys, Polls, Lists (eg. Favourite this or that) have no potential value for a back and forth dialogue and should be avoided. Warning threads about other posters will see your posting privileges removed immediately as this constitutes libel and you or the site could be legally held accountable - no questions asked.

    Special Note

    If your thread needs more in depth responses please post it in one of the other appropriate forums:

    Profile Reviews
    Dating and Love Advice
    Relationship Issues
    Dating and Love Advice
    Sex and Sexuality Issues
    Dating Experiences
    any of the other POF Forums


    • No profile reviews in this forum - Go to this forum Profile Reviews Forum .

    • Any sex related questions go in the SEX/SEXUALITY forum only.

    • Chat threads, Word Games, Surveys or Polls.

    • Generalized gender bashing threads.

    • Advertising to the opposite sex looking for a date.

    • Older Man/Younger Woman and vice versa.

    • Part 2 continuation threads. They will be removed – if you need more in depth answers to your specific issue, post them in the other specific forums.

    • Any form of "pity me" or "attention seeking" or "complaint" threads such as:
      • Nice Guys Finish Last, or Bad Boys get it all.

      • Why members don't reply or read your emails.

      • Why do all guys all want sex?

      • Why ask for my phone number and not call?

      • Why can't I get a date, What's wrong with me, Am I too ugly, too thin, overweight.

      • why can't BBW's find love etc.

      • Short guys don't stand a chance

      • Why is it so hard to find a man/woman, What do men/women really want!

      The above threads only serve to throw attention to your profile. It would be far better to perhaps have your profile reviewed where paying attention to your profile is desired and may solve your problem – Feel free to have it reviewed in the proper forum here Profile Reviews Forum and read the Profile Writing Tips in that forum first.

    Thread Search Tool Instructions

    If you continually post Redundant Threads, they will be deleted. The automated Thread Search function looks as follows and is located in the top right hand corner of the forum: CLICK HERE. Simply enter a few words pertaining to your topic in the above box, click on Thread Title and then Search.


    Give your thread a valid subject line that describes its contents so people who are using the search facility can find your subject and post to it as well.

    Any Of The Following Will Not Be Tolerated

    • Forum / Administration / Moderator Protests

    • Circumvention of any thread or personal text limits

    • Name any member in a Warning/Libel/Slander type thread

    • SPAM the forums

    • Personally Insult Anyone

    • Troll the Forums that will knowingly cause a Forum Disruption via ridiculous generalizations, general Insults, intensely objectionable, offensive or Vulgar posts etc..

    • any form of non contributive posts as there are a limited number of replies, don't waste them !

    • Cause any sort of Drama between you and another poster

    Please post in a civilized and contributory manner.

    The Full Official Rules
    Acceptable Use & Posting Rules

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    Reporting Methods

    Need An Answer to How the Site Works?
    Frequently Asked Site Questions

    Need to Ask a Site Question if not found in the Above Thread:
    Plentyoffish Site/Suggestions/Help

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    ASK A Forum Rules – Click Here To Read This Thread
    • This is NOT your Profile Review Forum
    • Threads are locked at 21 Replies