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Joined: 3/12/2005
Msg: 15
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angry sex makes me smile, then i get angry and we do it again
Joined: 12/9/2004
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Angry Sex
Posted: 3/12/2005 7:08:18 PM
I'm all about a good hate ****. Gets all the aggression out and the post sex cuddle is that much more relaxing.

So long as nobody gets hurt....
Joined: 8/7/2006
Msg: 20
Angry sex a bit sick and twisted (of course i am)
Posted: 8/23/2006 4:51:11 PM
So like a good girl i did a search for angry sex before doing my own thread. (pats self on back) But my question is a bit different so here goes.

I realize that alot of the time we need the caring, loving type of sex but is there anytime that you need or fantasize about angry sex? As in having sex with someone that at that moment 'hates' you or has a strong 'dislike' for you? (but deep down they care about you alot) Say having someone so mad at you they take you and just bang the crap outta you roughly. I mean head banging against the headboard, rough moaning sounds and them telling you how much they hate you at that moment? So i guess rough, cloth tearing, no holds bar sex? Or maybe i am just in need of serious help.

Joined: 9/3/2004
Msg: 26
Angry Sex
Posted: 8/23/2006 11:27:44 PM
Angry sex is FANTASTIC
 Lil Red Riding Hood
Joined: 4/21/2006
Msg: 29
Angry Sex
Posted: 8/24/2006 3:50:04 PM
My most interesting marriage proposal was during angry sex. My ex had moved out and back in, the first night we got into why he moved out for 3 weeks in the first place and it led to a round of angry sex and it was AMAZING !!

He was on top of me, his d*ck up my a$$, his one hand wrapped around my throat, his mouth to my ear said "Be my wife".

I don't think any man will ever match that one.
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